Boost Your Body’s Energy and Radically Reduce Occasional Mental and Physical Fatigue Caused by Stress*

Over 300 studies demonstrate Rhodiola rosea’s value as a nervous system and brain ‘helper.’ Now in just a few short days or weeks, you can help lower the impact of daily stress and improve symptoms of burnout, boost your mood and vitality, sleep more soundly, enhance your performance and protect your muscle tissue during strenuous exercise with this ‘A1’ adaptogen.*

Life’s stressors can affect your mental and physical health

I think you’ll agree that, unless you’re living on an isolated island somewhere, we live in challenging and stressful times.

Demands on your time from work, family and friends… Deadlines to meet… Too little time to squeeze in all you need and want to do.

And of course, worrisome concerns about today’s world, the environment, and maybe your own well-being and safety.

What if there was a way to help your body adapt to these common mental and physical stressors, and perhaps even chemical and environmental stressors as well?

It’s all about helping your body adapt and maintain homeostasis, or balance of your biological systems, in the face of a real or perceived threat.

The physician Walter Cannon coined the term “homeostasis” in his book published in 1930, The Wisdom of the Body. In short, it refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain stable conditions for survival.

One of the best ways I’ve found to help the body adapt to stressors, or maintain homeostasis, is something the Russians secretly studied for decades…

The Siberian Secret for Reducing Stress and Living a Healthier Life

The former Soviet Union spent many years searching for plants that would help energize their astronauts, soldiers, and Olympian athletes. They were looking for what they called “adaptogens”, or specific plants that could help the body adapt to physical and mental stress.

Even though the concept of adaptogens dates back thousands of years, modern-day research began with the Russians’ work in the 1940s. Following World War II, Soviet scientists set out to determine why Siberians lived healthy and long lives – many living beyond 100 years.

rhodiola adaptogens
Rhodiola improved the mood of Russian astronauts*

Over a period of 45 years, research scientists conducted a large number of studies. Most of the research was conducted by the Russian military, so many details were kept secret until the mid-1990s.

This early research led to the discovery of adaptogens, a phrase created by Dr. Nicolai Lazarev.

Together with Dr. Lazarev, Professor Israelman researched and helped show that a new class of plant compounds could help people reduce stress and live healthier lives.*

Professor Brekhman developed two qualifying factors for an herb to be considered an adaptogen. To be an adaptogen, the herb needed to…

  • Help your entire system gain balance or homeostasis*
  • Have ”non-specific“ activity by increasing the resistance of your entire body to stress*

In their research up in the frigid latitudes of Siberia, the Russians focused on one adaptogen plant in particular…

They found that a plant called Rhodiola rosea helped soldiers stay energized and alert during sleep-deprivation tests, and when used with astronauts at the Russian space station, improved mood.*

‘Golden Root’ Adaptogen Emerges From Behind the Iron Curtain and Enters Mainstream Research

rhodiola referred as golden root
Likely used by the Vikings to boost endurance and counter fatigue, Rhodiola is often referred to as the "Golden Root."

Rhodiola rosea is a perennial plant with red, pink, or yellow flowers. Even though it’s unrelated to the common rose, it has a similar fragrance.

Often referred to as “Golden Root” or “Roseroot,” Rhodiola has likely been in use since Viking times to help boost endurance, reduce occasional fatigue, and support mood.*

Rhodiola thrives in tundra-like areas, particularly on slopes, ridges, and cliffs. It can survive in somewhat moist environments, but it tends to do best in dryer regions where the soil has low moisture content, such as northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and of course, Russia.

Because the Russians were so successful at hiding Rhodiola behind the “iron curtain” until about 1994, it wasn’t known in the States until fairly recently.

Since that time, Rhodiola has intrigued international researchers. Well over 300 studies have been published since the earlier Russian research.

Studies suggest this valuable plant offers many potential benefits:*

  • Promotes nervous system health*
  • Increases energy levels*
  • Enhances cognitive function, improves mental clarity and focus*
  • Helps reduce occasional fatigue*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Promotes improvement in general well-being and mood*
  • May improve male and female sexual functioning, fertility and reproductive health*
  • Helps improve symptoms of burnout*
  • Promotes a normal healthy immune response*
  • Aids in reducing occasional anxiety associated with day-to-day life*
  • Protects muscle tissue during exercise*
  • Enhances athletic performance and shortens recover time between workouts*

So you may be wondering… how can a simple plant offer so many benefits throughout your entire body?

