"Discover How to Take Control of Your Health® -- and Finally Create That Energetic, Lean And Youthful Body You've Always Dreamed Of..."


It's too often these days that I see how decent, hard-working people like you struggle hopelessly with health and weight issues.

Take Control Of Your health

With your hectic lifestyle and the foods that are being marketed to you, your whole family can be affected -- even your kids are at risk.

The issues you're facing could be anything ranging from a few pounds of extra weight or a lack of energy -- to full blown obesity, diabetes, or some other life-threatening problem.

In fact, two-thirds of Americans -- kids included -- are either overweight or obese, and the number is climbing. Not surprisingly, so is the number of people developing diabetes, cardiovascular issues and other types of deteriorated health.

I want you to take a hard look at yourself and then honestly answer these questions:

  • Are you disappointed when you look in the mirror or stand on the bathroom scale?
  • Have you wasted hard-earned money on fad diets, trendy exercise equipment or some food program that just doesn't work for you?
  • Do you feel sick or run down more often than not?
  • Do you have trouble finding the energy to complete normal day-to-day activities, let alone getting any kind of exercise?
  • Do you worry that your future will be one of dependence on medications, doctors and therapy if you don't act soon?
  • Do you have difficulty getting a restful night's sleep?

Unless I've missed my guess, chances are good that you've answered "yes" -- for either yourself or someone you care about -- to at least one of those questions. And you are correct to assume that the problem will only get worse for you and your family unless you do something about it.

Want to know how to change your answers to "no"? KEEP READING!

Introducing Take Control of Your Health® -- Your Complete Guide To Optimal Health

My new book Take Control of Your Health was written with you in mind -- a concerned individual who wants to improve your health and live better, but is confused by the mountains of conflicting information out on the web.

Lost 20 Pounds... Gained Amazing Energy

The program from Dr. Mercola as well as his newsletters has dramatically changed my life. I was overweight and carrying extra pounds... was borderline diabetic...as well as having poor health and no energy.

I began focusing on changing my behaviors as well as what I put into my body. In that short amount of time, I have lost 20 pounds and have gained some amazing energy. I can finally play with my children longer and am continuing to see benefits that I didn't know were possible.

I have always had trouble with sinus infections and colds and those have dramatically decreased in severity and frequency. I recommend everyone find their true nutritional type and see what it can do for you.

-- M. Roeder, Rambleridge, Nebraska

Many people just can't sort through it all. "Should I go no-carb or low-carb?" "Is aerobic exercise really the best way to burn fat?" "Are prescription drugs really safe, or are there alternatives?" "Does the government really have my best interests at heart?" "Are there fats that are actually good for you?"

Take Control of Your Health cuts through all the deceptions and half-truths and gives it to you straight. Listen, even my website has over 50,000 pages of content with more coming in all the time. So I've "picked out the gold" and given you the "best of the best".

This phenomenal new work is packed with the most relevant and useful health beneficial information that you can get about the power of nutrition, exercise, proper rest and much, much more. Everything inside is based on proven research and actual results. It will completely transform your life.

I have seen the healing power of food (the right food) and know what it will do for your health and well-being. My belief is that many common health problems started when we moved away from the eating and lifestyle habits of our long-ago ancestors.

Chronic obesity, cardiovascular disease and other health related issues are more a result of modern diet than anything else. This program gets you back on the right track!

Think of a toolbox that has every tool in it a mechanic would need to rebuild a dented, worn down, barely running car and create a handsome, sleek, powerful and highly-efficient machine. In this case, the machine is your body and Take Control of Your Health is the toolbox.

You Now Have the Means to Take Complete Control of Your Health

She Had No Idea How Addicted to Sugar Her Family Was...

I heard Dr. Mercola speak at a seminar in Chicago. I realized how my eating habits were killing me -- and worse yet -- killing my children. I purchased Dr. Mercola's program. By the time I got home, I knew my metabolic type and was ready to clean out the cupboards and start on the road to recovery.

