Beyond a Culinary Herb, It’s Clinically Proven to Provide Targeted Immune Support and More*

Oregano is best known for its culinary attributes, taking a sauce, meat or pasta dish to the next level. But is that all there is to oregano and the slightly spicy oil made from its tender leaves? With the many documented benefits of oregano oil, it’s a natural addition to your arsenal of health-promoting tools.

  •  How our Organic Oregano Oil stands apart from other products that support your immune and overall health:

    • The Organic Oregano Leaf Oil in our Organic Oregano Oil capsules is standardized to 60% Carvacrol, for a 90 mg quantity of carvacrol per 150 mg of oregano oil dose, so you can be assured of maximum efficacy.
    • Offering a “broad-spectrum” approach to supporting your health, it supports year-round and seasonal immune health, intestinal cleansing, healthy microbial balance, cell health, a healthy gut microbiome and much more.*
    • The Organic Oregano Leaf Oil in our Organic Oregano Oil is analyzed for pesticide residue, residual solvents, heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, and meets the microbiological parameters.

Over the years, researchers have been intrigued by the Mediterranean diet – a way of eating based on the traditional foods eaten in Italy and Greece in the 1960s.

What has fascinated these researchers most is the level of health experienced by the people who follow the diet.

Compared to Americans, those living in Mediterranean countries were found in studies to be exceptionally healthy and at low risk for many lifestyle diseases.

What makes this way of eating so beneficial for health?

While the diet certainly includes foods with abundant omega-3 fats and antioxidants, researchers have zeroed in on a different aspect – the most commonly used herb in Mediterranean cuisine.

Oregano is a key component of the Mediterranean diet, so researchers wondered if it could be at least partially responsible for the diet’s health-promoting benefits.

In their studies, researchers learned that oregano in the amounts used in the Mediterranean diet offered valuable cell health benefits.*

But what about its oil? Does oregano oil possess similar nutritional attributes?

10 Ways Oregano Oil Can Benefit Your Health*

The herb oregano (Origanum vulgare), a member of the mint family, has been used for at least 2,500 years in folk and traditional medicine around the world.

Oregano is grown throughout many parts of Europe, and South and Central Asia.

Ground oregano and oregano oil

To produce oregano oil, the oil is extracted from the leaves and shoots of the oregano plant using steam distillation. A high concentration of the herb’s active constituents are found in the oil.

Oregano oil offers what’s regarded as a “broad-spectrum” approach to supporting health. Its active constituents support your overall health 10 different ways:

  1. Support year-round and seasonal immune health*
  2. Help maintain healthy intestinal flora*
  3. Promote intestinal barrier integrity*
  4. Support cellular health*
  5. Help protect against free radical damage*
  6. Support upper respiratory health*
  7. Support intestinal cleansing*
  8. Support healthy microbial balance*
  9. Support cholesterol levels already in the normal range*
  10. Support an already healthy inflammatory response*

Oregano Oil Under the Microscope

Oregano oil is high in phenols, which are natural phytochemical compounds with beneficial antioxidant effects. The oil’s overall antioxidant value is 42 times the antioxidant level of apples and four times that of blueberries, gram per gram.

This unique oil contains a mixture of compounds not found in other plants. These five primary compounds in oregano oil have different properties and offer potential health benefits:

  • Volatile Oils – The two main volatile oils are Carvacrol and Thymol, which are responsible for its natural defense against everyday threats.*
  • Terpenes – Originating from the word ‘turpentine,’ terpenes are hydrocarbons found in the oils of many plants and flowers, including pine trees. They also offer powerful support against everyday threats.*
  • Rosmarinic Acid – Resembling caffeic acid in coffee, this antioxidant supports cell, heart, brain and nervous system health, and an already normal inflammatory response.*
  • Naringin – A flavonoid that acts as a powerful antioxidant supporting cell health, it also supports cholesterol levels already in the normal range and increases the bioavailability of nutrients by reducing enzyme activity in your digestive tract.*
  • Tocopherols – Another powerful antioxidant that supports your eye, cell and heart health. They help your body produce red blood cells and to use vitamin K, an essential vitamin for blood clotting.*

Thymol is also found in the herb thyme. It supports immune and cell health, helping protect against toxins and promote tissue health and healing.*

Carvacrol gives oregano its slightly spicy flavor, is the most important phenol in oregano oil and is responsible for many of its health benefits. It’s been the focus of more than 800 studies referenced in the world’s largest database for scientific evidence-based literature.

