Support Your Immune Health and Improve Your Protein Quality With Cold-Pressed Whey Protein From Premium Grass-Fed Cows

We’ve taken one of our most popular whey proteins to the next level with additions like the ancient Bolivian complete protein ‘Mother Grain.’ Plus, key glutathione building blocks for supporting cellular and mitochondrial health, beta glucans for supporting immune health, and the perfect fuels for energy and muscle performance make this new and improved whey protein concentrate a true knockout.


High-quality whey protein is truly one of the top foods when it comes to supporting your immune health and improving the quality of protein you consume.

Why? Whey protein – often referred to as the gold standard of protein – is a near-perfectly balanced food that contains all the essential amino acids your body needs for energy production, immune function, and muscle retention by supplementing your health regimen with high-quality proteins.

One of these amino acids, leucine, is a potent stimulus for muscle growth. Leucine helps increase energy levels and support building of muscle mass.

But whey protein offers much more than just support for muscle retention. Whey protein also contains beta-glucans and immunoglobulins, which help support your body’s immune function and natural cleansing processes.

One of my favorite sources of whey protein is Miracle Whey® Protein Powder.

It’s one of the very first products I helped formulate. And it’s still one of my all-time favorites today.

In addition to nutritious ingredients, great taste makes Miracle Whey appealing to all ages.

Like me, you’ve probably sampled plenty of whey protein powders, only to find their flavors and textures to be real letdowns.

Not only can I assure you that my new and improved Miracle Whey doesn’t disappoint in that area, it also doesn’t contain any unhealthy sugars or artificial sweeteners.

I’m ready to share with you some of the innovative steps my team and I took to improve on an already phenomenal Miracle Whey… steps that have led to the addition of even more beneficial ingredients and an irresistible taste.

We Searched High and Low for a Premium Source of Whey Protein Concentrate for Our Miracle Whey

Dairy cows in New Zealand

We currently source our whey protein from New Zealand, which is known for its abundant supply of premium pasture-raised cows.

Its temperate climate enables herds to roam freely and feed on white clover and perennial ryegrass year round. Most herds consume 80 to 100 percent of their feed from pasture.

During the winter and other dry periods when pasture growth becomes limited, the cows receive feed supplements such as grass silage, non-GMO maize, barley, fodder crops like beet, kale and swedes, and the much-loved extract from palm kernel waste.

The amount of grain in the diet is very small, usually less than one percent.

Dairy cows in New Zealand, much like pasture-raised dairy cows in the U.S., typically only see the insides of a barn when it’s time to be milked, between July and November. The remainder of the year they rest out in the pasture and tend to their calves.

This is in stark contrast to factory farm-raised cows who rarely see the light of day.

Once the cows are milked, the milk is transported to facilities in clean, stainless steel trucks where it’s processed into milk, butter, cheese, and whey protein concentrate, a by-product of cheese.

Why Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Cows Provide the Perfect Whey for Your Muscles

A prized Friesian Holstein dairy cow

The natural grazing and pasture feeding enhances the nutritional quality of the milk and cheese, as well as the amino acid and immunoglobulin content of the whey protein.

High-quality whey protein from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows contains ingredients of particular importance for your health, including:

  • Leucine – Signals the mTOR mechanism to increase protein synthesis, thereby helping to promote muscle growth
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – A healthy type of omega-6 fatty acid found primarily in grass-fed beef and dairy products

When cows exclusively eat grass, the CLA levels in their meat and milk are typically 300 to 500 percent higher than in those fed an unnatural grain-based diet.

You simply won’t find these levels of leucine and CLA in regular whey protein powder. Only whey from cows who graze during their lifetimes on green pastures contain these quantities of these valuable substances.

We’ve Taken Immune Support to a Whole New Level

Immunoglobulin G is found in grass-fed, cow-derived whey protein

For every 40-gram serving of Miracle Whey, you get about 1 gram of an important type of immune-supporting antibody called IgG, or Immunoglobulin G. IgG is found in grass-fed, cow-derived whey protein.

A protein made by your immune system, IgG is commonly found in all your body fluids and plays an important front-line role against hostile invaders.

