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Your gut flora, also called your microbiome, affects more than just your digestive health. This fascinating, diverse collection of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria also influences your immune response, weight, sleep quality, mood and cognitive function.

To maintain optimal overall health, a balanced microbiome and strong intestinal lining is key. However, many factors today can disrupt your precious gut flora, such as:

  • Exposure to substances like chlorine, fluoride, sugar as well as processed foods.
  • Lack of nutrients to optimize and support beneficial microbes in your gut.
  • Stress, which can hinder the production of enzymes and absorption of nutrients, reduce oxygen levels and increase intestinal permeability.

That’s why nourishing your microbiome with healthy cultured foods, such as fermented vegetables and plain yogurt is important. That said, not many people ferment their vegetables, and most commercial yogurt contains little to no live probiotics.

Even if you do consume fermented vegetables, probiotics are a good option for acquiring diverse strains of beneficial bacteria. Yet, not all probiotics are created equal.

Our line of high-quality probiotic supplements provides you with ideal blends of carefully-selected beneficial bacteria strains, from soil-based organisms to non-spore-forming probiotics and even probiotic yeast, for you and your family’s every need. And for your furry friend, don’t miss out on our Complete Probiotics for Cats & Dogs.

Complete Spore Restore (SBO Probiotic)

To help recondition your gut, Complete Spore Restore offers you a combination of four soil-based organisms (SBO) and a special Organic Mushroom Blend of prebiotics, or food for beneficial bacteria, to support your immune health.*

What makes SBO probiotics special? As their name suggests, these organisms are found in the soil, and due to today’s farming methods and our habitual cleanliness, you likely get few of these highly beneficial SBOs in your diet. With their natural ability to survive the harsh environment of your stomach, SBO probiotics condition your gut and prepare it for reseeding by beneficial probiotic bacteria strains.

Organic Clarifying Facial Cleanser
Organic Freshening Facial Toner

Complete Probiotics (70 Billion CFU)

A multi-strain blend of 10 non-spore-forming probiotics and Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) as a form of prebiotics, Complete Probiotics is perfect for daily maintenance. With carefully selected strains for high-potency, featuring long-lasting, super-strain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, this formula goes to work to balance your microbiome and support your overall health.*

Delayed release capsules provide an extra layer of protection from stomach acid so the strains survive the journey to your intestines. For even greater microbiome support, we offer Complete Probiotics (100 billion CFU).* This popular pick is also available in a special formula for women and in powder form for both kids and adults.

Complete Afterbiotics

Combining the best of the best, Complete Afterbiotics is the “trifecta” approach to improving your gut health. This formula harnesses the power of three kinds of probiotics – three soil-based organisms, two non-spore-forming probiotics and a probiotic yeast – for when you need extra balancing support for your microbiome.*

This formula also includes a Prebiotic Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex. More than just a base, this nourishing blend of wholefood extracts from orange and grapefruit releases active flavonoids that serve as antioxidants in your colon to support a healthy inflammatory response.*

Organic Freshening Facial Toner

Perfect for both short-term use and long-term maintenance, our high-potency Complete Probiotics (70 Billion CFU) may be taken on its own or in combination with our Complete Spore Restore (SBO Probiotic) for creating the optimal environment for probiotic use along with our Complete Afterbiotics to protect your gut microbiome and strengthen your protective intestinal barrier.*

Complete Spore Restore

Foundational blend of active bacteria for creating an optimal environment for daily probiotic use*

4 Billion CFUs of:

  • 4 resistant SBO strains to protect and recondition your gut flora, including Bacillus clausii SC-109*
  • Organic mushroom blend of prebiotics to promote immune health*

Complete Probiotics

Multi-strain formula in a delayed-release capsule for optimal maintenance of overall gut health*

70/100 Billion CFUs of:

  • 10 reseeding probiotic strains, including long-lasting Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1
  • Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) as a form of prebiotics nourish the beneficial bacteria in your gut*
  • Also available in special Women’s and Children’s formula (10 Billion CFU)

Complete Afterbiotics

The perfect trifecta of diverse strains to provide powerful support for microbiome repair*

18 Billion CFUs of:

  • 3 resistant SBO strains to recondition your gut, including Bacillus subtilis HU58*
  • 3 reseeding probiotics, including yeast probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Prebiotic Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex to reestablish intestinal barrier function*

Complete Probiotics for Women

Designed with women’s unique needs in mind, Complete Probiotics for Women contains seven of Complete Probiotics’ high-potency strains, including super-strain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, plus three clinically-supported strains to support the health of a woman’s vaginal microbiome. With Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) as a prebiotic and delivered in delayed release capsules, this formula provides women with powerful support for their digestive, immune and vaginal health.*

Complete Probiotics for Women
Complete Probiotic Powder Packets

Complete Probiotics Powder Packets

As a convenient alternative for those who experience trouble swallowing pills or capsules, Complete Probiotics Powder Packets offers the same quality strains and benefits of Complete Probiotics – 70 billion CFUs in each packet. Combining organic raspberry powder and other natural fruit flavors in an easy-to-swallow, non-capsule form, this sugar-free formula is a delicious way to promote a healthy balance of flora in your gut.* Simply swallow the powder of the packet, or add it to your favorite drink.

Complete Probiotics Powder Packets for Kids

Convenient and tasty with a delightful raspberry flavor, Complete Probiotics Powder Packets for Kids is the perfect way to help you support your child’s health and well-being.* Delivering the optimal amount of probiotics – 10 billion CFUs – for their growing bodies, this sugar-free formula offers the same 10 high-potency strains of Complete Probiotics. Pre-measured and wrapped, they’re convenient for on-the-go and trips. Simply tear open a packet and mix with water or juice.

Organic Freshening Facial Toner
Complete Probiotics for Cats & Dogs

Complete Probiotics for Cats & Dogs

For your four-legged friend, Complete Probiotics for Cats & Dogs presents a blend of 14 carefully selected beneficial bacteria strains known to promote optimal gastrointestinal health in pets. Able to survive stomach acidity to reach your pet’s small intestine, where they are needed most, the potent strains in this formula are just what your pet needs to promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

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