Spice Up Your Health From Head to Toe With This Ancient Adaptogen, Loaded With Antioxidant Power*

Discover how this organic fermented botanical offers an exclusive one-two punch to help support your cells, bones, skin and much more.*

  • Certified USDA Organic Fermented Turmeric delivers powerful antioxidants in the form of curcuminoids that help support a normal inflammatory response, healthy joints, your cells’ mitochondria and much more.*
  • Formulated with an advanced fermentation process, Organic Fermented Turmeric provides enhanced bioavailability as well as certified organic turmeric extract that is standardized to at least 95% curcuminoids.*
  • Delivered exclusively in a non-gelatin, organic capsule, this potent turmeric formula is unsurpassed by others on the market.

Herbs and spices can powerfully support your health, courtesy of their high levels of antioxidants. Some contain even greater amounts than many fruits and vegetables.

What’s more, these antioxidants target your entire body, not just one or two parts. This “whole-person” approach is why certain spices and herbs can be so potentially beneficial.

One particular spice, given the well-deserved and distinct nickname of the “Spice of Life,” is turmeric.

Used for thousands of years in India and China, turmeric continues to be a highly regarded herb in India’s Ayurveda system, a practice recognized as an authoritative source of knowledge and truth in the promotion of natural health.

Turmeric is also considered an adaptogen – or botanical that supports your body’s ability to adapt to stress from any source. Adaptogens are valued for their contribution to energy, stamina, endurance, strength and mental clarity.*

On a cellular level, turmeric can assist your cells by helping to neutralize substances that can cause stress and by maintaining the cells’ integrity when threatened by these stressors.*

In addition to its potential health benefits, turmeric’s aromatic, pungent flavor adds a delicious flavor boost to cuisine. The vibrant yellow hue in curry and other dishes comes from turmeric.

Wooden bowl turmeric powder

The Important Distinction Between Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric is derived from the rhizomes, or underground stems, of the plant Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family. On the other hand, curcumin is the most active ingredient in turmeric and what gives turmeric its brilliant yellow color.

Sometimes, turmeric and curcumin are used interchangeably in various media sources, but they are not the same. In fact, curcumin makes up only about 2 to 6% of turmeric.

When you buy turmeric, you receive all the naturally occurring bioflavonoids and other plant compounds of the whole food. However, much of the credit for turmeric’s health benefits goes to curcumin, typically a standardized extract of the key curcuminoids, or active antioxidant compounds, in turmeric.

So, if you are more interested in the more concentrated power of turmeric’s most active ingredient without the additional plant compounds of the whole food, choose curcumin extract.

Regardless of your choice and despite their differences, both curcumin and turmeric offer a multitude of potential health benefits.

How Turmeric’s Rich Supply of Antioxidants Promotes Optimal Health*

Essential for health, antioxidants are your body’s number one way to neutralize free radicals and help you slow down the signs of normal aging.*

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals can damage your mitochondria, cells and organs, as well as speed up your aging process – something everyone would prefer putting the brakes on.

Antioxidants, like those found in turmeric, play an important role in helping to tame those free radicals.

The antioxidants in turmeric are in the form of active compounds called curcuminoids, whose activity may be:

  • Three times more powerful than grape seed or pine bark extract.
  • Powerful enough to scavenge the hydroxyl radical – considered by many to be the most reactive of all oxidants.*
  • Helpful in protecting your cells’ mitochondria and genetic material.*

Some of the first signs of aging as you grow older are changes to your skin.

Curcuminoids support healthy joints and important blood and liver functions, which in turn can help promote radiant, supple skin.*

In fact, turmeric has been regarded as a “skin food” for thousands of years in India and other cultures.*

Providing basic nourishment to your skin cells and promoting a normal healthy inflammatory response, this invaluable antioxidant may act as your one-two punch against the early signs of cellular aging.*

In addition, as an adaptogen, turmeric can help you adapt to stress, as well as provide energy, stamina, endurance, strength and mental clarity.*

Research also suggests that turmeric may potentially help support your:

  • Eye and vision health.*
  • Normal healthy immune response.*
  • Digestive health, especially the digestion of fats.*
  • Mood and mental health.*
  • Cognitive and heart health.*
  • Colon and gut health.*
  • Breast health (for women).*
  • Prostate health (for men).*

As you can see, turmeric’s powerful antioxidants and adaptogenic capabilities can offer extraordinary support for your overall health.*

A Readily Available Source of Turmeric That May Not Be Your Best Bet

By now, you’re probably wondering about the most nutritious source of turmeric.

Most likely, you’ve seen turmeric in the spice section in your local grocery store. Even though there may be some good spices available there, it’s very difficult to verify their purity and potency.