IgG is very important to your overall health in how it…

  • Provides a key antibody in support of immune response
  • Supports your body’s digestive processes
  • Helps support your body’s overall cleansing process

Supercharge Your Glutathione Levels Naturally With Whey Protein

Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant. Found inside every cell in your body, glutathione helps protect your cells and mitochondria by eliminating free radicals and harmful waste products.

When you enhance your internal production of glutathione, you promote your immune function and potentially help shield against many of the adverse effects of aging.*

As valuable as glutathione may be, it’s not a nutrient easily obtained via supplements. Most oral glutathione supplements are poorly absorbed, and, in my opinion, a waste of money.

In fact, instead of helping, glutathione supplements may actually disrupt your body’s own glutathione production.

For these reasons, it’s far better to help your body’s glutathione reserves by more natural means. Exercise and vitamin D are two things that help boost glutathione levels within your cells.*

The overall top food for optimizing your glutathione is high-quality whey protein from grass-fed cows.

Whey provides key amino acids for glutathione production:

  • Cysteine
  • Glycine
  • Glutamate

Plus, whey provides critical co-factors, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and alpha Lactalbumin (also a great source of cysteine), which together help create the right metabolic environment for high glutathione activity.

This unique cysteine is exclusive to whey and rarely appears in other protein foods, which makes whey protein the best glutathione-promoting food source.

The key to glutathione production is dependent on not just any kind of whey – it must be high-quality, cold-pressed, grass-fed whey! And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Miracle Whey.

Formulated With Ancient Grains for a Pleasant Texture

Adding to the high-quality ingredients, Miracle Whey is formulated with ancient grains. These are organic, gluten-free grains that are added to give a favorable, smooth texture to the product and improve the way it feels when you consume it.

The term ancient grains refers to grains which have existed over the last several hundred years, without changing in any significant way. These refer to grains like quinoa, barley, chia, amaranth, millet, wild rice, teff and forms of wheat like spelt and farro, also known as emmer.

Modern grains have been seen to have been bred for rapid growth, ”improved“ industrial milling, and have been processed through hybridization or genetic modification, and have therefore been altered over the years. Examples include wheat, corn and rice.

The use of ancient grains in our formulate makes it possible to add the protein, fiber and essential amino acids of ancient grains to smoothies, beverages, and more — without any of the typical challenges associated with modern grain products. Ancient grains contain no gluten making our Miracle Whey a gluten-free product.

Plus, Two Additional Ingredients for Fueling Your Muscle Performance and Energy

High-quality whey protein can help support muscle performance, promote lean muscle gain, and aid in weight management

Maintaining and building muscle is one of the main reasons people turn to whey protein powder. These two additional ingredients provide you with distinct benefits not often found in other whey protein powders…

  • Sunflower lecithin – Unlike soy lecithin, which is typically bioengineered, sunflower lecithin is not, and provides phospholipids and nutrients to support muscle performance, and to provide the emulsification necessary to ensure that the whey protein blends well with water or juice.
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) – Medium-chain fatty acids have been shown to be ideal muscle fuel. MCTs can replenish muscle energy without raising insulin, support weight management, and promote lean muscle gain.

Does Your Protein Powder Meet These 9 Criteria?

Here’s a summary checklist showing what I believe belongs in a high-quality whey protein powder:

High-Quality Whey Checklist Item Miracle Whey?
1. Sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows   Yes – Currently sourced from New Zealand cows that roam free their entire lives and don’t receive antibiotics and artificial growth hormones (like rBGH)
2. Whey doesn’t include any bioengineered ingredients   Yes – Miracle Whey doesn’t contain any bioengineered ingredients
3. Whey is cold processed, NOT heat-processed   Yes – Only cold-processed to protect nutrients in their natural state
4. Acid-free processing   Yes – Only acid-free processing used because cheaper acid/ion exchange processing denatures amino acid profiles
5. Uses whey protein concentrate, NOT protein isolates   Yes – Only whey protein concentrate is ever used because your body cannot assimilate proteins in isolated form
6. Avoids soy lecithin and GMOs   Yes – Uses non-bioengineered sunflower lecithin instead of soy
7. Sweetened with naturally derived sweeteners   Yes – Uses naturally derived sweeteners only. No artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohol, glycerin, fructose, sugar, or gluten are used
8. Is easy to digest   Yes – Contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which aid digestion
9. Includes generous fiber content   Yes – All flavors (except Plain) contain 8 grams of dietary fiber.

