"Is This 'Wonder Technique' the Solution You've Been Looking For?"

The sad reality of life is that no matter how healthy you are, it seems that many of you will acquire some occasional aches and pains. Thankfully there are professionals like chiropractors and massage therapists that can help you through them.

As you know, I am a major proponent of self healing tools. I felt it would be very helpful to provide you with phenomenal training that can help train you to effectively eliminate these aches and pains.

And that was when I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Michael Nixon-Livy, the developer of this amazing technique.

In my opinion, NST is a technique that belongs in the toolbox of any serious practitioner – chiropractor, acupuncturist, osteopath, medical doctor, naturopath, dentist, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, massage therapist – who sincerely wants to give his or her patients the best possible care. 

I actually learned NST nearly ten years ago and it was far more expensive to do back then as these DVDs did not yet exist.

But now this DVD provides straightforward and easy-to-learn NST instruction for non-health practitioners. If you're willing to invest a few short hours of your time to watch this two-DVD set, you too can discover the wonders of this basic technique.

"The Best Kept Secret in Healing"

According to this DVD, NST was virtually unknown back in 2000, NST is a process that allows your body to regulate itself, and therefore, many symptoms disappear.

NST's underlying philosophy is that resolving imbalances in your spinal column allows for entire body auto-regulation to a transcendent level of relaxation, well being, and rejuvenation.

The DVD explains NST's belief that by resolving total body imbalances and restoring your body's structural integrity, decoding your nervous system and resetting your body are the beneficial results.

NST is a soft-tissue technique, designed to help reduce muscular – and even psychological – imbalances in your body.

According to the DVD, perhaps best of all, results surface quickly, typically in two to four sessions..

From A to Z… NST Can Play an Important Role in Healing

As Michael Nixon-Livy explains on this DVD set, NST is useful for an extremely wide array of conditions and is safe and effective for all ages, including infants and the elderly.

Indeed, Michael Nixon-Livy explains that there are no contraindications for NST (with the exception of one procedure not recommended for use with pregnant women).

And here's an important point to mention…

According to the DVD, there's no danger in trying NST for a particular condition. Similar to classic homeopathy principles, if it doesn't produce results – or is not "the right treatment" for a particular condition – there are no ill effects.

Michael Nixon-Livy explains that even if you are not an "expert", you cannot harm someone by applying NST techniques.   

The techniques have helped individuals with various conditions.

NST improves joint mobility, increases cellular hydration and helps remove toxins. It allows the free movement and assimilation of nutrients into areas of your body previously blocked by tension and congestion.   

Tame the "Fight or Flight" Response

Mental, emotional, physical stress
Mental, emotional, and physical stress can overload your sympathetic nervous system.
As this DVD set explains, NST affects your body primarily through your autonomic nervous system as well as your body's bioenergetic systems.

Your autonomic nervous system controls over 90 percent of your body's functions. You name it – your heart, your circulation, your breathing, your digestive, and even your reproductive and endocrine functions depend upon a smoothly operating autonomic nervous system.

You have two parts to your autonomic nervous system: your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Your sympathetic nervous system responds to stimuli – especially stress and emotional upset – and revs into action with "fight or flight" responses. Your blood pressure increases, your heart beats faster, and your digestion slows down.

The parasympathetic nervous system is where your body relaxes. 

The parasympathetic nervous system is where your body relaxes.  Blood pressure decreases, your heart beats slower, and digestion can occur.

Your body must be able to shift effortlessly from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system activity to ease the effects of stress, and recover from injury and illness.

This shift does not easily occur in a frenzied, stressful pace of life. Immeasurable demands on your time, patience, and abilities can tax an already overloaded sympathetic nervous system. 

This constant state of stress – physical, mental, and emotional – takes its toll on your body. High stress results in over-stimulation of your sympatheticnervous system.

As a result, you can begin to see a negative
spiral effect on your body:

  • Neuromuscular tension develops throughout your body
  • High levels of cortisol pulse through your blood and tissues
  • Your immune system may not function as well as it otherwise would
  • Nutrient and energy stores become depleted

As Michael Nixon-Livy explains in this DVD set, NST simply brings your body back into a state of balance by unleashing a surge of parasympathetic functioning.

