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"Learn the World's Best Tool to Bust Stress & Overcome Emotional Barriers"

Who needs this 3-hour professional audio recording on MP3 -- plus written transcripts in .pdf e-book format -- of the "Introduction to EFT" tele-clinic that Gary Craig, one of the pioneers of EFT, and I gave in June 2005?

Anyone who wants to learn -- in the most convenient, economical and effective manner possible for EFT -- to eliminate stress and overcome the emotional issues that can bar you from success in health, relationships, finances, and all aspects of life.

EFT TeleClinic Audio Recording

Learn all the basics of EFT from top EFT expert Gary Craig and me, Dr. Mercola, from the convenience of any MP3 player (including your computer) if you want to:

  • Lose weight and keep it off ... by overcoming the most stubborn barrier of all, the emotional one
  • Finally have the success you dream of
  • Eliminate the stress in your life
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Break the barriers to reach every goal you ever imagined

Anyone, that is, who can identify with any of these statements below:

  • "Stress and anxiety sometimes make it difficult to feel motivated to pursue my personal goals and even some daily tasks  sometimes with all the stress I just want to give up or get away from it all."
  • "I pretty much understand the 'right things to do' when it comes to proper diet, managing money and other important aspects of life -- the difficult part is all the emotional challenges that prevent me from sticking to those 'right' things!"
  • "There are emotions I experience that I know are unhealthy and I wish I could get rid of, things that make me angry or sad ? but it just seems so impossible to shake them!"
  • "I have made important resolutions -- at New Year's, at other times of the year -- but have often abandoned those resolutions. Mentally I obviously know these resolutions are worthwhile, but it always seems like somehow I'm too weak to actually stick to them."
  • "I feel like I could be doing so much more in life, but somehow it always seems like stress, doubts, and a host of other barriers get in my way of doing them."

The more any of these statements above ring true for you, the more I urge you to read the information below and seriously consider ordering the Introduction to EFT audio recordings and transcripts!

How to Permanently Eliminate the Stress in Your Life

Everyone recognizes that stress plays a major role in nearly every disease. Even the conservative government public health agency CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that 85% of all diseases have an emotional element. I believe it is much higher.

Nearly every doctor will confirm this and tell you that anxiety and stress are the primary reasons why most people get sick. That is why we have epidemic numbers of people who have the following problems.

  • Ulcers
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping problems
  • Grinding their teeth

Energy Psychology Has the Answer

I started medical school nearly thirty years ago and I have never encountered any single simple tool in my professional experience that has provided more powerful beneficial effects than energy psychology.

Basically, the idea is that most emotional issues involve a disruption to the free flow of the subtle energies that circulate throughout the body. In short, when emotional stress occurs those subtle energies have been short-circuited. Correct this disruption and the problem reduces or disappears. This process is like an emotional version of acupuncture except that needles are not used. Instead, you stimulate certain energy meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips.

Interestingly, since our emotional stressors are often linked with our physical ailments, we often find that diseases and other symptoms fade upon proper use of this process.

There are tens of thousands of psychologists and medical doctors that are currently using this exciting innovation in medical care

Learn All This from a Top Anti-Aging Expert

Your primary host, Dr. Ron Rosedale, is one of the leading ant-aging doctors in the US. He is extremely gifted in interpreting the complex basic science research into practical steps you can take to:

  • Increase your longevity
  • Improve the way you feel
  • Radically reduce nearly every degenerative disease known to man

The following is sad but true: there are enormous amounts of incredibly useful information generated by tireless researchers throughout the world that can help you slow and reverse the aging process, but it typically takes decades before this research is picked up by the medical community and transferred to the public.

That is one of the reasons why I started Mercola.com, to speed up this process. But I am limited to only reviewing the published articles. While this certainly speeds up the process, the ultimate way to accelerate it would be to actually attend the meetings that the researchers attend.

Well, this is exactly what Dr. Rosedale does. At many of these meeting he is the only medical doctor that is attending. The rest are leading hardcore Ph.Ds that are doing the basic science research that is advancing the field.

In the Secrets of Anti-Aging 3-CD Set or MP3 audio recording and .pdf transcripts, you will learn the important information that Dr. Rosedale has discovered ... meaning you will have these insights long before others in the general public and even the medical community!

EFT the Best of the Different Types of Energy Psychology

As I mentioned there are many different versions of energy psychology that have been developed over the past 25 years. By far the largest and most popular one is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that was developed by Gary Craig in the early 90s.

Gary Craig -- who does most of the teaching in this Introduction to EFT MP3 audio recording -- is an engineering graduate from Stanford whose passion has always been in the healing and self-improvement fields. His major contribution to this burgeoning new field has been to refine the process so that it can be used effectively by professionals and lay people alike.

I rapidly realized the superiority of the EFT technique and quickly adopted it in my practice to help patients achieve all sorts of health miracles.

"My very first visit to Dr. Mercola's office was to help my son. In our conversations, Dr. Mercola immediately picked up on an emotional block within myself. He offered the EFT technique to me to help we with this issue. I could not even believe what was happening.

