Step Up to the Ultimate Whole Body Workout and Help Sculpt a Brand New You

What I'm about to share with you represents a radical new leap in technology… Something that promises to transform the way your body benefits from exercise, and the way you look and feel.


If you haven't yet discovered the personal fitness routine best for you, get ready to be impressed.

What I believe to be the most profoundly innovative development I've seen in fitness, I'm willing to bet, will change how you look at exercise and its many benefits for your body.

Achieving your fit, new body is just a shake away.

Why Fitness Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

fitness program for couples
Feel and look your best starting today.

If you don't stay physically active, you start losing muscle mass at around age 40. You burn fewer calories as your body shifts from building less muscle to adding more fat.

You can blame it on "somatopause" – the body's normal metabolic slowdown and decline of your body's production of human growth hormone (HGH) as you age.

Somatopause likely affects millions of baby boomers in the U.S. and millions more around the world, causing:

  1. Weight gain
  2. Energy loss
  3. Accelerated aging
  4. Loss of muscle tone
  5. Increased body fat

When you don't get enough exercise as you age, visceral fat can build in your abdomen.

Visceral or belly fat can negatively affect your overall health and quality of life and – may be, by far, the worst fat to have on your body…

Why Fitness Matters

Fitness is important for many reasons. Just to name a few…

  1. Helps you achieve and maintain your ideal body weight
  2. Promotes good cardiovascular and respiratory health
  3. Provides comfortable movement and flexibility
  4. Improves your mood

There's no question that exercise is a major key to promoting health, as well as looking and feeling your best.

What's 'The Most Perfect' Type of Exercise for You?

woman working out

The best type of exercise for you is one that helps you:

  1. Slim down and get rid of belly fat
  2. Support bone strength
  3. Move with comfort and ease
  4. Improve your mood
  5. Improve parts of your body you can't see or feel

My personal favorite is Peak Fitness, which is my comprehensive fitness program that includes powerful anaerobic exercises.

Peak Fitness exercises can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities and takes just a fraction of the time as other types of exercise (more about that later).

The revolutionary development in fitness that I'm about to tell you about happens to be a perfect complement to my Peak Fitness exercises. Let's get started…

You Get Stronger by Lifting Weights: Fact or Fiction?

woman weight lifting

Strength training can be slow and tedious – and you must keep adding more weight. But the more general principle is you are increasing gravitational stress because you are lifting weights against gravity.

To understand how gravity affects your workout, let's briefly revisit Newton's Second Law of Motion, which you probably learned back in high school:

Force = Mass x Acceleration

Simply put, what this means is you can improve your strength or stability by either applying more mass (weight) or more acceleration.

Free weights and weight machines use gravity as acceleration. And that's why you must keep increasing mass – or weight – to see results in your strength.

What if there was a way, instead, to effectively use the second half of the equation – through acceleration, and not gravity?

With this scenario, weights wouldn't necessarily be needed and you'd eliminate the high impact and high stress factors associated with them, so it will be a whole lot easier.

When you use the techniques I’m describing below, the acceleration is about the recruitment of more fast and slow twitch muscles.

The Soviet Secret That Started It All…

Power Plate Vibration

You may or may not remember the Space Race back in the 1960s…

But, nearly 30 years later, we discovered that, in their pursuit to win, the Soviets experimented with techniques to help their cosmonauts stay in space longer.

One of the problems back then with space travel was muscle atrophy – or severe muscle wasting – of cosmonauts' bodies. This, along with bone loss, typically occurred when cosmonauts spent extended time in a zero-gravity environment.

From this experience, the Soviets discovered the secret of Whole Body Vibration Training – or the ability to make acceleration work for them.

Boost Your Muscle Strength WITHOUT Weights in Just 15 Minutes, 3 Times a Week

leg curl workout
Traditional strength training requires time and patience.

If you struggle with weights – as many people do – I'll bet that you're going to love what Whole Body Vibration Training can do.

If you don't have the time it takes to get a decent, regular workout at your gym, you're also going to be pleased.

