Cultivate Enhanced Wellness With This Biodynamic®, Fermented Superfood – World-Renowned as a Nutritional Powerhouse From Root to Leaf

Containing more than 90 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as 46 types of antioxidants and more, this plant has more beneficial nutrients than almost any fruit and vegetable on the planet.

  • Our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa is made only from the dried leaves of the Moringa tree where the nutrients are more concentrated. Dried Moringa leaves provide three to five times more nutrients than a fresh leaf right off the tree.
  • Best of Supplements Award Winner in Better Nutrition Magazine’s 2020 Edition, our Moringa goes far beyond just organic and is Demeter Certified Biodynamic®, considered the platinum standard for high-quality nutrient-dense food.
  • For the first time, Certified Biodynamic® and fermentation are combined in tablet form with our Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Moringa. Never before has a dietary supplement been available biodynamically and delivered in a tablet.

To say Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse only begins to describe its full potential.

Moringa, or Moringa oleifera, not only is a superfood bursting with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, it has one of the highest protein ratios of any plant studied.

When compared to other foods, dried Moringa can have as much as…

  • 30 times the iron of spinach.
  • 15 times the potassium of bananas.
  • 12 times the vitamin C of oranges.
  • 9 times the protein of yogurt.
  • 6 times the amino acids of garlic.
  • 6 times the zinc of almonds.
  • 3 times the vitamin A of carrots.

Unfortunately, not all Moringa is created equal…

How Biodynamic® Moringa Takes Organic to the Next Level

Farm field
A step above organic, biodynamic farming utilizes regenerative farming methods with a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach.

There are many organic Moringa options available in the marketplace today, but we didn’t want to stop at just organic.

While Certified Organic is a high-quality standard that helps you avoid harmful synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and genetically engineered ingredients (GEs), your food may still lack important nutrients if the soil where it was grown lacks those nutrients.

Striving for a higher standard whenever possible, we worked exclusively with our Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farmers to offer you a nutrient dense Moringa with our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa, certified by the platinum standard for high-quality nutritious food.

A step above organic, Certified Biodynamic® farming utilizes regenerative farming methods with a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Let’s take a closer look at how Demeter Certified Biodynamic® compares to the National Organic Program’s (NOP’s) Certified Organic standards:

Green Vegetables Solspring
Allows imported organic fertilizers Reduces imported materials by utilizing nutrient-rich humus created within the farming system
Allows imported organic pesticides Creates a biologically diverse habitat that encourages balanced predator-prey relationships
Does not require the use of livestock Integrates livestock to improve soils
Does not address the rotation of crops Promotes crop rotation and intensive use of cover crops (green manure) to add nutrients to the soil
Organic feed for livestock can come from anywhere in the world 50% of livestock feed must be grown on the farm
Does not require biodiversity 10% of total farm acreage must be set aside for biodiversity
Focuses on crops and allows for only one section of a farm to be certified Focuses on farms as a whole and requires that the entire farm be certified
Product certification focuses mainly on ingredients used Product certification uses 12 Biodynamic® processing standards so the agricultural ingredients used define the product

We’re proud that our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa was one of the first products to bear the Demeter Certified Biodynamic® distinctive symbol on its label.


What’s Behind This Versatile Superfood?

Obtained from the leaves of the Moringa tree (often dubbed a ”miracle tree“ for its potent nutrients), which grows primarily in tropical and subtropical regions, this super plant…

moringa tree
Obtained from the Moringa tree, the leaves can be an excellent source of protein.
  • Originally came from Tamil Nadu, India, but now grows in many other areas of the world.
  • Has been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic and other health practitioners.
  • Can grow in drought, damaged soils and can help restore poor soils to a healthier state.
  • Can be eaten in its entirety including its leaves that are an excellent source of protein – an oddity for a plant food, and its seeds hold an oil that can be used as a source of renewable energy.
  • Could help save millions of lives as many of the countries in which it grows have a significant number of malnourished people.

With as many nutrients as Moringa contains and with more than 1,300 studies, reports and articles published highlighting its potential nutrition, it’s no wonder it’s been valued for so many thousands of years.

