"Discover the Most Effective Secrets to Anti-Aging LONG Before Anyone Else in the General Public"

Secrets of Anti Aging Tele-Clinic

Are you truly interested in slowing down the aging process?

If so, then this full three-hour audio recording and 60+ page word-for-word written transcripts of the epochal "Secrets of Anti-Aging" telephone clinic will provide you highly useful tips and tactics that most people aren't even aware exist!

This telephone clinic, co-hosted by me, was primarily led by Ron Rosedale, M.D., who is widely considered to be the leading anti-aging doctor in the country. In the MP3 audio recording and .pdf transcripts...

You Will Learn Anti-Aging Secrets that are Years from Being Widely Known

Now you can finally benefit from all the hard work that researchers are doing so you can reap the rewards of their tireless efforts. Why should you have to wait another five to ten years before the media actually puts the important information you will learn here on the front page of the NY Times and on 60 Minutes?

Learn the Secrets of Slowing Down the Aging Process

Are you trying everything you know to slow down the effects of aging but it doesn't seem to be working? If so, this audio recording and written transcripts of the "Secrets of Anti-Aging" tele clinic is definitely for you as it will teach you ALL of the following:

  • Five Ways to Improve Your Skin
    • Are you concerned with sagging or wrinkling skin as you age and nervous about getting enough sunshine while wanting to limit sun damage on your skin?
    • You don't want to get, or can't afford, a face-lift ... so what can you do?
    • Do you want to learn the practical strategies to achieve the healthier, younger-looking skin you deserve?
  • How to Increase Your Energy as You Age Gracefully
    • Do you lack the energy you need to do the things you used to love doing?
    • Want to learn the well-proven methods to achieve high levels of energy that will (again!) allow you to jump out of bed in the morning, ready and excited to face the day ahead?
  • How to Improve Your Aches and Pains & Overcome Your Loss of Flexibility
    • Do you have joint pains that limit you from normal activities?
    • Has your flexibility left you and you are unable to move like you could when you were younger?
    • Want to learn how to regain your normal movement without expensive drugs or supplements?
  • The Role of Supplements in Preventing Aging
    • Just how important is it to be taking supplements?
    • Are there any useful detox or chelation programs to help reverse aging?
    • If you decide to take supplements just how do you know which type of supplements, like calcium, are best for you?
  • Improve Your Memory and Reverse Your Mental Decline
    • Alzheimer's is an epidemic and will claim the lives of tens of millions, so learn how to avoid losing your mind to this disease!
    • Wouldn't it be nice to have instant access to those items that always seem to be on the tip of your mind?
    • Do you want to learn the principles to effectively recapture your brainpower and stop your memory loss?
  • Reverse the Factors Causing You to Age Rapidly
    • You will be able to use these principles to normalize your weight and help to start to reverse the aging process!
    • You will also be able to increase your libido without expensive and dangerous drugs
    • And you will learn how to become a fat-burner instead of a sugar-burner

Learn All This from a Top Anti-Aging Expert

Your primary host, Dr. Ron Rosedale, is one of the leading ant-aging doctors in the US. He is extremely gifted in interpreting the complex basic science research into practical steps you can take to:

  • Increase your longevity
  • Improve the way you feel
  • Radically reduce nearly every degenerative disease known to man

The following is sad but true: there are enormous amounts of incredibly useful information generated by tireless researchers throughout the world that can help you slow and reverse the aging process, but it typically takes decades before this research is picked up by the medical community and transferred to the public.

That is one of the reasons why I started Mercola.com, to speed up this process. But I am limited to only reviewing the published articles. While this certainly speeds up the process, the ultimate way to accelerate it would be to actually attend the meetings that the researchers attend.

Well, this is exactly what Dr. Rosedale does. At many of these meeting he is the only medical doctor that is attending. The rest are leading hardcore Ph.Ds that are doing the basic science research that is advancing the field.

In the Secrets of Anti-Aging 3-CD Set or MP3 audio recording and .pdf transcripts, you will learn the important information that Dr. Rosedale has discovered ... meaning you will have these insights long before others in the general public and even the medical community!

What is a Tele Clinic?

The Secrets of Anti-Aging telephone-learning course is called a "Tele Clinic" for short. You will get the entire three-hour audio recording of this tele clinic in your choice of the 3-CD Set or MP3 format -- PLUS the 60+ page word-for-word (and easy to follow) written transcripts of the event as a .pdf -- for one low price.

About the Audio CDs, MP3 Files and Word-for-Word Written Transcripts

You will likely find that the anti-aging secrets you learn in this tele clinic are priceless. For one low price, you will immediately receive:

A professionally recorded, sound-engineered MP3 audio file or the 3-CD Educational Set of the tele clinic. The 3-CD Set is ideal for listening at home, or in your car. You can listen to the MP3 file on your computer, IPODs, or any MP3 device.

I know some of you are visual or word-oriented learners, so you will also get a complete easy-to-read, word-for-word 60+ page transcript of the entire event as a .pdf file.

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Secrets of Anti Aging Tele-Clinic: 3 CD Set
Secrets of Anti-Aging Tele Clinic
3 CD Set


  • Secrets of Anti-Aging Tele-Clinic: 3 CD Set
  • 60+ page transcript of the entire Anti-Aging Teleclinic (downloadable PDF)

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