Other potential benefits of carvacrol include supporting:

  • An already normal inflammatory response*
  • Cell health*
  • A healthy, normal immune response*
  • Healthy nerve impulses*
  • Gastrointestinal health*
  • A healthy metabolism*

The Truth Is in the Details – Read the Fine Print Carefully When Choosing Oregano Oil

There’s a lot of confusion about oregano oil simply because it comes in different forms. You can also buy oregano oil as oil of oregano and oregano essential oil.

Oregano leaf and a bottle of oregano oil.

Oregano oil contains a higher concentration of the naturally occurring beneficial compounds in the oregano plant. This oil is intended for oral use unlike oregano essential oil, which is much more concentrated and used primarily in aromatherapy.

What really matters when shopping for oregano oil as a dietary supplement is its carvacrol content.

Because carvacrol is the most valuable constituent in oregano oil, its content in the oil should be your most important requirement.

For optimal benefits, always look for a product that is standardized for carvacrol. Oregano essential oil isn’t typically standardized for its carvacrol.

So, what’s better for a nutritional supplement – oil of oregano or oregano oil?

Oil of oregano is not as strong as oregano oil, as oregano oil contains a higher concentration of oregano’s valuable constituents. However, you must exercise caution when taking it orally. That’s why I believe the most beneficial way to take oregano oil is in capsule form.

What Makes Our Oregano Oil Your Best Option

Our Organic Oregano Oil supplement contains Organic Oregano Leaf Oil in capsule form for maximum benefits. To meet our strict requirements, we source our Organic Oregano Oil (Origanum vulgare) from a reliable supplier in India whom we trust for optimal purity and product identity.

Organic Oregano Oil

Here’s what makes our Organic Oregano Oil your best option when shopping for an oregano oil product:

  • We use Organic Oregano Leaf Oil in our Organic Oregano Oil. (organic capsules are not available at this time so our Organic Oregano Oil can’t be USDA Certified Organic).
  • The Organic Oregano Leaf Oil is standardized to 60% Carvacrol, for a 90 mg quantity of carvacrol per 150 mg of oregano oil dose, so you can be assured of a product that provides maximum efficacy.
  • The Organic Oregano Leaf Oil is analyzed for pesticide residue, residual solvents, heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, and meets the microbiological parameters.

Help Safeguard Your Immune and Overall Health With Organic Oregano Oil Today*

Not only do you get authentic and pure Organic Oregano Leaf Oil packed into every capsule, you get a generous standardized dose of 90 mg of Carvacrol – much different from many other products that don’t even measure their product’s carvacrol.

Take the “broad spectrum” approach to health with our Organic Oregano Oil, and know you’re taking an important step to support your immune function when you may need it most.*

Order Organic Oregano Oil today for the many benefits it can provide to help you Take Control of Your Health®.*

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  1. 1. What are the side effects of Organic Oregano Oil?

    Side effects are usually mild and can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach problems, fatigue, increased bleeding, muscle pain, vertigo, headache, difficulty swallowing and excessive salivation.

  2. 2. Is there anyone who shouldn’t take Organic Oregano Oil?

    As with all of our products, we recommend you meet with your health care provider to discuss usage before taking the product. The following individuals should avoid all oregano supplements:

    • Those with a bleeding disorder or medications that affect blood clotting
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • Anyone taking lithium, as oregano oil may decrease your body’s ability to process and expel the drug.
    • Diabetics must use cautiously, as oregano can decrease blood sugar.

    Please note that any oregano oil supplement can decrease the absorption of copper, zinc, and iron.

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