Even though the Moringa tree can grow in drought, damaged soils, poor quality, nutrient-depleted soil simply cannot produce the highest quality nutritious Moringa.

That’s where our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa has a distinctive edge. By taking advantage of biodynamic farming practices, our Moringa is grown from nourishing, healthy topsoil where the farmers follow regenerative farming methods.

Premium High-Quality Biodynamic Source from Egypt

We source our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa from an Egyptian community that has been embracing sustainable development for over 40 years.

Sharing our beliefs in ethical and fair business practices as well as environmental stewardship, we feel good working with and supporting this global community.

Certified by the Egyptian Biodynamic® Association, this organization applies Demeter International guidelines in its agricultural processes. Best of all, it is supplying more than 20,000 local people with fair wages and a life-affirming livelihood.

In 2015, it earned the Land for Life award from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

With your purchase of our high-quality Biodynamic® Organic Moringa, you are helping support this organization’s sustainable practices and its neighboring communities, and actively helping to combat local desertification and soil erosion.

Choosing the Best Moringa

Once Moringa became recognized for all its potential, it didn’t take long for products to start flooding the marketplace – so how can you tell a high-quality Moringa product from one that’s just mediocre?

Make sure the Moringa is…

moringa tree
The highest quality Moringa is made only from the leaves of the tree when dried and turned into a powder
  • Made only from the leaves. Its valuable nutrients are concentrated in its leaves.
  • At least organic, but ideally, it’s best produced according to Biodynamic Standards for optimal environmental stewardship and nutrient-rich flavor.
  • Made from a dried powder. When Moringa is dried and turned into a powder, its potency increases. A dried Moringa leaf has three to five times more nutrients than a fresh leaf.
  • Unburdened by fillers and genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. You want pure Moringa with nothing else added.
  • Made by a company you can trust for its purity and transparency.

Our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa satisfies all these selection criteria and goes beyond by being produced according to Biodynamic Standards, and there’s even more…

Combining Biodynamic Practices with Fermentation

Biodynamic Moringa Powder

While Moringa is no longer a secret to most of the world, it is extremely rare to find a high-quality source that’s been produced with Biodynamic Certification.

What’s even rarer yet, and in fact didn’t exist until we grabbed the initiative, is any available dietary supplement tablet with Biodynamic Certification. Our team worked diligently behind the scenes with Demeter to push the standards of biodynamics and regenerative agriculture to another level.

The end result… the first ever biodynamic supplement product with our Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Moringa tablets.

And to increase the bioavailability potential of the Moringa tablets, we employed innovative fermentation processing as part of the total biodynamic package.

Quite frankly… this formulated supplement combination in tablet form had never been achieved before. We’re excited to be the first one to offer it to you with our Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Moringa tablets.

And we’re proud to be on the forefront of biodynamic innovation with our dedicated efforts to continue to tie in the benefits of regenerative agriculture in future products for you.

Get the Nutritious Boost You’re Looking for in Our Biodynamic® Organic Moringa

As an extraordinary superfood, Moringa holds tremendous potential for you in complementing your diet and providing extra nutritional support.

You can buy Moringa, even organic Moringa, just about anywhere, but it’s not so easy to find Biodynamic® Organic Moringa that comes from an organization that not only grows the most nutritious Moringa by following Biodynamic Standards, but also gives back to its people and environment.

And from the same source, you’ll only be able to find the combined benefits of biodynamic agriculture and fermentation delivered exclusively in tablet form right here, with our Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Moringa supplement.

We strongly believe biodynamic is the wave of the future and exactly what’s needed to ensure that our soils can continue to support agriculture and feed the world.

Why not give biodynamic farmers your vote of support, and order your supply of our Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Moringa supplement today?

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Top Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Adults, as a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet per serving. This product can be take one to three times daily.

  2. The advanced fermentation process used to formulate our Moringa tablets essentially helps to mimic what a healthy gut with plentiful beneficial microbes does to help make Moringa bioavailable and effective.

  3. This product was not formulated specifically for pregnant or nursing women. We always recommend consulting with your health care provider before taking a new dietary supplement.

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