"Finally, a Natural Approach to Achieving Prostate Health!"

Prostate Health in 90 days E Book

The New 2005 Addition Now Available in eBook Format!

"Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery--2005 Addition", is an updated e-Book version of the original book. Abbreviated from the 323-page printed version to 60 pages, the 2005 addition summarizes Dr. Clapp's revolutionary health plan supporting prostate health. Get this eBook today and get started on this revolutionary prostate health plan!

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Dr. Clapp's bestselling "Prostate Health in 90 Days":

  • Helps eliminate your dependency on antibiotics, radiation or surgery.
  • Explains, in depth, how to prevent and cure prostate cancer with alternative self-healing approaches.
  • Introduces the Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA), which provides an extended view of the body's condition, and reveals and accurately monitors the healing of levels of dysfunction that traditional tests don't encompass.

This year, some 200,000 American men will discover they have prostate cancer. Second only to skin cancers, prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in men. Thirty percent of American men, or one in four, will have prostate cancer by the time they're 50, with the numbers increasing as men age. As many as 38,000 men are expected to die from prostate cancer this year alone.

Most physicians recommend the standard treatment choices--surgery, radiation, and hormonal therapy--treatments that have limited effectiveness at best and cause major side effects ranging from incontinence to impotence for an overwhelming majority of patients.

While many doctors think immediately of eliminating the problem, they think very little of the treatment's devastating side effects that seriously diminish the patient's quality of life. And, for the 40,000 American men who have their prostates removed each year, 35 percent of the men afflicted find themselves dealing with the return of the disease within just five years.

When diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991, Dr. Larry Clapp rejected the commonly held notion in the medical community that benign prostate enlargement and cancer is an inevitable part of male aging. Instead, Dr. Clapp was determined not to become another statistic. Refusing to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, he embarked on a personal mission to investigate alternative treatments.

The results of Larry Clapp's extraordinary journey became the basis of the healing program that ultimately cured his cancer and is summarized in his easy-to-follow, emotionally insightful eBook "Prostate Health in 90 Days without Drugs or Surgery."

The 60-page eBook of "Prostate Health in 90 Days" is the updated 2005 version of the original comprehensive 323-page printed book.

Appalled by the poor options within the context of conventional medical treatment, Dr. Clapp felt he had to write this book to give men other, more natural, possibilities to consider for treatment and prevention.

"Prostate Health in 90 Days" will teach you how to:

  • Use nutrition, massage, herbs, homeopathy and other alternative healing approaches to stop prostate trouble before it starts.
  • Understand what causes cancer, including toxins from the environment, diet, drugs and parasites--all easy to change.
  • Reverse the cancer-causing effects of dental toxins.
  • Cleanse and strengthen your prostate, colon and other organs.
  • Enhance your sex life and become physically and mentally stronger.
  • Virtually eliminate your chances for disease.

Clapp's program is based primarily on balancing the pH level in your body by clearing toxins, improving the diet, exercising and working toward a healthier emotional and sexual life. Most of us living in industrialized countries are highly acidic, and therefore unwitting hosts to prostate and other cancers. Toxins from our food, water, air, parasites and dental work all contribute to making us acidic.

Within two months of beginning the health regimen described in this book, blood tests (PSA, CEA, Albumin) showed that Dr. Clapp's cancer was receding, and physical examination of the prostate was normal.

Dr. Clapp's cancer returned several years later. He attributed its return to his own imprecise balancing of pH. By applying new knowledge, refined over years of study of The Ultimate Fast, supplements, homeopathics and pH balance monitored by the Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) (a European test that is gaining popularity in the United States that measures pH, reduction oxidation, and the resistivity of the blood, saliva and urine), Dr. Clapp was again cancer-free within two months. Not only did he overcome his cancer, but he also became far healthier than he was at the start!

Mirroring my own conviction, Dr. Clapp emphasizes the importance of men and women becoming more educated about their bodies and taking more responsibility for their health as opposed to blindly following standardized courses of treatment based on fear.

Demonstrating how we can take our health care into our own hands, Dr. Clapp provides a program designed to defeat cancer by strengthening the body's natural defenses and balancing pH so that cancer cannot live in the body.

This "9-Point Program" outlines how you can:

  • Thoroughly clean your colon and intestines of plaque and debris.
  • Rejuvenate your lymph system.
  • Eliminate toxins.
  • Reduce dangerous acidity and help your body to achieve pH balance.
  • Release emotional blocks obstructing the flow of blood and oxygen.
  • Eliminate the dental sources of toxins and ill health.
  • Re-energize and invigorate your mind, body and spirit.
  • Clear your prostate and other organs, allowing them to function properly.

Endorsed by the American Health Institute, "Prostate Health in 90 Days without Drugs or Surgery" challenges conventional Western medicine, offering a groundbreaking perspective that is long overdue.

Dr. Larry Clapp's message is too poignant to ignore: the prostate is that vital center from which men derive their vitality, creative energy and sexual drive--without it, overall health and quality of life is severely diminished.

That's why it's important to take care of your prostate now, before trouble begins. Waiting for symptoms may be waiting too long. Even in cases of the advanced cancer, there may be no warning signs.

    "Prostate Health in 90 Days without Drugs or Surgery" will arm any man with prostate cancer with all the information he needs to face difficult decisions with confidence and clarity. I highly urge anyone who has cancer of the prostate, or wants to maintain optimal prostate health, to make reading this eBook a top priority.

    Dr. Clapp's amazing healing plan has also proved very effective for prostatitis. Prostatitis, a precursor to prostate cancer, affects most, if not all, men to some degree. Dr. Clapp's "Prostatitis: The 60-Day Cure" is a comprehensive 256-page downloadable e-Book organized into three easily understandable and insightful parts targeted to help men detect and heal prostatitis at an early stage.

    Together, these two eBooks "Prostate Health in 90 Days without Drugs or Surgery" and "Prostatitis: The 60-Day Cure" make up the ultimate reference guide for prostate health.

    Dr. Clapp's natural solution is one that will not only eliminate the disease itself but also will increase general levels of health. Thousands of men have benefited from it, and with this new eBook many thousands more can too.

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