The Ultimate Year-Round Immune Health Support in a Convenient Capsule*

Discover how this herbal formula, packed with a wide array of potent nutrients, can help support your immune and respiratory health… but only if you take advantage of this more effective species.*

  • Delivered in an organic capsule, our Organic Echinacea formula offers many potential benefits, including support for immune, respiratory, cell and oral health, and more.*
  • Made using the preferred form of echinacea from Echinacea purpurea, this species of the echinacea herb has been shown to offer greater potential for immune and respiratory health support.*
  • Grown without potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides, all ingredients in Organic Echinacea are Certified USDA Organic. This also guarantees the avoidance of any genetically engineered (GE) ingredients as well.

Also known as the American coneflower, echinacea is a time-tested essential herb for seasonal health.

Native Americans, having used echinacea for hundreds of years for health before the arrival of European settlers, first learned about the value of echinacea by observing elk roam the land. When wounded or sick, the animals naturally sought out the wild plant.

Echinacea became a “go-to” herb among tribal people, including the Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Pawnee and Lakota. Today, echinacea remains a popular and powerful herb, with every part of the plant utilized for its nutritional value. It’s packed with a wide variety of potent nutrients including:

  • Polysaccharides and alkylamides.
  • Flavonoids and polyphenols.
  • Essential oils.
  • Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, selenium and zinc.

Echinacea also contains a compound called echinacein, an alkylamide, which can help support your immune response.*

Unfortunately, not all species of echinacea are equally effective in supporting immune and respiratory health. And what about how the herb is prepared – is there an efficacy issue here as well?

Echinacea flower

Navigating the Echinacea Maze

When browsing the isles of your local store, pay close attention to the product’s label for the list of ingredients. Doing so may help you determine the quality and effectiveness of the product, as is the case with echinacea supplements.

Many people don’t realize that there are several different species or types of echinacea. They differ in their composition, phytochemical makeup and ability to support immune and respiratory health.

Three types of echinacea used:

  1. Echinacea angustifolia – narrow-leaved coneflower
  2. Echinacea pallida – pale purple coneflower
  3. Echinacea purpurea – purple coneflower, also known as eastern purple coneflower

In its earlier years of popularity, Echinacea angustifolia (E. angustifolia) was favored primarily for topical relief from small wounds due to bites and stings.

It wasn’t until the mid-1900s, when E. angustifolia became scarcer, that scientists turned their attention to Echinacea pallida (E. pallida) and purpurea (E. purpurea). Despite sharing similar properties with E. pallida, E. purpurea’s larger availability and easier harvesting has made it the most commonly used of the two.

However, a more recent review of 16 trials suggests Echinacea purpurea (E. purpurea) may be the preferred form for supporting immune and respiratory health.*

Numerous clinical trials, including one with 473 participants and another involving 755 study subjects, confirm E. purpurea’s ability to support immune and respiratory health against seasonal threats.*

Thanks to its high-cichoric acid content, E. purpurea is well known for its support of your body’s natural immune system responses when dealing with everyday challenges such as stress, poor sleep and other factors.*

An Abundance of Healthy Nutrients Supports Body and Mind*

In addition to its ability to support immune and respiratory health, echinacea offers many other potential benefits, including support for:

  • Healthy cell growth and activity.*
  • Immune cell production.*
  • An already normal inflammatory response.*
  • A calm, relaxed mood.*
  • Enhanced oral health.*
  • Normal production of secretions in the sinuses, mouth and throat.*

Echinacea also supports the production of your body’s white blood cells – the front-line fighters that help protect you from threats. It also helps protect your healthy cells from threats as well.*

So, how does echinacea work?

With its full array of nutrients including polysaccharides, alkylamides, flavonoids, polyphenols, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, echinacea works in your body in at least two distinct ways by how it:

  • Provides support against threats.*
  • Influences your immune system.*

When you’re stressed or ‘run down,’ you become more susceptible to threats, especially seasonal threats. Echinacea helps support your body’s healthy response to these challenges.*

The alkylamides in echinacea play an important role in this immune support.

Key Factors When Considering an Echinacea Supplement

As we’ve seen, echinacea formulas can differ in how they support health. We’ve learned that different species offer different potential benefits. Here’s what to consider when choosing an echinacea supplement:

  • Is it made from organic echinacea?

    By choosing organic echinacea, you don’t need to worry about traces of pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered ingredients that could potentially harm you.

  • What species of echinacea is used – Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia or other?

    Research suggests that Echinacea purpurea offers greater potential benefits for immune and respiratory health.*

  • Is it made by a trusted manufacturer?

    Make sure you’re getting what the label states, organic echinacea, without contaminants.

Certified Organic Echinacea – The Smart Way to Go

Organic Echinacea

To help you optimize the potential benefits of echinacea, we’ve created an exceptional formula. Our Organic Echinacea is:

  • Certified USDA Organic.
  • Formulated exclusively from the preferred Echinacea purpurea species.
  • Produced from the aerial parts of organic echinacea without harsh chemicals.
  • Delivered in a convenient, easy-to-take organic capsule.
  • Produced by a high-quality manufacturer.

Our Organic Echinacea uses only organic ingredients to avoid any potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered ingredients.

Order Your Supply Today for Powerful Immune Health Support and More*

With our Organic Echinacea formula, you have the support you need to stay a step ahead of seasonal – and year-round – health challenges.*

Brimming with potent nutrients, Organic Echinacea can help support your immune health, respiratory health, overall cellular health, normal inflammatory response and more.*

For seasonal support, or any time you want to give your immune system a helping hand, order your supply of Organic Echinacea today.

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  1. 1. Is this supplement safe if pregnant, nursing or taking certain medications?

    As with all our products, we recommend you meet with your health care provider to discuss usage before taking the product. We do not recommend this product for individuals taking immunosuppressive medications.

  2. 2. Is this product safe for children?

    We only recommend this supplement for adults. Please consult with your health care provider if you’re considering giving this to any child.

  3. 3. There are alternative sources for echinacea on the market that utilize E. angustifolia. Why does your formula use E. purpurea instead?

    Due to studies that suggest E. purpurea may be the preferred form of echinacea for supporting immune and respiratory health, as well as providing greater free radical-scavenging capability than E. angustifolia, we made it our exclusive preference for our Organic Echinacea formula.*

  4. 4. Since there is an abundance of lower cost non-organic echinacea products available, why is Certified Organic so important?

    Just like any plant or herb grown in soil, there’s a concern for the use of potentially dangerous pesticides and herbicides that could leave their residues in the plants after harvesting. Certified Organic provides added assurance that you won’t have to worry about potential traces of these hazardous chemical in the product. Plus, Certified Organic completely guarantees that no genetically engineered ingredients were involved. That’s why our Echinacea formula is Certified Organic.

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