The Rhodiola-Mood Connection

rhodiola mood-connection
Unique plant chemicals in Rhodiola may help promote your sense of well-being*

Rhodiola contains unique phytochemicals that are thought to play important roles in its actions. Five of the most significant are:

  • Rosin
  • Rosarin
  • Rosavin
  • Salidroside
  • Tyrosol

Together, these plant chemicals have been shown in studies to help:

  • Support your nervous system*
  • Reduce harmful effects on your body from stress*
  • Protect against free radical damage*
  • Positively influence your brain’s neurotransmitter levels*
  • Regulate the production of the stress hormone cortisol*
  • Promote greater resistance to injury, stress, and fatigue*

Two of the bioactive components in Rhodiola, rosavin and salidroside have been shown to improve the passage of precursors for the production of serotonin, your “happy hormone”, through the blood-brain barrier. Plus, they help preserve serotonin to help boost mood.*

A study looked at the effects of Rhodiola on the serotonin, or 5-HT level in the hippocampus part of the brains of rats. These rats started the study with lowered levels of serotonin induced by chronic stress.

After receiving Rhodiola for 3 weeks, researchers measured their 5-HT levels. The levels of all three groups who received varying doses of Rhodiola returned to normal. Even the neurons injured by stress were repaired!

With Rhodiola, you too may be able to increase your levels of serotonin and dopamine and potentially enhance your sense of well-being.* Plus, according to recent research, you may also notice a boost in your energy, focus, attention, and other cognitive functions as well.*

How Rhodiola Can Help Give Your Adrenals a Healthy Boost When They May Need It Most*

woman handling stress
Unrelenting stress can weaken your adrenal glands

If you’re one of the many who live a stressful life, you may already be aware of how stress can affect your adrenal glands. Unrelenting stress can fatigue and weaken your adrenals. And that can adversely affect your hormone production.

Your adrenals produce about 50 different hormones, including cortisol, one of the most important.

Cortisol is produced whenever you’re faced with emotional or physical stress. It’s your body’s way of handling stress.

However, if your adrenals are fatigued, your natural means of fighting stress decline. That’s when you can start feeling tired and even overwhelmed with the smallest details of everyday life.

Your cortisol production can get thrown out of balance during times of stress. That can lead to poor sleep, irritability, and moodiness.

If your body produces too much cortisol at the wrong time, it can impact your healthy immune function, insulin levels, and protein and carbohydrate metabolism. That midline bulge that plaques so many people can be the result of prolonged stress, and your body’s erratic cortisol response.

Rhodiola has been shown to help restore a healthy normal balance to your adrenal glands – and your cortisol production – in the early stages of exhaustion. As an adaptogen, Rhodiola stimulates your body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress.* And as a result, you’re likely to feel more energetic with a greater sense of calm.*

That increased energy may even give you the boost you need to exercise regularly and to benefit from its many benefits, including your body’s natural release of endorphins.*

Plus, the inner rewards you get from exercise – like looking and feeling your best – can go a long way to getting you on the path to good physical and mental health.*

Just a cautionary note, however, about Rhodiola or any strong adaptogen… If you are dealing with more advanced adrenal issues, I suggest working closely with your health care practitioner to determine which adaptogen, if any, is right for you.*

81 Percent of Study Patients Report “Highly Significant” Improvements in Sleep, Motivation, Daytime Alertness, Libido, Memory and Concentration With Taking Rhodiola for 6 to 12 Weeks*

adult daytime alertness
Rhodiola significantly helped memory and daytime alertness in adults, ages 50 to 89

Brain fog is one of the most common complaints today from people of all ages, but especially those in their middle years and beyond.

It can show up as difficulty in thinking clearly, slower brain power, or just plain old forgetfulness and lack of focus.

What causes brain fog? Mood disorders, anxiety, imbalances in your brain chemicals, and a change in your brain waves can all spark this troubling cognitive condition.

Rhodiola has been found to be helpful for these complaints.*

How can it help the signs of brain fog and other cognitive concerns? Because Rhodiola is an adaptogen, it works to restore homeostasis, or a healthy balance, in your brain.*

In a recent study of 120 adults, ages 50 to 89, cognitive and physical functions were recorded at the beginning of the study and then at 6 and 12 weeks.

The factors researchers looked at included: physical effects such as exhaustion, decreased motivation, daytime sleepiness, decreased libido, and sleep disturbances. Cognitive complaints included lack of concentration, forgetfulness, declining memory, irritability, and stressful feelings.

All of the 120 participants who received Rhodiola rosea experienced significant improvement in overall physical and cognitive signs.*

In particular, the time it took to complete a cognitive “digit test” decreased significantly.* Both participants and physicians considered supplementing with Rhodiola to be effective for over 80 percent of the individuals in the study.*

When You Combine Rhodiola and Exercise, You’ll Work Out Harder and Longer, and Feel Less Tired Afterwards*

rhodiola and exercise
Who doesn't want to be able to exercise harder and longer, at any age?

Who wouldn’t like to exercise harder and longer than they do now? And not feel so tired and worn out afterwards?

Studies show that Rhodiola can significantly increase the amount of time it takes you to reach exhaustion while exercising – great news, especially for those just starting out.*

In a recent study, 18 subjects who were described as “not in particularly good shape” were asked to ride a bike for six miles after taking a dose of Rhodiola. Compared to the placebo group who didn’t receive Rhodiola, they had lower heart rates during their pre-exercise warmup.* And they finished the trial in shorter time!

