"Grow Your Own Live, Raw Food in as Little as 5 Days – No Garden Required!"

Dust off your windowsill and get ready to grow your own live superfoods in only days with this everything-you-need kit.


Have you ever secretly wished you had a green thumb? And the tools and know-how to use it to grow your own live, raw superfoods?

I realize not everyone has the time, space, or the desire to plant and tend an organic vegetable garden. For those who do – and I know this firsthand – it's one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever imagine.

However, did you know you can grow some of the healthiest, nutrient-dense foods on earth without a garden or even an outdoor planter box?

That's right. You can grow your very own live, raw superfoods at home. And they're easily grown indoors on a windowsill in as little as 5 to 14 days!

The Year-Round Crop You Can Grow on Your Windowsill

Organic Broccoli Sprouts
Freshly grown broccoli sprouts

Freshly grown organic sprouts and shoots are delicious, healthy crops that:

  • Are easy to grow indoors
  • Can be grown year-round in any home or apartment, even when it's cold and dark
  • Require NO special knowledge, expertise, or gardening skills
  • Don't need expensive, hard-to-find equipment
  • Are fun for the entire family to grow – and eat!

Grown from inexpensive sprouting seeds, sprouts and shoots are among the most nutrition-packed foods you can find. And two of my favorite varieties, pea and sunflower shoots, provide some of the highest-quality protein around.

Adding sprouts and shoots to your diet is one of the easiest ways to increase your nutrient intake. And because you consume them raw, you dramatically boost your intake of live micronutrients.

Why Eat Organic Sprouts?

Sunflower Shoots with biophotons
A single sunflower shoot teeming with live biophotons

Here are 9 good reasons to eat organic sprouts:

  1. They can contain up to 100 times more natural enzymes than raw vegetables and fruits
  2. They're a source of sunlight energy, or biophotons, for your body's processes
  3. You can get up to 20 times the vitamin content in the first few days of sprouting
  4. The quality of protein is higher when sprouted
  5. The fiber content is higher when a seed is sprouted
  6. You get more essential fatty acids in a sprouted seed than the vegetable
  7. Minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, bind to protein and become more usable
  8. Sprouts have oxygenizing and alkalizing effects on your body
  9. Sprouts are the ultimate locally grown food, and since you grow them right on your windowsill, you know EXACTLY what you're eating!

Because of their valuable nutritional content, including an abundance of highly active antioxidants, sprouts and shoots are one of the best foods for fighting free radicals and supporting cellular regeneration.

How Healthy Is That Organic Sprout?

Sprouts and shoots each have their own unique nutritional qualities. For that reason, I like to grow a variety to have several types on hand.

Here's a quick comparison of some of the most popular beans, nuts, and seeds:

Alfalfa A significant dietary source of beneficial phytoestrogens, and phytochemicals, including canavanine and saponins. A good source of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, and K.
Broccoli Specially known for its high content of the precursor to sulforaphane. Also contains concentrated amounts of phytochemicals.
Clover Significant source of isoflavones and phytochemicals.
Lentils Contain 26% protein. Can be eaten without cooking.
Mung Bean Good source of protein, fiber, vitamins C and A.
Pea Shoots Good source of vitamins A, C, folic acid, zinc, and magnesium. High in protein.
Sunflower Contains minerals, essential fatty acids, healthy fats, fiber, and phytosterols. Good source of vitamins A, E, B family, and iron. High in protein.

This Sprout Contains Up to 50 Times More of This Important Nutrient

Packed Organic Broccoli Sprouts
Nutrient-packed broccoli sprouts

While nearly everyone recognizes broccoli as one of the most nutrient-packed vegetables around, few people know about the power hidden within broccoli seeds.

Three-day-old broccoli sprouts grown from seeds contain 20 to 50 times more of one of the most important precursors of a substance found in regular organic broccoli.

Broccoli is the best known source of a precursor to sulforaphane – a potent compound responsible for many of broccoli's benefits, including boosting cell enzymes to help protect against molecular damage.

You would need to eat about two pounds of fresh, mature broccoli each week to receive the same amount of this important precursor as just ONE ounce total of broccoli sprouts!

Besides their astonishing nutrition, here's another thing I like about broccoli sprouts: They taste good. Broccoli sprouts look and taste like alfalfa sprouts, which many people love. They're perfect for adding to salads and sandwiches. And when combined with fresh avocado, they're an especially tasty duo!

My Lunch Nutritional Value Took a Quantum Leap When I Added These Organic Sprouts

Pea Shoots
Pea Shoots

As I previously mentioned, two other favorites of mine include sunflower and pea shoots.