Whole Body Vibration Training allows you to reap the benefits of strength training with ease and in just a fraction of the time. Just like the cosmonauts.

How can it possibly do this?

With Whole Body Vibration Training, your body's muscles contract between 25 and 50 times a second as you make gentle body movements. It's this constant muscle tensioning that increases muscle strength.

And it only takes three 15-minute sessions per week to get you started building lean muscle with Whole Body Vibration Training. That's only 45 minutes a week! But remember, like any exercise program or device, you improve results with more time and/or intensity.

Why Traditional Strength Training and Cardio Exercises Aren't Cardio After All…

Woman squatting

To improve your heart health, you first need to understand that you have two muscle fiber types with their own unique energy systems:

  1. Slow twitch (red muscle) – Activated by traditional strength training and cardio exercises
  2. Fast twitch (white muscle) – Activated by Peak Fitness and Whole Body Vibration Training exercises

These slow and fast twitch muscles can be activated by Peak Fitness and Whole Body Vibration Training exercises.

Your heart has two different processes; the aerobic process and the anaerobic process. Traditional strength training and cardio exercises work only the aerobic process and the slow twitch muscle fibers.

On the other hand, Peak Fitness type and Whole Body Vibration Training exercises work both the anaerobic and the aerobic processes of your heart as they activate both the fast and super-fast muscle fibers.

This is why you may not see the results you desire even when you're spending an hour on the treadmill several times a week. You're only working half of your muscle fiber types!

And when you don't exercise your fast twitch fibers, they may begin to atrophy, which can adversely affect your fitness and physical health.

What to Look for When Choosing Whole Body Vibration Training Equipment

There are many cheap imitations machines out there so please understand that not all machines will provide similar benefits. In my opinion, here's what you want to look for when shopping for Whole Body Vibration Training equipment:

  1. There is a certain frequency range that is optimal for exercise. Most vibration equipment is just open-ended vibration – and not set to this specific frequency range.
  2. Solid steel construction. Avoid plastic platforms as they can and do break. Watch for sturdiness as you watch their demo video.
  3. Optional vibration settings and the convenience of automatic programs. You may want to challenge your body and increase the vibration setting.
  4. Adequate weight limit. If it can't handle your weight, it can break or strain to run at a lower intensity level.
  5. Who is selling the equipment? Know the company and their reputation.
  6. How loud is it? Many machines are excessively noisy.
  7. Does the company provide a detailed guide and user manual? A video demonstration can be very helpful to learn recommended exercise positions.
  8. A good warranty and customer service in case you have questions. How long has the company been around? Will they be around long enough to honor their warranty?
  9. Beware of fake ratings. For example, it appears that the "Koehler Rating" may be fabricated. Don't fall for this type of marketing gimmick.

Be sure to take your time and check the fine print when shopping for Whole Body Vibration Training equipment. In my opinion, a reliable, well-built machine is truly a great investment that you'll appreciate for many years to come.

After a Seven-Year Comprehensive Evaluation, Here's My Choice for Exceptional Whole Body Vibration Training Equipment

woman on Power Plate My7
Power Plate® my7

After many trials and thorough investigation, I have found a company that I believe consistently delivers the two things I consider most important in Whole Body Vibration Training equipment – precision and versatility. 

The technology behind Power Plate® equipment was used and researched in the former Soviet Union during the 1960s by cosmonauts, allowing them to withstand the negative effects of microgravity while engaged in space flight.

Since then, powerful technological advances plus a couple of important patents have made Power Plate® the leader in safe and effective Whole Body Vibration Training. This is the one that I have in my home and use regularly.

There are nearly 200 studies on Whole Body Vibration. More than 30 of them were conducted on a Power Plate® machine.

Power Plate equipment is distributed in more than 65 countries. Whole Body Vibration Training on Power Plate® equipment offers a wide array of benefits, including:

  1. Improved muscle strength and flexibility
  2. Improved range of motion
  3. Reduced symptoms of muscle pain and soreness
  4. Faster recovery after workouts

How Power Plate® Delivers Such Amazing Benefits

Power Plate Vibration

Power Plate uses harmonic vibration, instantly triggering the body’s natural reflex stabilization mechanism to adapt to changes in the environment. Rapid, precise and predictable reflexive activation prepares our body for dynamic activities at a subconscious level.