I had no idea how addicted to sugar my family was! Now, my children are never sick and they are going to grow up with healthy eating habits. I was so proud when my 5 year old daughter turned down a sucker when one was offered to her. My children seem to have more energy than other kids when playing sports. We have come a long way and are learning and doing better each day. I am very grateful to Dr. Mercola for sharing his knowledge.

--Rachel Smith, New Castle, IN

What would it mean to you to have control of your health back in your hands?

  • Strangers will now envy the way you look. Imagine going to the beach with your friends or family and not having to hide under bulky clothes. Or treating yourself to a new wardrobe because your old one doesn't fit anymore!
  • You'll finally love the way you feel! The aging process will begin to slow and your body will be flowing with newfound energy. Did you used to love walks in the park or along the beach, dancing at night or even taking nice long bike rides? You will again!
  • Be proud that your family has the healthiest diet possible. Rid yourself of any guilt you've had in the past, because now you'll be helping to strengthen their immune system and reach optimal health as they ward off colds and sicknesses.
  • Your doctor will start to miss you. As you begin adopting some of the principals of the program, you'll start to see improvements in your overall wellness. Many people that I've helped before have weaned themselves off of prescription drugs and said good-bye to their frequent doctor visits.

You see, my experiences have shown me that if only you were armed with the right information and accordingly made some simple lifestyle adjustments, many of these issues could be resolved, and might even have been prevented in the first place.

So if you've been taken in by the latest diet or workout craze, or if your doctor's only solution to your health problem is to prescribe expensive drugs (with all the crummy side effects), then it's time to get excited for what's in store for you!

140 Pound Weight Loss and Optimal Health, Too!

"I wanted to thank Dr. Mercola for all that his site offers. My 140 pound weight loss so far has been a direct result of his wonderful and free newsletter and all of the great information Mercola.com has to offer. I have gone from a pretty sickly individual to one of optimum health. Thanks for sharing invaluable health information!"

--Bobbi from Ontario, Canada

"Why Should I Spend My Money On Another Fad Diet Or Exercise Program?"

Take Control of Your Health isn't a diet at all! It's a reference book; a guide that will revolutionize the way you view and eat food. Weight loss is just one of the many beneficial side effects!

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Take Control of Your Health explains why all the popular diets out there eventually fail. After all, everyone's body is different, so how could one diet plan work for all of us?

I'll show you how to easily determine your unique nutritional type. Based on that, you'll choose the right foods to make you better able to take control of your health!

Also, I've even included practical exercises that anyone can do! Many of them can be done at home, the office or wherever -- with no equipment to buy.

They are designed to maximize weight loss, increase flexibility, minimize injury and build muscles that you use for normal, everyday activities. You can tailor a workout to your specific needs, schedule and your body type. Like diet programs, no one exercise program can possibly be good for everyone. Take a look at some of the weight loss and fitness information that I've put together for you:

  • A simple trick to virtually eliminate your food cravings forever.
  • Discover how and why the aerobic training myth confused millions (and even me) for years.
  • Why you can finally stop counting calories and get superior results with all of your weight loss efforts.
  • How you can radically decrease your risk of diabetes, lower your weight, and slow down your aging process -- merely by getting enough of this surprising yet peaceful activity.
  • Easily master the principles of this simple exercise program that can transform your fat into muscle.

Optimal Health and A Stronger Immune System -- How Do You Like Those Side Effects?

Increased Her Good Fats to
Drop that 15 Lbs

I am currently 58 years old and most of my life, I have battled with that extra 15 pounds or so. Every time I went on a diet, I would reduce the amount of fat intake, feel hungry all of the time and think about food constantly. Once the diet was over, I would start gaining back the weight within a relatively short period of time. The information I learned from Dr. Mercola's website and the book/program showed me a better way to eat based on my body type. I increased my good fats, increased my intake of healthy protein, eliminated grains and now have eliminated that extra 15 pounds.

The beauty of this is that I feel satisfied and no longer continuously think about food! My weight has stayed off for over a year and I know inside that with this program I no longer have to think of maintaining my ideal weight as a continuing STRUGGLE!! Thank you for changing my life!