The DVD and e-book explain that patients frequently report a change in their response to stressful situations and it's not even uncommon to experience a major psychological or emotional breakthrough after NST.

How NST Differs From Other Healing Systems

As Michael Nixon-Livy explains, NST truly stands apart from any other technique. Here's how NST differs from other therapeutic systems:

  • NST is not massage
  • There're no oils or lotions, or for that matter, no deep contact with muscle tissues. Using only a light touch, NST movements relieve muscle tensions, strains, and restores normal lymphatic flow.

  • NST is not chiropractic
  • There is no manipulation of joints. NST relieves muscle tensions bilaterally, which allow misalignments to correct themselves.

  • NST is not energy work
  • Although the body's electromagnetic field does respond to NST's physical stimulation, NST does not deliberately trigger emotions as in some "mind-body" therapies. However, many patients see profound shifts with emotional impairments when emotion-trapped muscular tension is relieved.

  • NST is not trigger point work
  • Pri-moves pinpoint where two muscles or muscle groups overlap with fascia – your body's connective tissue – and this frequently includes trigger point locations. According to the DVD, NST alleviates referred pain from trigger points, along with improving joint mobility and muscle coordination.

  • NST is not fascia release
  • The DVD explains how unlike manual deep tissue fascia release, NST movements "vibrate" the fascia surrounding each muscle, easing the tension and allowing adhesions to free themselves naturally, enabling scar tissue to soften and shrink.

  • NST is not acupressure
  • As explained in the DVD, NST stimulates energy circulation and clears energetic blocks. Several of the moves are located along acupuncture meridians and on traditional acupressure points, but NST does not follow Chinese acupressure patterns. However, according to the DVD, meridian readings show strong and immediate changes after an NST session!

NST In Action

What does NST look like in action?

As the two-disc DVD set details, a treatment session involves the application of a series of specialized "pri-moves" – or specific  rolling motions – across muscle, tendon, nerve, and ligament points.

balanced muscular tension
The DVD Details
a Key to NST's Success: The Sequence of Pri-Moves

© Michael Nixon-Livy

The DVD explains how by rolling over designated points (as seen in this diagram taken from the [e-book]), energetic channels and pathways open and close, creating a flow of energy and   vibrations between points.

Pri-moves sedate the tissues and bilaterally   balance muscular tensions.

As Michael Nixon-Livy explains , through the specific sequence of pri-moves,  muscular tension comes into balance  throughout your body and allows your body to communicate with itself, balancing tissues, muscles and organs.     

According to the DVD, balanced muscular tension throughout your body is the ultimate goal of NST and the key to opening the channels to wellness and healing.

What can you expect following an NST session?

According to the two-disc set and e-book, in addition to a feeling of deep relaxation, many individuals experience a rapid reduction of symptoms (usually within one to four days), an increase in energy and a strong sense of well-being.

The DVD set and e-book not only give the viewer an idea of what NST looks like, it also provides a glimpse of its origins – and explains how Michael Nixon-Livy came into the picture.

It All Started With One Man's Compassion

The DVD set also provides the viewer with the history of the development of NST.  According to the DVDs and e-book, back in the late 1950s, Tom Bowen, an osteopath in Australia, discovered specific root causes of his patients' complaints, including:

  • Asymmetrical whole-body muscular tension
  • Dehydrated, constricted fascial tissues
  • Imbalances in the cranial system, especially the temporomandibular joint
  • Corresponding imbalances in the sacral-coccygial-inominate system

In essence, Bowen discovered that the sacrum, coccyx, cranium, and temporomandibular joint complex and the dural membrane of the spine formed a critically functioning unit in the body.

The DVD explains that Bowen recognized that the uninterrupted flow of energy between these components was crucial to one's health, balance, and well-being. Disruption to this unit resulted in ill health.

According to the DVD and e-book, working with his patients, Bowen uncovered a parallel between this important functioning unit and specific patterns of muscular dysfunction. When he was able to release his patients' neuromuscular imbalances, their presenting symptoms and complaints disappeared.