Power Plate uses PrecisionWave™ Technology – a high-fidelity harmonic vibration system – this revolutionary training technique delivers controlled waves of energy racing throughout your body.

These vibrations cause your muscles to respond with rapid fire contractions – between 25 and 50 times per second.

What's truly exceptional about Power Plate's technology is that it engages most of your muscle fibers, including the slow and fast muscle fibers simultaneously.

A workout on traditional gym equipment uses only about 20 percent of your total muscle fibers – the slow twitch fibers.

A near-total muscle fiber employment translates into a higher-intensity workout, probably unlike anything you've ever experienced. Whole Body Vibration training exercise enhances your performance while it increases the efficiency of your workout.

With Power Plate, you get a complete, full-body workout incorporating stretching, balance, core, strength-building and massage, all in only as little as 15 minutes. But again, the more time and or intensity, the greater the results.

Power Plate's Patented DualSync Motor System Truly Delivers a 3-D Workout

Power Plate 3D workout system

With many other Whole Body Vibration machines, you may experience a side-to-side type of motion – a "wobble board" effect. Your experience with Power Plate is drastically different. They own the patent on the revolutionary DualSync Motor systems that provide a 3-D workout.

Your muscles' contractions work in multiple dimensions as Power Plate oscillates in all three planes (see diagram). This is what's known as "tri-planar movement."

And this is exactly what the human body is designed to do.

When Power Plate equipment vibrates up and down ("Z"), you improve muscle strength. Left to right ("X") and front to back ("Y") movements enhance your balance and coordination.

The net result is an improvement in strength and power. With regular Whole Body Vibration Training exercise, you will likely see and feel results within the first few week, such as increased strength and flexibility, and enhanced muscle definition and tone.

Your Personal Trainer Has Arrived…

Power Plate my7 - Intelligent Virtual Trainer
The Power Plate my7™ is an intelligent virtual trainer designed to help you reach your goals.

And here's something revolutionary that I promise will be unlike any workout you're ever experienced…

The Power Plate my7 model is an intelligent virtual trainer that helps you personalize your workouts.

Simply decide which lifestyle goal is most important to you right now: FEEL better, LOOK better or PLAY better. Each is designed to help you achieve the specific results you want.

You'll find over 250 pre-programmed video workouts that you can view directly on the my7. There are over 1,000 individual exercises inside the "brain" of the my7. So, whether you're warming up for ski season, or want to exercise to look and feel good, my7 has a unique program to help you reach your goal.

Every workout takes you through the five key elements of movement – Stretch, Balance, Core, Strength and Massage – and gives you a full-body workout in less than 30 minutes.

This is the first home machine to feature proMOTION Technology, so you'll experience even more dynamic movement with your my7. Using high-strength cables that optimize the transfer of vibrations directly to the targeted muscle, the my7's Advanced Vibration Technology stimulates muscle response as frequently as 30 to 40 times per second as you move.

Imagine what that could do for your workout…

Plus, Introducing the NEW Personal Power Plate® for Compact Convenience

Personal Power Plate machine
The Personal Power Plate® allows you to have effective workouts on the go!

Whether you’re a personal trainer who makes house calls, a dedicated athlete who travels or someone who doesn’t have a lot of living space, the Personal Power Plate® is the perfect model to explore the world of Whole Body Vibration Training.

Compact and easy to store under a bed or in a closet, the Personal Power Plate delivers a set frequency of 35 Hz, and offers 30- or 60-second time selections to provide effective workouts and exercises on any schedule. It also features a remote control for easy operation.

Its convenient portability allows intense and beneficial workouts designed to reach your goals without having to be in a gym or use several different machines.

The various optional case choices are ideal for travel or storage and ensures your Personal Power Plate is protected from outside elements.

Add the Personal Power Plate to your routine and experience the world-renowned vibration technology that is now available in its most compact size. 