Kristine Nelson, Roseville, MN

Here are the facts: Heart disease and cancer are at all-time highs. Two out of three Americans are overweight and half of those, or one in three of all Americans, are obese.

Rising right along with the rate of obesity is the number of people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. In fact, diabetes attacks one in three Americans today.

These numbers indicate that we are facing an epidemic. And unless something is done immediately, your children will experience a shorter lifespan than their parents.

When you start reading Take Control of Your Health, you'll see just how we've become one of the unhealthiest nations in the civilized world -- and who is really to blame.

The truth may upset you, but rest assured... You now have available to you a practical guide to keeping you and your family from adding to those statistics.

Prevent a whole host of diseases and boost your immune system with the knowledge you'll gain from this book:

  • A simple trick to radically increase the percentage of raw food in your diet.
  • How it's possible for you to eat all day and still starve.
  • This one practical tip will dramatically improve your ability to eat better consistently. (I consider it the most important principle that allows me to follow a healthy diet.)
  • How confusing carbs can ruin your health.
  • Find out how you can improve your most potent hormone (and radically decrease your risk of nearly every chronic degenerative disease).
  • One simple lifestyle change that can radically improve your immune system.
  • Find out the safe way to get your dose of this vitamin (Hint: getting it in supplement form can actually worsen your risk of getting a disease).
  • One simple winter trick that will virtually eliminate your risk of catching a cold or flu (And no, it isn't immunization).
  • Why taking supplements can be dangerous to your health.
  • Vegetarian alert: Could your diet radically lower your lifespan?
  • Why low fat or low carb may not be the best way to lower your cholesterol.
  • See why the combination of the foods you eat may actually be more important than the actual foods you eat.

Cancer -- the Best Cure is Prevention

Recovered From Breast and
Uterine Cancer

Dr. Mercola's health program was an invaluable help in my fight to recover from both breast and uterine cancer. I only used natural products (except for surgery) and an excellent diet based on Dr. M's cookbook. At this point, 3 years after diagnosis, I am NED (no evidence of disease). Thank you, thank you!

--Gisela Tiedemann, Hilton Head Island, SC

Has your life been touched by cancer in any way? Many people have either lost someone they love, or are dealing themselves with some form of cancer. What would it mean to your family and friends if you were faced with this terrible disease?

The best cure for cancer is to prevent it from happening in the first place. With the very important information in my book, you can greatly improve your odds against having to deal with this devastating disease:

  • Understanding this simple and easy to change factor in your environment can radically reduce your risk of cancer (Most health care professionals are confused about this one).
  • Why sunblock can actually increase your risk of cancer.
  • If you fail to adjust for this common but easily correctable issue when you sleep, you can radically increase your risk of breast or prostate cancer.
  • Despite what you hear in the media, sunlight is NOT the primary cause of the deadly skin cancer melanoma.

Getting Healthier Isn't All About Restriction! Common Myths Debunked...

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Changing to a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean that everything you enjoy is restricted. You'll be able to enjoy some of the foods that you love again.

And check out a few of the many common beliefs that I debunk:

  • Why saturated fat has been wrongly vilified (And can actually be very healthy for you.)
  • Tanning beds can actually be safe if you know what to look for. Learn how to identify them and use the resource locator to find a commercial one close to your home.
  • Find out if you are among the minority of people who can consume carbs liberally -- and actually improve your health.

This Program Will Actually Save You Money!

Sounder Sleep and 40 Lb Weight Loss in the Frigid North

I reluctantly purchased Dr. Mercola's Program thinking it can't work. Nothing else has. But you know what? It did! I lost 12 pounds the first month! And I'm down 40 pounds now. With every pound I lost, I gained a ton of energy in its place.

I'd like everyone to see what Dr. Mercola's help has done for me, with the advice on a healthy diet and supplements, good hydration, sound sleep, and the right kind of exercise. I'm 62, almost 63. Just imagine a tight, toned, young slim body, with radiant skin and a happy smile, that's me!