Most importantly, he discovered that stimulating your body in a certain way "alerts"  your body's intelligence. A resulting unraveling of neuromuscular compensations typically transpire over the next four to seven days as symptoms and conditions leave your body.

The DVD explains how, gifted with an extreme hypersensitivity in his fingers to detect energy blockages in nerves and muscles, Bowen treated everyone from street drunkards to elite members of society. In short, he became famous for his ability to help when others could not.

According to the DVD, at one point in his career around 1975, Bowen was successfully treating 13,000 people per year.

The Evolution of "Soft Tissue Therapy"

About Michael Nixon-Livy

Australian-born, Nixon-Livy launched his career in complementary medicine in 1974, melding bodywork therapies, human relations, psychology, nutritional science, and physiology.
As an Applied Physiologist, he took on the challenge in 1991 of transforming the advanced principles of the late Australian bodywork genius, Tom Bowen, into a practical and teachable system. Four years later, Michael's revolutionary Neurostructural Integration Technique® (NST) was born. To this day, Michael teaches NST to professional health practitioners around the globe.

According to the DVD set, Tom Bowen spent the next 30 years painstakingly researching and refining his techniques with what he referred to as "soft tissue therapy".

The DVD also explains how…

  • Upon his death in 1982, only five individuals had learned Bowen's techniques during his lifetime.
  • One of those students, Oswald Rentsch, interpreted the early work of Tom Bowen into what is recognized today as the "Bowen Technique."
  • A few years later, in 1991, an Australian

Physiologist, Michael Nixon-Livy, recognized the need for Tom Bowen's later, more advanced work to be integrated into a usable and teachable system.

  • By 1995, Nixon-Livy's work had achieved the status of a truly integrated and effective system – a 'Super Hybrid' technique – so to speak.
  • Nixon-Livy's system built upon not just Tom Bowen's finest life work, but also incorporated the patterning and sequencing work of Major Bertrand DeJarnette – oe of the true pioneers of chiropractic – and his Sacral-Occipital Technique.
  • Finally, Michael Nixon-Livy utilized applied kinesiology to wrap both advanced techniques together for his transcendent Neurostructural Integration Technique® (NST).  

Resolve Back and Neck Pain

back, neck , pain
Michael Nixon-Livy

According to the DVD, Michael Nixon-Livy's NST is quicker and smoother than the earlier forms of the Bowen Technique, and excellent results are consistently seen…especially when used with more difficult – or "un-resolvable" cases.

According to the two-DVD set, The Psychosomatic Institute of Milan, Italy, along with the Northern Italian Government and the World Health Organization (WHO) researched the effectiveness of NST from 2004 to 2006.

The findings?

The DVD explains that NST helped resolve back and neck pain and results were maintained for long periods, thus improving quality of life.



Dynamic Body Balance 1, 2, and 3

dynamic body balance
The first step in the series of specialized NST cervical "pri-moves"

The two-disc DVD explains that the core of NST – known as Dynamic Body Balance 1, 2, and 3 – focuses on these regions of the body:  

  • lumbar
  • thoracic
  • cervical

According to the DVD, Dynamic Body Balance (parts 1, 2, and 3) alone works as the perfect therapeutic solution to many health challenges – such as uncomplicated neck, back, shoulder, hand, foot and leg pain.

However, the DVD reports that sometimes more difficult problems prevent the core treatment from sufficiently resolving presenting symptoms – and keeping them from resurfacing.


When Your Body May Be Crying Out For Deeper Healing

advanced training, shoulder
The DVD Details
How Shoulder Procedures Play an Important Role in NST

The DVD explains the belief that some seemingly simple health challenges involve deeper issues related to your sacrum, cranium, and pelvis.

Take temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) for example.

According to the DVD, NST believes that this common debilitating condition, especially among women, involves not just your jaw (as you might expect), but your pelvis, sacrum, and possibly even your knees and shoulders!

Visual problems or emotional conditions may be the result of disturbances with your coccyx and sacrum.

Likewise, the DVD explains the NST belief that chronic sinus conditions may be the result of a condition connected to your sacrum and shoulder, along with your cranium.