With Power Plate, You Know They'll Be There

Remember when I talked about a company's reputation? Whether they would be around long enough to honor their guarantee?

You can depend on Power Plate.

Power Plate's founding father, a Dutch Olympic Trainer, was the first to take the technology of Whole Body Vibration and harness it for training elite athletes. Today, his vision has spread around the world to thousands of satisfied users.

And your investment is safe when you order from We guarantee your Power Plate purchase (please see details below).

Which Power Plate Machine Is Best for You?

Obviously, what you demand in Power Plate equipment may not be the same as a professional golfer or a health care practitioner.

For that reason, we offer you a choice of five Power Plate models:

  • Personal Power Plate®
    Compact and easy to store under a bed or in a closet, the Personal Power Plate® delivers a set frequency of 35 Hz, and offers 30- or 60-second time selections with remote control for easy operation. This model is ideal for travel, perfect for trainers and the best solution for quick, on-the-go workouts.
  • Power Plate® my3™
    Low profile and unobtrusive, the my3 provides an introductory frequency of 35 Hz and 30- or 60-second time selections.
  • Power Plate® my5™
    The next step up in a home model with three frequency options between 30 and 40 Hz. Includes pre-programmed quick start buttons and remote control.
  • Power Plate® my7™
    The most technologically advanced machine yet with pre-set frequencies from 30 to 40 Hz in 5 Hz increments. In addition to the unique Advanced Vibration Technology™, the my7 features an integrated touch screen computer complete with over 1,000 exercise videos and coaching tips to guide you straight to your goals.
  • Power Plate® pro5™
    The economical pro-level unit for both home health and commercial settings for wellness, fitness, beauty, active aging, sports performance, or rehabilitation. Provides a wide range of frequencies from 25 to 50 Hz in 1 Hz increments and time settings and its large plate surface provides vibration to more parts of your body – and more exercise options.

If you choose the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, or pro5 models, it is highly recommended you also get a Power Shield if you are going to install your Power Plate in a location other than on a concrete floor. A Power Shield will significantly reduce the amount of noise and vibration felt in the rest of the floor.

The device is perfect for use in apartments, offices, on upper levels of buildings or on wood flooring. Available in silver

Only at – A Special Bonus Package Worth Up to $347 When You Order Today

When you place an order for one of the five Power Plate models we're offering, you get additional accessories in the Mercola Vitality Pack absolutely free…

Here are the special bonuses you get at no extra cost with your order… ONLY through

  1. Support Cushion ($199 value) – Adds a soothing touch of extra comfort to your Power Plate to enhance your self-massage therapy sessions and provide stable cushioning for reclining exercises without sacrificing vibrations! (Comes with the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, and pro5 models).
  2. Dampening Mat ($57 value) – Helps dampen the vibrations or adjust the intensity of your workouts. (Comes with the Personal Power Plate and the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, and pro5 models).
  3. Strap Set ($42 value) – Used for upper body workouts. (Comes with the Personal Power Plate and the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, and pro5 models).

FREE White Glove Delivery Service Included on Most Models

Are you ready for White Glove Delivery Service? We want to make sure your Power Plate arrives in perfect condition and is installed correctly, exactly where you want it.

So approximately two to three weeks after ordering a Power Plate my3, my5, my7, or pro5 model, a Power Plate representative will contact you to arrange for delivery. Note that each unit is custom made and requires 7 to 10 business days to be made.

Your Power Plate my3, my5, my7, or pro5 will be delivered to the location of your choice – whether it's your home, your office, or other location you request. A representative will bring the unit in and install it for you.

First class delivery service and set up that would normally cost up to $450.00 is yours for FREE, and you'll be confident that your unit is correctly set up and ready for you to use.

I'm Adding an Extended Warranty to Further Ensure Your Satisfaction

As with all my products here at, your satisfaction is always No. 1 to my team and me.

When you order your Power Plate through us, I'm going to give you the added benefit of an EXTENDED warranty.