--Jean Watts, Fairbanks, AK

You can't put a price on your health. Yet, without your health, you don't really have anything. But think of all the tangibles and intangibles that are involved:

  • The time, money and inconvenience of doctor's visits...
  • Expensive pharmaceuticals with their endless side effects...
  • Pain and suffering that can't be measured...

Maybe you're one of the millions of Americans who've spent hard-earned money on diet programs, joined some weight loss club, or bought some fad piece of exercise equipment that quickly became an expensive clothes rack. Has any of it helped?

You may even have considered some type of surgical procedure to help lose the weight.

But you don't need any of that! The information I have jam-packed into Take Control of Your Health will help you get to and maintain your desired weight -- naturally.

Plus, here are just a few ways you'll see how you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket:

  • How you can avoid paying up to $500 a month in nutritional supplements.
  • Conservative government estimates are that this factor is responsible for 90% of the costly doctor visits in the U.S. (Discover how to make sure it doesn't impact YOU).
  • Many people purchase this expensive type of meat, believing it to be healthy (But it's nowhere near as healthy as a typically less-expensive type).

Deception Uncovered! Artificial Sweeteners Can Do More Harm Than Good

You're probably wondering how you can cut out the sugar without artificial sweeteners. But before you sweeten that next cup of coffee, there are some important pieces of information you need to see:

  • Is there really no sugar in artificial sweetener packets -- or are you being lied to?
  • Find out how the most popular artificial sweetener was accidentally discovered while researching insecticides.
  • Discover the truth about the deceptive studies that allowed artificial sweeteners to be approved (I guess researchers didn't notice that diabetics using these substances can seriously
    impact their blood sugar control...)
  • Find out why artificial sweeteners will not even help you lose weight (Plus, why their weight loss claims are fraudulent).

This Book Will Open Your Eyes and Forever Change the Way You Think

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Here are just a few more "gems" you'll see:

  • Discover how the first ever FDA-initiated criminal investigation started as a result of rampant fraud with this food additive.
  • Many people think they are purchasing healthy milk, but are fooled into making a major mistake. Make certain you don't fall into this trap.
  • The trio of oils that should be part of nearly everyone's regular diet.
  • See why the common fear of this raw food is mostly unjustified. Avoid it and you are losing out on a powerful form of nutrition.
  • Trouble sleeping? 29 "insider secret" tips you can use to improve your sleep.
  • New mom? The only vitamin that is not in breast milk (Plus, why it's crucial to make sure newborns maintain it in adequate levels).

Now You Can See Why This Isn't Just Another Diet Book

This book was really 40 years in the making. Not the actual writing, of course, but the dietary and lifestyle plan it's founded on. It's not just about losing weight.

This book is meant to increase your health and overall well-being. Losing weight is just one of the side benefits.

The diet plan is based on the eating habits of our long-ago ancestors. When you see what happened when we strayed from that diet, I think you'll agree that we need to relearn what our ancestors already knew.

Five Great Reasons Why You Need Take Control of Your Health - Right Now!
  1. You will reach your ideal weight naturally - without starvation, fad diets or expensive workout equipment.
  2. Your energy levels will soar when you start eating correctly.
  3. Your health will start to improve - say goodbye to your frequent doctor visits and those scary prescription drugs!
  4. Save money! Cut way back on doctor's visits, prescription drugs, and use of the wrong kind of supplements and much, much more.
  5. All this done NATURALLY...

You need Take Control of Your Health now, and I've made it easy for you!

Take Control of Your Health -- the Healthiest and Most Affordable Investment You'll Ever Make

You can claim your own copy of Take Control of Your Health for only $19.97! That means, for less than the cost of one bottle of many common supplements, you'll have in your hands a powerful tool -- one that will allow you to:

  • Overcome obstacles to your optimal wellness...
  • Triumph over diabetes and degenerative diseases...
  • Win your weight battle once and for all...

And not only is this revolutionary new book affordable, but you're also protected by...

But, you'd better not put it off... We expect our first print run to sell out quickly, based on the overwhelming interest of our over 1 million Mercola.com subscribers. Don't lose out... Order yours today!

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