Together, these two powerhouses have vastly improved both the nutrition and protein content of my primary meal – salad at lunchtime.

Sunflower seeds are among the best for nutrition, and when sprouted, you boost their nutrient content by a whopping 300 to 1,200 percent!

They provide abundant iron and chlorophyll.

Pea shoots are the winding tendrils and tender top small leaves at the tip of young, immature pea plants.

Considered a “green" food, pea shoots are low in calories and very nutrient dense.

Packed full of the strong antioxidants carotenes, they help protect your cells against free radicals.

Pea shoots also contain valuable phytochemicals, including lignins, quercetin and caffeic acid.*

Sprouting helps release more of peas' nutrients too, especially zinc and magnesium.

High Mowing Organic Seeds for Growing Sprouts and Shoots

To bring you what I consider the finest in seeds for growing my favorite shoots and sprouts, we've partnered with a company tucked away in a small town in Vermont.

High Mowing Organic Seeds started out as a one-man operation back in 1996 with just 28 varieties of seeds. Today, the company has grown to over 50 employees but with one simple mission: To help people grow their own food.

Unlike many other seed companies, they are not a distributing company. This farmer-direct company develops, breeds, and grows their own seeds. And they're industry leaders in seed safety for sprouts and shoots.

High Mowing Seeds grow only non-GMO, certified organic seeds. And they were founding partners in the Safe Seed Pledge created in 1999 to help protect non-genetically modified seeds.

This exemplary company supplies 3 varieties of sprouting seeds for my Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Kit:

  • Organic Broccoli Sprouts
  • Organic Pea Shoots
  • Organic Sunflower Shoots

Let's talk for just a moment about how to grow them…

What I Believe Is The BEST Way to Grow Healthy Sprouts

Wheat grass and sunflower shoots harvest
A plentiful harvest of wheat grass and sunflower shoots – ready to eat!

When I first started growing organic sprouts years ago, I used Ball jars.

However, I quickly discovered that growing sprouting seeds in soil was actually easier.

When I used soil, my yields were far greater and the sprouts and shoots were more nutritious. And they tasted better.

With jars, you need to rinse them several times a day to prevent mold from growing. And they take up space.

You would need dozens of jars to produce the same amount of sprouts as one flat tray!

I didn't have the time or patience for that, and you may not either.

The choice is yours. You can easily grow sprouts and shoots with or without soil.

But I think you'll become a fan of growing them in soil, if you aren't already, once you discover more about the unique soil blend we've created for our very own Sprout Doctor Kit.

The Secret to Vigorous Growth: Nutrient- and Microorganism-Rich Soil

Recently, I've taken a keen interest in sustainable, biological gardening. And I've learned something important about growing food: Your food is only as healthy as the soil in which it is grown. And much can be said the same about organic sprouts.

For healthy soil and healthy food, your soil needs beneficial microorganisms. And just like with your own gut, the balance of microorganisms in your soil is crucial.

Microorganisms allow your plants to gather nutrients from the soil and put them to work in building strong, healthy plants.

To nurture the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and to help your plants flourish, three conditions must be present:

  1. The soil must have the proper nutrient balance
  2. The soil must contain probiotics (Compost tea is an ideal way to provide this.)
  3. The soil must have the proper food (fertilizer) to feed the microorganisms

The better you can feed and nurture the microorganisms, the healthier your plants will be, and the fewer plant diseases, pest and weed problems you'll have.

If You're Using Manure, You May Be Adding Dangerous Glyphosate to Your Soil!

Healthy soil also needs certain minerals, especially calcium and carbon, to produce healthy plants.

Many organic gardeners today rely on chicken manure to enrich their soil and to boost the calcium content. However, they may be getting a hidden, unwelcome surprise.

Widespread testing has revealed that most chicken manure contains glyphosate along with genetically modified proteins. And because of the overall poor health of chickens from large-scale factory farms where the manure is harvested, it doesn't contain the beneficial microorganisms many gardeners expect.

Steer manure as a source of carbon and microorganisms isn't any better – it has just as good a chance of being contaminated as chicken manure.