One of the biggest frustrations you can have is when you purchase an expensive piece of equipment and something goes wrong with it and it costs you money to fix it. You feel gypped and cheated.

To give you some extra peace of mind, I am going to provide extended warranty coverage to you for FREE.

Only offered through, we're going to extend the normal parts and labor warranty by an EXTRA year!

Now you can enjoy even MORE added value with our extended warranty on all five Power Plate models…

  1. pro5 (added value of $500)
    • 4 years parts
    • 2 years labor
  2. my3, my5, and my7 (added value of $300)
    • 4 years parts
    • 2 years labor
  3. Personal Power Plate (added value of $100)
    • 2 years parts
    • 2 years labor

With ALL This Added Value, You Can't Go Wrong…

These extra bonuses, FREE White Glove Delivery Service on some models, and an extended warranty added at no extra cost to you represent an outstanding value.

I don't believe you'll find a better deal anywhere… or a greater incentive to invest in your very own Power Plate today. In my opinion, we've stripped away any obstacles standing in your way to step up to Power Plate…

Now it's up to you. Are you ready to step up to the next level and…

  1. Feel increased muscle strength and power?
  2. Take stride in the comfort of increased flexibility?

All in only 15 minutes, just three times a week or more?

Step up to Power Plate®. I'll bet you'll never want to go back from where you came.


Best Selling!
Limited Time Offer!
Personal Power Plate®


  • FREE 1 Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty ($100 value) (What's this?)
  • Dampening Mat ($57 value)
  • Strap Set ($42 value)
  • Remote Control ($35 value)
  • Carrying Case
Your Price: $1,995.00
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Color: Black
Dimensions (W x D x H): 27.5 x 18.7 x 6.2 in / 70 x 47.5 x 15.7 cm
Weight: 40.4 lb. / 18.2 kg
Maximum Load: 264 lb. / 120 kg
Power Plate my7 Power Plate my7
Power Plate my7™ with FREE Vitality Pack
Power Plate my7™ with Power Shield and FREE Vitality Pack


  • FREE Vitality Pack ($347 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE 1 Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty ($300 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE White Glove Delivery Service ($450 value
Select system:
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Color: Metallic Silver
Unit Weight: 295 lb. / 134 kg
Dimensions: 33 x 39 x 59 in / 84 x 99 x 150 cm
Maximum Load: 350 lb. / 134 kg
Platform Dimensions (WxD): 33 x 19 in / 84 x 74 cm
Power Plate my5 Power Plate my5
Power Plate my5™ with FREE Vitality Pack
Power Plate my5™ with Power Shield and FREE Vitality Pack


  • FREE Vitality Pack ($382 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE 1 Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty ($300 value) (What's this?)
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Color: Metallic Silver
Unit Weight: 247 lb. / 112 kg
Dimensions: 27 x 36 x 58 in / 69 x 91 x 147 cm
Maximum Load: 300 lb / 136 kg
Platform Dimensions (WxD): 27 x 28 in / 69 x 71 cm
Power Plate pro5 Power Plate pro5
Power Plate pro5™ with FREE Vitality Pack
Power Plate pro5™ with Power Shield and FREE Vitality Pack


  • FREE Vitality Pack ($347 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE 1 Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty ($500 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE White Glove Delivery Service ($450 value)
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Color: Metallic Silver
Unit Weight: 328 lb. / 149 kg
Dimensions: 34 x 43 x 61 in / 87 x 109 x 156 cm
Maximum Load: 400 lb. / 182 kg
Platform Dimensions (WxD): 34 x 37 in / 86 x 94 cm
Power Plate my3 Power Plate my3
Power Plate my3™ with FREE Vitality Pack
Power Plate my3™ with Power Shield and FREE Vitality Pack


  • FREE Vitality Pack ($347 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE 1 Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty ($300 value) (What's this?)
  • FREE White Glove Delivery Service ($450 value)
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Color: Metallic Silver
Unit Weight: 126 lb. / 57 kg
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Maximum Load: 264 lb. / 120 kg
Platform Dimensions (WxD): 25 x 17 in / 64 x 43 cm
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