There are five categories designed to complement Dynamic Body Balance and add depth, specificity and lasting results to the core treatment:

  • Upper Extremity (Shoulder, elbow, and wrist procedures)
  • Lower Extremity (Hamstring, knee, and ankle procedures)
  • Thoracic (Lung, heart, and breast procedures)
  • Central Base (Sacrum, coccyx, and pelvic procedures)
  • Cranial (Temporomandibular joint procedures)

The DVD reports on the NST belief that all together, Dynamic Body Balance 1, 2, and 3, along with the five additional categories comprise a healing system in a class of its own.

Are YOU Ready to Learn NST?


Finally there's a way to learn NST in the privacy of your own home or office.

With Michael Nixon-Livy's Neurostructural Integration Technique® 2-DVD set, you now have the complete basic tools of NST at your fingertips.

On the first DVD, Michael walks you through an introduction to NST, outlining the essential underlying reasons why NST is so effective at resolving "un-resolvable" structural and health conditions.

Following the introduction, Nixon-Livy switches over to a live classroom demonstration where he runs through a complete session, highlighting pri-move
points and technique.

Finally, on the first DVD, Michael introduces an advanced practitioner who demonstrates yet another complete treatment session, only this time, in greater detail with additional teaching from Michael Nixon-Livy.

Get ready to delve deeper into the world of NST on disc 2 of the Neurostructural Integration Technique® DVD set. Here Michael explains – and clearly demonstrates – each of the 12 individual procedures within the 5 special Categories Presentation.

You'll discover all the indications and prerequisites for the use of each of these 12 procedures. Michael Nixon-Livy leaves nothing to guesswork. He presents a clear roadmap to follow with every condition and set of symptoms on this amazing DVD set.

An Alternative To Attending The Seminar… At a Fraction of the Cost and Far More Convenient

Michael Nixon-Livy seminars
Michael Nixon-Livy teaching NST

Another great way to learn NST is to attend one of the seminars held around the world by Michael and his team of highly skilled practitioners. 

To attend an international seminar will Likely cost you a minimum of $3000 US, including the workshop fee and related travel costs.

Not ready to take that leap?

Relax in the comfort of your home or office and learn NST at your convenience with our 2-disc Neurostructural Integration

You set the pace. Explore NST all in one sitting or break it up into sections. Your choice. No need to miss work or school. No need to pay for travel expenses.

And you can revisit your "at-home seminar" anytime you wish. The DVDs are yours to view whenever you'd like a refresher.

Neurostructural Integration Technique

Today you can order your very own copy of the 2-disc Neurostructural Integration Technique® DVD set for only $249.97.

That's at least a 17 percent savings from attending a live seminar!

Don't miss out, order your copy today.



"Definitely Recommend It!"

I'm a Chiropractor from Michigan and have never done Bowen work. I have been using the NST DVD system for three months and find it has already transformed my work and results. So far I have only been using the NST Core balance but plan to look at the rest soon. TMJ and Pelvic look interesting. Excellent production and great concept for quickly learning at the office. Definitely recommend it!

J.S., Michigan., USA

"This is a Small Miracle!"

I had heard about NST and long wanted to attend the workshop but due to time and family constraints have never been able to make it. When I heard about the NST DVD, I felt that this could be my solution, but was skeptical that I could, in fact, learn from a DVD. I have now sat through the presentation 3 times and applied all that I have learned in my clinic to marvelous effect. To me this is a small miracle! I applaud the NST group for putting together such a user-friendly and accurate learning tool.

K.P., Somerset, UK

"Easy to Learn, Even for a Non-Practitioner"

I persuaded my husband to take a "crash course" and watch the NST DVDs with me. Neither my husband nor I am a trained health care practitioner, but we both have a strong openness (and willingness) to explore alternative options. We popped the DVDs into the player and he followed the procedures step by step, which are clearly explained and demonstrated twice. We were both able to follow the DVDs and learn the technique with ease.

Thank you, Michael, for bringing us such a superb gift.

C.M., Washington, USA

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Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) DVD Set: 2 Discs will play on a computer,but may not work in all DVD players


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