Now You Can Enhance Your Gut Health Without Taking Pills or Capsules

Here's an alternative to Complete Probiotics you can easily take anywhere and everywhere you go.


Have you ever been frustrated trying to swallow capsules or pills?

If so, you’re not alone. According to a Harris Interactive survey, at one time or another, an astonishing 40 percent of American adults experience this difficulty. And many of these are people who don’t typically have problems swallowing food!

Since your digestive tract is one of the most important places for you to start building a solid health foundation, I don’t want a pill or capsule to stand in the way.

I decided to take an alternative approach…

If the thought of taking yet another pill or capsule makes you cringe, you’re going to love this option. I’ve created a way for you to enjoy the potential for optimal gut and immune health without swallowing any capsules or pills!

How to Get the Beneficial Bacteria Your Gut Needs

I’m firmly convinced that diet is the best way to optimize your gut health. Eating fermented foods, especially fermented vegetables that you either make at home or buy from a reputable source, is my preferred way of getting the "good" bacteria your gut needs. I eat them daily.

For those who can’t or don’t eat fermented vegetables regularly, I recommend taking a high-quality probiotic. This is an excellent way of introducing billions of tiny beneficial microorganisms or "good" bacteria into your digestive tract.*

Even if you do eat fermented or probiotic foods, adding a high-quality probiotic supplement to your daily regimen can give you a full array of beneficial bacterial strains, even more than what most fermented foods can provide. This fact is especially true of so-called "probiotic" yogurts, which claim to supply your body with beneficial probiotics, but don’t.

When talking about probiotic supplements, I can't emphasize enough the importance of "high-quality." In just a couple of minutes, I'll show you how to make sure your probiotic supplement meets the test for quality..

But first, let’s take a look at why you need probiotics…

Why Maintaining a Healthy Balance of Bacteria Is Crucial to Your Health

Good Bacteria

Supporting your gut and overall health is all about maintaining an optimal balance between beneficial and disease-causing microbes.

Assuming you have a healthy balance to begin with (many individuals don’t), what can tip the scale to the less beneficial side?

There are many things that can upset your bacterial balance:

  • Processed, refined foods
  • Sugar and excessive fructose
  • Bioengineered foods
  • Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals
  • Stress
  • Air and water pollution
  • Antibiotics (including those in your food)
  • Heartburn pills
  • NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Fluoridated and chlorinated water

Yes, the list is long, but all of these factors can harm your beneficial bacteria and allow the disease-causing strains to thrive and even take over. And that can adversely affect your immune health, allergic response, digestion, mood, urinary tract and vaginal health (if you’re a woman), and even your ability to lose weight!

Researchers have found that the gut flora – or gut bacteria – of obese individuals is different than that of normal-weight people. Normal-weight subjects were found to have a more diverse collection of intestinal bacteria, including a wider variety of microbes capable of breaking down plant starches and fibers into usable energy.*

How Billions of Beneficial Bacteria Can Help Make a Difference in Your Health and Well-Being

good health

When you take a high-quality probiotic with a substantial number of beneficial bacteria strains and CFUs ("colony-forming units"), you literally flood your system with "good" guys!

With more than 1,000 different types of bacteria living in your digestive tract, adding high numbers of beneficial bacteria can help influence which strains prevail – the beneficial versus the damaging ones.

The beneficial bacteria go to work and support many systems and functions throughout your body.* Here are just some of the ways probiotics can support your health:

  • Directs the activity of hundreds of genes that influence the messages sent to your cells.*
  • Helps recalibrate your immune system, much like a dimmer switch.* A full 80 percent of your immune system lives within your digestive tract and is key to your overall well being.*
  • Influences your metabolism and weight by promoting the growth and survival of good, beneficial bacteria.* Scientific research shows that supplementing with probiotics may help reduce fat in your body.*
  • Helps promote a normal allergic response by helping to protect the membrane lining of your intestinal wall. This helps prevent undigested food and wastes from escaping into your bloodstream.*
  • Helps digest your food and produce certain nutrients that your body needs.*
  • Positively impacts your mood and brain function.*
  • Helps support urinary tract health by helping to maintain healthy bacteria populations within your urinary tract.*
  • Helps support women’s vaginal health by promoting a healthy bacteria balance.*

Numbers speak… Over the years at my clinic, we observed an amazing success rate for people treated with high-quality probiotics.* And today, we receive similar feedback from many of our readers who regularly use my probiotic products.*

I think you can now start to see the many ways probiotics can potentially improve the quality of your life. I believe that when you take control over your gut health – and your overall health – you can’t help but feel better and be able to do more of the things you want to do… at home, at work, on vacation, and everywhere you go.

10 Beneficial Strains for My High-Quality Probiotic Blend

You may already be familiar with my Complete Probiotics, a high-quality blend of 10 beneficial bacteria strains. I believe it’s among the finest probiotic formulas available today in capsule form.

To develop an alternative to my probiotic capsules, my team and I agreed on one thing: we wouldn’t compromise the quality formula we had spent years developing and perfecting for Complete Probiotics.

I insisted that the non-capsule alternative must come from the same source as Complete Probiotics.

So, I've taken the same high-potency probiotic formula to another level with a great tasting, easy-to-swallow solution in non-capsule form.