If after reviewing the above checklist for a whey protein powder you find your current protein powder doesn’t meet the grade, I recommend you consider a step up to Miracle Whey.

Not All Protein Powders Are Created Equal

Just as there’s a difference between different types of fats, proteins differ in quality too.

Foods that are high in protein can also be high in carbohydrates and bad fats. So what comes along with the protein doesn’t always present optimal nutrition. The same can be said for many protein powders on the market today. Taking a protein supplement like my Miracle Whey or the others I offer will isolate the high protein quality for you so you receive optimal nutritional value in your health regimen.

So it’s not only about protein supplementation, it’s about getting high-quality protein supplementation.

Who Wouldn’t Want World-Class Nutrition, Minus the Typical Fast Food Negatives?

What’s the Right Protein Powder for You?

Miracle Whey protein powder

Miracle Whey: This great-tasting USDA Certified Organic and immune-supporting protein powder consists of whey protein concentrate sourced exclusively from pasture-raised cows with year-round access to green pastures in Northern California. It’s loaded with protein, immune factor IgG and low in total sugars (with no added sugars).

Pure Power Protein

Mercola Pure Power Protein: This a premium product designed to boost your overall health and fitness levels. It contains a unique blend of high-quality whey protein (40 grams per serving), chia seeds and probiotics to give you a boost in your exercise regimen or if you're more aggressive about enhancing your overall health.

Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein: Suitable for vegans and meat eaters alike, this protein includes a great-tasting perfect blend of five high-quality plant proteins including pea, hemp and chia, together with the microalgae chlorella. Plus, it contains a five-fiber blend to support digestion.

Convenient Packaging to Help Serve You

Miracle Whey Protein Powder

Not only is this new Miracle Whey Protein Powder your best option for a delicious and nutrient-packed protein powder, it also comes in a revolutionary packaging material that is more convenient for you.

Unlike the plastic containers of the past, Miracle Whey now comes in innovative gusset bags.

By using a bag instead of a plastic container, much less space is used during the shipping process. Therefore, less fuel is used overall for transport.

In addition, the bag makes it easy to pour the last couple of servings into the scoop without making a mess – which can happen with rigid, round plastic containers.

I’m constantly working with my team to improve not just our product formulas and formulations, but how to make your life easier with container packaging improvements.

Are You Ready to Step Up to Pasture-Grazed Whey Protein That Delivers on All Its Benefits?

From its unbelievable taste and texture… to its long list of health-boosting ingredients, Miracle Whey deserves its rightful spot at the top of the list of whey protein powders.

And because Miracle Whey is made from whey protein concentrate and not protein isolates, it clearly stands apart from many of the whey protein powder “pretenders” out there.

Miracle Whey leaves you only with good taste – and not an unpleasant or chalky aftertaste. And it’s available in a wide variety of flavors. There’s sure to be a favorite there for everyone in your household!

Stock up now on my new and improved Miracle Whey Protein Powder. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. With the addition of Stevia, doesn’t this introduce a “metallic” aftertaste?

    By combining Stevia and Luo Han Guo sweeteners in Miracle Whey, this exclusive blend balances out any aftertaste.

  2. 2. With the blend of ancient grains now added to Miracle Whey, how could the protein powder be gluten free?

    The ancient grains (Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Millet, and Organic Chia) blended into Miracle Whey to add plant-based amino acids and help provide a smooth texture are in fact, naturally gluten free.

  3. 3. Why the distinction of “grass-fed and pasture-raised” with this product?

    This is very important because the whey currently used in Miracle Whey is obtained from New Zealand cows allowed to roam freely in their pastures so they can feed on natural grass.

  4. 4. Why the switch to packaging Miracle Whey in bags instead of plastic containers?

    With the use of gusset bags, several improvements take place. One, this type of packaging is better for the environment and uses less fuel when being transported. And two, the bag makes it easier to pour servings into the scoop used to mix your shake.

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