Even animals can benefit. Rats given Rhodiola in an animal study out-swam other rats by nearly 25 percent.

Here’s the key to its effects... An earlier study showed Rhodiola extract protected muscle tissue by helping to promote a healthy normal inflammatory response during exercise.*

Rhodiola rosea appears to improve muscle work while economizing the energy resources of your muscles, thus helping to improve endurance.*

Other studies show similar positive gain with competitive athletes.* After supplementing with Rhodiola for four weeks, a group of 14 athletes had decreased skeletal muscle damage and lowered blood lactate levels, a classic sign of overtraining.

What might Rhodiola do for you? No matter if you’re an accomplished athlete, a casual exerciser, or even a weekend yard warrior, Rhodiola can potentially help improve your endurance during and recovery after exertion or exercise.*

Make Sure You Get Real Rhodiola Rosea Extract and Not Some Fake Formula

fake rhodiola extract
Shockingly, some brands were found to contain only powdered garlic and rice, and NO active ingredients!

With all the recent excitement over Rhodiola rosea, there have been reports of less-than-scrupulous dealings…

As recently reported by National Geographic, the New York Attorney General’s office discovered that four out of five of the supplements sold by major retailers didn’t include the plant that was on the label. Sometimes the capsules were filled only with powdered garlic and rice!

That finding only emphasizes that you can’t be too cautious when buying any supplement…

As we discussed earlier, without Rhodiola’s prime active ingredients, the adaptogenic capability of the herb can be gravely affected.

It’s important to do your homework and scrutinize the label and find out about the manufacturer’s quality processes. Of course, it’s not always evident from the bottle label what’s actually in the formula. And, finding details on the manufacturer can take real effort…

I think you’ll be pleased with what my research team found with our Rhodiola Extract formula, based on a checklist of three critical factors: contains the valuable active ingredients, avoids unnecessary fillers, and is made by a high-quality producer.

Checklist requirement Rhodiola Extract?

Contains important Rhodiola rosea active ingredients?

 Yes – This supplement contains the active Rhodiola rosea ingredients: Rosavin, Rosaridin, Rosarin, Rosin, Salidroside, and Tyrosol.

Avoids unnecessary fillers and excipients?

 Yes – One particular “flow agent” often incorporated in Rhodiola rosea production but not used in this formulation is magnesium stearate. I recommend avoiding this unnecessary non-nutritive additive.

Utilizes a first-rate effective extraction process integrated by a high-quality producer?

 Yes – My team found a unique producer of Rhodiola rosea with the high-quality standard practices and effective extraction process we were looking for. See more details in the section below.

As you can see from this “report card,” Rhodiola Extract not only got passing grades, but I believe deserves a top grade of A+ overall.   

The Solid 'Story' Behind This High-Quality Manufacturer

During our research for a top-quality producer for Rhodiola Extract, my team ran across many different options.

In the end, my research team made sure the chosen supplement producer showed solid evidence of some of the highest-quality processes available today.

Here’s just a small sample of this company’s capabilities and why they were chosen over others. Our producer of Rhodiola Extract

  • Has over 15 years of experience working with Rhodiola rosea suppliers
  • Performs exact quantifications and characterizations of ingredients by a professional team in a state-of-the-art facility
  • Is committed to continuous improvement of QA, which is actively engaged in all aspects of product quality and safety
  • Utilizes some of the most advanced technology and analytical instrumentation, including UPLC-DAD/MS or GC-MS, in the analysis of the products

I think you can see from all this that this producer represents a serious commitment to high-quality processes in delivering a phenomenal Rhodiola rosea supplement.

How This Powerful Herb Can Be Beneficial to Your Overall Health*

Rhodiola Extract can help occasional fatigue and promote a sense of well-being

Here’s a quick review of some of the powerful benefits that a high-quality Rhodiola rosea extract may offer you…*

  • Promotes nervous system health*
  • Increases energy levels*
  • Enhances cognitive function, improves mental clarity and focus*
  • Help reduce occasional fatigue*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Promotes improvement in general well-being and mood*
  • Helps improve symptoms of burnout*
  • Promotes a normal healthy immune response*
  • Aids in reducing occasional anxiety associated with day-to-day life*
  • Protects muscle tissue during exercise*
  • Enhances athletic performance and shortens recover time between workouts*

And with my Rhodiola Extract, I believe you have one of the best formulas available today.

By ensuring the raw materials contain the most desirable active ingredients: Rosavin, Rosaridin, Rosarin, Rosin, Salidroside, and Tyrosol, and selecting a top-notch manufacturer who utilizes high-quality processes and extraction methodologies, you can’t go wrong with my Rhodiola Extract!

So, order Rhodiola Extract today and get ready to reap the benefits of one of the most incredible adaptogen herbs ever discovered.*

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