Probiotic Packets not only make a pleasant tasting alternative to capsule-form probiotics, they are also a convenient way to take high-quality probiotics when you're on the go or traveling.

Using the exact same formula as my Complete Probiotics, Probiotic Packets contain:

  1. Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1
  2. Bifidobacterium lactis
  3. Lactobacillus plantarum
  4. Lactobacillus casei
  5. Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  6. Lactobacillus brevis
  7. Bifidobacterium longum
  8. Lactobacillus salivarius
  9. Lactobacillus thermophiles
  10. Bifidobacterium bifidum

Plus, we added a half gram of organic raspberry powder for improved flavor and to guarantee you’ll look forward to your daily dose of probiotics. And with ZERO grams of sugar!

How Could 70 Billion Warriors Make a Difference in Your Life?

With my Probiotic Packets formula, 70 billion little warriors go to work with each serving to help promote a positive balance of beneficial bacteria for the health of your entire body.*

These 10 strains of friendly, beneficial bacteria work together to help:

  • Promote a healthy balance of flora in your intestine*
  • Support your immune health*
  • Support your gut health as well as your oral health*
  • Support your healthy digestive function*
  • Assist elimination and occasion intestinal discomfort by working to stabilize your intestinal microflora*
  • Encourage the growth and survivability of other "good" bacteria*
  • Ensure nutrients get to your cells*

The bottom line for you is… my Probiotic Powder Packets product is a delicious, easy-to-swallow probiotic that helps you take control of your gut and immune health.*

But there’s something you need to know about my Probiotics and any other probiotic supplement. It can determine whether or not you receive any potential benefits…

Beneficial Bacteria Can Only Provide Potential Benefits If They Survive the Journey Through Your Gut

"Good" bacteria are of little help if they can't survive the harsh acidic environment of your stomach. They must make it to your intestine unscathed where they do most of their work.

That's what makes my regular Complete Probiotics formula so exceptional and what makes my Probiotic Packets special as well.

This unique formulation helps the good bacteria survive the journey through your intestinal tract in two important ways:

  • Contains acid- and bile-resistant strains for maximum survival. Helps ensure good bacteria reaches a less hostile environment in your digestive tract (with a pH of 3 to 4) and promotes their survival in reaching their final destination*
  • Contains valuable prebiotics in the form of Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) for optimal probiotic performance. This provides “food” for the probiotics and helps them thrive while they settle into your digestive tract*

Without the right strains and natural survival ingredients like FOS, which you find in both my Probiotic Packets and Complete Probiotics, good bacteria face an uphill battle to thrive and deliver the benefits you expect.

Not every probiotic formula out there provides these capabilities. And if a product can’t pass this simple 2-point test, you may be throwing away your money and not receiving the benefits you deserve!

11 Powerful Reasons to Try My Probiotic Packets… Plus 3 More!

Now that you've seen all the enticing conveniences and health benefits of my Probiotic Packets, I’m certain you’re ready to try these delicious probiotics out for yourself.

Here’s a quick summary of all the potential ways you can benefit:

11 Powerful Reasons Why Probiotic Packets are My Top Choice for Non-Capsule Probiotics
  1. Maintains your ideal "good" to "other" bacteria ratio by promoting an optimal environment for the survival and growth of beneficial bacteria*
  2. Supports your immune system function*
  3. Supports your production of B vitamins, especially folic acid and biotin, along with vitamin K*
  4. Promotes your absorption of minerals*
  5. Supports your protein and carbohydrate digestion*
  6. Supports your healthy metabolism and the breakdown of toxins*
  7. Supports your healthy weight management*
  8. Helps you maintain appropriate bowel transit time*
  9. Produces lactic acid for support of your digestive processes and colon pH balance*
  10. Helps you maintain serum lipid and blood pressure levels already in the healthy range*
  11. Helps promote your oral health*

And, there are now three additional reasons to try my Probiotic Packets…

  1. My Probiotic Packets now contain 70 billion CFUs (colony forming units) in EVERY packet!
  2. They’re quick and easy to take on-the-go and for travel. Simply drop a few packets in your bag or briefcase.
  3. Plus, they contain real organic raspberry powder along with other natural fruit flavors so they’re truly delicious. All with ZERO grams of sugar or fructose to help safeguard your health! Just mix each packet with water or juice and enjoy. Or, if you prefer, no mixing is required. Simply open the packet and swallow the powder…it’s that easy.

Your Gut Is Ready and Waiting for Your Help

Now you can have the benefits of Complete Probiotics with the delightful taste and convenience of my Probiotic Packets.

No longer do you need to miss out just because you don’t like to swallow capsules and pills!

Even if you don’t mind capsules, you’ll appreciate the added convenience and delicious organic raspberry taste that my Probiotic Packets provide. You may even be tempted to share them with your entire family…

For the younger members of your household, don’t miss my Probiotic Packets for Kids. With the same pleasant taste and convenience, Probiotic Packets for Kids are specially formulated for growing bodies and minds.

Don’t let another day go by that you’re not doing all you can to support your immune function and digestive health.

Order Probiotic Packets today!

Remember, there’s no risk to trying my Probiotic Packets. As with every product, you have my 100 percent "no questions asked" guarantee (see details below). I don't offer anything that lacks my full confidence it will help you take better control of your health.

Order your Probiotic Packets right now…

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