Also, the turmeric powder you buy in the grocery store probably doesn’t come from high-quality organic herbs. And because it’s not produced using certified organic processes, you can miss out on some or most of its potential healthful benefits.

What’s more, grocery store turmeric powder is intended for cooking, not for taking as a supplement. Of major concern is that there’s no telling how long it has been sitting on the store shelf – or in your pantry at home if you only use it occasionally.

Also, keep in mind that turmeric loses many of its beneficial properties when heated. Therefore, you may need to consume quite a bit of the store-bought powder if used for cooking to reap its potential benefits.

So, what other option do you have?

Turmeric powder

The Ultimate Checklist For A High-Quality-Turmeric Supplement

To take advantage of all the potential benefits turmeric has to offer, finding a high-quality turmeric supplement is the best approach.

Here’s the simple checklist we created on the key factors to look for in a top-tier turmeric supplement:

  • Must be Certified USDA Organic
  • Is standardized to provide at least 95% curcuminoids
  • Avoids unnecessary fillers and additives
  • Is delivered in an organic capsule
  • Incorporates fermentation as part of the formulation process

Why is fermentation so important to be included in the checklist?

The right fermentation process helps mimic what a healthy gut with plentiful beneficial microbes does to enhance turmeric’s bioavailability and effectiveness, making it much easier for your body to absorb and utilize it.*

In addition, fermentation helps unlock nutrients, enhancing turmeric’s antioxidant concentration.*

Regular, non-fermented turmeric can be a challenge to absorb in the necessary amounts for significant benefits. Using fermented turmeric can help you make the most of this time-honored source of antioxidants.

How Our Turmeric Formula Elevates the Standard

With the inclusion of fermented turmeric in an organic blend with a turmeric extract, Organic Fermented Turmeric sets the bar high for other formulas on the market by providing both the benefits of fermentation and a standardized quantity of valuable curcuminoids.

    Organic Fermented Turmeric  

In meeting our rigorous checklist, Organic Fermented Turmeric is exclusively formulated with these two types of turmeric, derived from the plant’s robust rhizome, or underground root stem:

  1. Organic Fermented Turmeric Powder for enhanced bioavailability potential and antioxidant concentration*
  2. Organic Turmeric Extract standardized to at least 95% curcuminoids for optimal antioxidant activity*

In rounding out the rigorous checklist requirements for a high-quality turmeric supplement, Organic Fermented Turmeric:

  • Is Certified USDA Organic – not many turmeric supplements have this distinction.
  • Avoids unnecessary fillers and additives that may inhibit the absorption of valuable antioxidants within your system.
  • Comes in a non-gelatin organic capsule (from Organic Pullulan).

We constantly search the world for ingredients and manufacturers that use sustainable and bio-regenerative processes.

The manufacturer of Organic Fermented Turmeric is committed to these processes that also include minimizing or eliminating harsh agricultural chemicals, improving the quality of life for the farmers, preserving natural resources and enhancing the environment.

Spice Up Your Health With Certified Organic Fermented Turmeric

Many people probably don’t realize that a normal inflammatory response affects more than your joints. It can affect your entire body and brain.*

When this response is overactive, it can contribute to a wide range of health issues.* With turmeric’s support for a normal inflammatory response, this in itself makes high-quality Organic Fermented Turmeric an important supplement for your overall well-being.*

From its potent antioxidant and adaptogenic capabilities that offer potential support for vision and eye health, immune health, healthy skin and much, much more, why not spice up your health with Organic Fermented Turmeric?*

With two distinct types of organic turmeric delivered in an organic capsule, Organic Fermented Turmeric deserves a part in your daily well-being regimen. Take Control of Your Health®, and order your supply today.

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  1. 1. With the many supplements available with organic turmeric, why is fermentation so important to include as part of the formulation process?

    The advanced fermentation process used to formulate Organic Fermented Turmeric essentially helps to mimic what a healthy gut with plentiful beneficial microbes does to help make turmeric bioavailable and effective, making it easier for your body to absorb and utilize, and enhancing its antioxidant concentration.*

  2. 2. Is curcumin the same as turmeric?

    They are not the same, and one of the major differences between the two is that whole-food turmeric contains all the naturally occurring bioflavonoids, whereas curcumin is typically a standardized extract of the key curcuminoids, or active antioxidant compounds.* Both curcumin and turmeric offer potential health benefits.

  3. 3. With is the suggested use of this product?

    Organic Fermented Turmeric is a dietary supplement that may be taken twice daily – one capsule suggested in the morning and one in the evening.

  4. 4. If I am pregnant, can I take Organic Fermented Turmeric?

    If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before taking this product.

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