Is there a better, safer option? I believe there is…

The Ideal Blend for Healthy Sprouts and Gardens: Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement

Sprout Doctor Soil Enhancement
My Soil Enhancement is ideal for both indoor sprouts and outdoor vegetable gardens

Developed especially for growing sprouts as well as organic vegetable gardens, my Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement is designed to help you:

  • Grow more vibrant plants, both sprouts and organic vegetables
  • Reduce the need for watering
  • Retain soil nutrients longer
  • Increase the microbial life of your soil
  • Build and sustain lasting, healthy soil

For my Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement, we've blended together 4 unique ingredients that mimic the earth's natural systems to provide the most beneficial growing conditions:

  1. Sustainable Biochar – Provides inorganic carbon that builds soil and acts as a nearly permanent “sponge" to absorb nutrients and water and creates a friendly home for microorganisms.
  2. Organic Compost – Provides immediate soil food with organic carbon, building soil tilth and humus. Combined with biochar, its benefits are even more pronounced.
  3. Organic Worm Casings – Provides nutrients, enzymes, and improves soil structure.
  4. Organic Kelp Meal – Adds the slowly dissolving nutritional benefits of ocean plants and helps with nitrogen in the soil.

By combining these ingredients, Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor Soil Enhancement provides the very nutrients that soil dwellers need – that vital network of bacteria, fungi, and beneficial microbes that make up our soil food web.

An Ancient Practice Brings You Healthier Sprouts and Vegetables

In the 1960s, archaeologists digging in the Amazon uncovered areas of uniquely different dark, rich soils. They were traced back to a civilization 3,000 years before that used a practice of cutting trees, setting them on fire, and burying them in the soil.

These pre-Columbian Amazonians had discovered biochar. They found that the “char" they created by burying burning trees greatly increased the productivity of their soil.

When European settlers came along, they named this dark, rich substance terra preta de Indio.

But it wasn't until the late 1990s that scientists truly understood biochar. They then realized this was a type of charcoal that profoundly enriched soils.

Interest and research into biochar has exploded since then. Today, thousands of years later, these areas of enriched prized soils where biochar was used still exist. Biochar is a soil amendment that lasts indefinitely in the soil.

What Makes Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement the Perfect Soil for All Your Sprouting and Gardening Needs?

Besides locking up carbon emissions when used outdoors in your garden or yard, biochar also radically improves soil fertility. While not directly adding nutrients, it improves the physical conditions of soil that affects plant growth.

When you mix biochar with compost, soil microbes immediately colonize it.

Not only does it stimulate the health of the soil, biochar provides a reservoir for soil moisture. It soaks up water from wet areas and redistributes it to dry areas.

Biochar increases your soil's ability to retain nutrients and increase their availability to plant roots.

When you increase the amount of carbon in your soil, you can decrease weeds by as much as 75 percent. And you can increase your soil's water-holding capacity, too, reducing your need to water by half.

If you search for a biochar product, you'll quickly discover that there's no set standard for what actually goes into the product.

In my opinion, the biochar in my Effortless Garden® Soil Enhancement outperforms other biochar products. It:

  • Is made only from non-painted, non-stained wood
  • Is obtained through a partnership with American timber companies
  • Has a uniform 3.5mm particle size for high absorption

Have You Joined the Composting Trend Yet?

Instead of stuffing fresh vegetable scraps and unwanted leftovers into your trash or down your garbage disposal, now you can give them a “second life" that provides multiple benefits.

Composting has become a booming trend among individuals who want:

  • To reduce their landfill contribution, as food and garden waste represent 30% of the waste we produce.
  • To lower their waste removal expenses
  • A superior quality soil amendment, mulch, and natural fertilizer for their gardens
  • To improve the soil structure, texture, and water holding capacity of their soil to reduce their use of water
  • To help reduce methane production and leachate for the benefit of the environment

Not only is composting an important step you can take for the environment, it's something you can do to actually save money. And as you'll soon see, it's easier than you think to do.

Are You Ready to Exercise That Green Thumb? Let's Get Started!

I've introduced you to a handful of new options to help you get started with producing your own organic, nutrient-rich food.

As you've seen, it's easy to get started. And something as simple as sprouting seeds is not time-consuming. For a very small amount of effort, you now hold the key to making a quantum leap in your nutritional intake – the perfect way to truly take control of your health!

Get started today. Order my Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Kit, complete with a 11.1-liter bag of Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement, 1 set of Effortless Garden® growing trays, and 3 bags of Effortless Garden® Organic Sunflower Shoot Seeds. Each growing tray set includes a 10"W x 20"L x 2"D drainage tray and a 10"W x 20"L x 2½"D bottom tray. Please note that planting half a tray should yield more than enough sprouts for you and your family. If you love them as much as I do, you may want to plant more; but it is best to start with half a tray of sprouts.

Effortless Garden® Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds come in a 3-ounce bag, Organic Seeds for Sunflower Shoots are in a 6-ounce bag, and Organic Seeds for Pea Shoots, a 6-ounce bag.

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