"Within the first tapping and when getting to the middle point between the eyes, I had entered into the emotion so strongly that he continued the process. I was amazed at the choice of words that he had chosen as he continued through the technique. Only God knew what I wanted to say, but Dr. Mercola said it all. I was in awe.

"We completed the session and I knew from that day forward I would no longer have to hold unhealthy emotions within myself. I know I have a personal way of healing within me that is so inavasive but yet so powerful and moving. I have applied it with my children and other friends and have seen great results. "

   -- Donna Augustin, Dubuque, IA

Achieve Every Goal You Could Ever Imagine

In addition to using EFT to eliminate virtually every type of stress you can think of, it is also useful to help you achieve virtually any goal you have in your life. I am sure you have made countless New Year's resolutions that you have never followed through with.

The reason why most of these resolutions and most goals fail is that nearly all of us have "writing on our walls" that prevents us from achieving our goals. These are comments that well intentioned family members or friends have said to us when we were younger that cause us to self-sabotage as we reach for the desires of our dreams.

This was certainly true in my situation.

EFT Worked For Me

I don't want to preach to the choir as many of you have been faithful subscribers to my newsletter for seven years or longer and already know my history. But for the sake of the newer readers (we have nearly 10,000 people who sign up for the newsletter every week), here is a very brief version of my story:

Several years ago I used EFT to successfully address my limiting beliefs that I have had with my web site. As a result of using EFT Mercola.com is now the leading natural health site in the world with nearly 400,000 subscribers and over ten million pages viewed every month and on track to increase these numbers by 1000% by the end of 2005. My goal is to be in the top 100 sites on the Internet. Currently the site is in the top 4000 most visited sites out of over 350 million web sites.

I have used EFT to abolish the limiting beliefs I have had to achieve my mission and passion to be a major catalyst in changing the US health care system that is killing thousands of people every day through ignorance of age old inexpensive foundational principles.

You Can Use EFT for Anything

Since most of you reading this are interested in health EFT can be a powerful ally to help you finally make the important diet changes you have read about on my site.

I have treated tens of thousands of patients and it is the rare person that can read the diet suggestions and implement them. Most people have emotional ties to food that limit them from applying the highly effective recommendations that I describe.

As I physician I am delighted that EFT can be used to achieve high levels of health, but from my perspective achieving every goal in your life so you can fulfill the purpose that God designed you to achieve is far more exciting.

"I had a weak pelvic floor muscle and an overactive bladder muscle. The medical doctor suggested estrogen cream which I was opposed to using. Nothing seemed to work - -not Krueger or special exercises. Then I read about EFT from Dr. Mercola . After one week I started getting marvelous results -- no more weak pelvic muscles and the overactive bladder muscle is in the process of strengthening. Thank you soooooooooo much."

   -- Lee Grierson

Get the Entire Introduction to EFT Teleclinic in Audio AND Written Format Now

In early June 2005 Gary Craig, the pioneer of EFT, and I presented a complete 3-hour introduction to EFT tele-clinic. This primarily included direction from Gary Craig, with my support, of how to perform EFT on yourself, and how to use it to achieve your different goals. Various common questions are also answered.

For $39.97, you will get the complete audio recordings of this tele-clinic (over 3 hours) in MP3 format, meaning you can listen on your computer or via any form of MP3 player at all.

PLUS you will receive, as a .pdf e-book, the entire transcripts of the tele-clinic. With this audio recording and the transcripts, you will be able to learn EFT in complete convenience, and you will be able to return to review the information at any time!

You will learn:

  • Why EFT is so incredibly effective
  • How to do EFT on yourself for both emotional and physical issues.
  • If you are already doing some basic EFT and are not seeing results, you will learn how to improve EFT so you can finally achieve the results you are after
  • How to identify if your emotional issues are so deep you may require professional consultation
  • How to acquire advanced training in EFT at very affordable prices (as little as $3 per hour of instruction).

Learning EFT is somewhat like learning to drive. Once you learn the basics you will be able to drive nearly any car in the world on any road.

The entire universe of highway driving opens up for you, but if you didn't learn how to drive you would lose the freedom and opportunity to explore the amazing world around you.

Though future tele-clinics on particular applications with EFT will become available, this is the audio recording (and written transcripts) that provide the EFT basics that everyone will need to know! All future teleclinics on these powerful applications of EFT will not review any of the EFT basics. You will be expected to know and understand those before proceeding, so order this Introduction to EFT audio recording on MP3 and written transcripts in .pdf ebook today!

Gary Craig Gary Craig is a pioneering developer of EFT, a profoundly effective emotional/mental healing approach. Dr. Mercola attributes much of the incredible and permanent patient successes at his clinic, to the fact that EFT is used with every patient to address all three levels of healing: mind, body and spirit. Of the thousands of natural treatments Dr. Mercola has studied and used in his 20 years of practicing medicine, he feels that EFT is the greatest healing technique that exists.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but Intro to EFT MP3 Audio File & Transcript has been discontinued..

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