"This Amazing Film Asks: Is This Kind of 'Miraculous Healing' the Medical Wave of the Future?"

Heredity… your genetic make-up…

Are you really stuck with the less-than-optimal health or struggles they might implicate?

Something over which you certainly had no choice…

Or is there a way to move beyond that to get to a broad place of healing and optimal health?

You no longer need to be a slave to your genetics.

Instead you can move beyond – in some cases, way beyond – the common thinking and 'health' status quo of allopathic medicine… and potentially beyond what most associate with alternative medicine also.

So the question for you is…

Will you be left behind… Or embrace these new ideas about healing?

Greg Becker

"Western medicine excels at emergency medicine but falls short in treating chronic or terminal illness," states San Francisco-based filmmaker Greg Becker. "I found myself suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, and the traditional Western path didn't offer any remedies other than bed rest. I began looking around at different alternative resources, trying to understand what the possibilities were. I recovered through using bioenergetics therapy and I wanted to explore how and why energy and informational medicine work. I wanted to bring a message of hope and choice to people."

Can mind… intention… belief… influence healing?

How can placebos work?

What is the explanation for 'miracle cures', or is there one?

These are just a few of the questions explored in the revolutionary new film (on DVD), The Living Matrix – The New Science of Healing.

The Living Matrix is a provocative, full-length feature documentary on healing and human health.

The new medical paradigm it presents might just blow your mind. But it should also be a great encouragement to you. I suspect it will change the way you view your body, your mind, and your medicine.

According to the DVD, you have incredible abilities to heal yourself.

This amazing film reveals that you are far more than a biomechanical machine. Your cells are senders and receivers of vital information that control your health in ways you probably never imagined.

This film answers the questions above – and explores how quantum physics, energy fields, and consciousness directly affect your health and well-being.

So, according to the film, no longer do you need to be a slave to your genetic makeup.

Modern biochemical medicine – aka, conventional medicine – has no framework for explaining the sometimes mysterious healing that The Living Matrix explores. Allopathic medicine simply dismisses these as spontaneous remissions, or some kind of placebo effect.

Pushing out the boundaries of alternative medicine…

The Living Matrix is the first documentary to question the exclusive role of genetics in human biology… and to explore scientific evidence that energy and information fields are significant controlling factors in your health.

The film describes how scientists now know that wellness extends well beyond the mechanics of biology. According to the film, bioenergetics health care is no longer just a quietly emerging area of scientific study. And it cannot be dismissed as non-medical.

The film explains that it's a frontier science… studied by biophysicists, cellular biologists, MDs, and researchers at some of the world's leading medical schools.

This film reveals seven specific healing modalities:

  1. Energy healing - focuses on the human energy field for healing. It's non-physical, and done with light touch, or off your body.
  2. Placebos - substances containing no medication, prescribed to reinforce a patient's expectation of getting well or as a control in a clinical research trial to determine the effectiveness of a drug.
  3. Intention experiments – using your thoughts to change yourself and the world.
  4. Thought field therapy – energy psychology.
  5. Heart coherence – energy cardiology, essential for synchronization of all your other physiologies.
  6. Informational medicine - non-invasive method using physical and non-physical energy to deliver information to your cells to help them regain their natural equilibrium and optimal function.
  7. Neuro-Linguistic Programming – seeks healing through self-awareness.

The film also explains:

  • How we know the mind is an energetic field
  • Why physics principles don't fit the current biological model of health
  • Why we still don't know exactly how cells talk with each other
  • How you can promote immunity through your mind
  • How your belief system affects healing and lifestyle
  • The placebo effect on your biology – when does it work and why?
  • The gigantic affect of emotions on your physiology – You'll be amazed how many physiological changes occur from one single emotional shift!
  • How biophotons can control your metabolism
  • The role of epigenetics on your health

But wait – there's more…

Check out these amazing stories of healing…

The Living Matrix shares compelling true stories of how real people overcame chronic illnesses. For example…

  • A 5-year-old boy born with cerebral palsy
  • An osteopathic doctor with a brain tumor
  • A housewife downtrodden and bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome.

You'll get in-person interviews and dramatized video vignettes showing their healings which seemed impossible.

The film follows leading researchers as they uncover the scientific theories behind these 'miracle cures', and show how these concepts might affect the future of healthcare.

What if science could not only explain these healings… but could also deliberately
initiate 'miracle cures' at will?

These experts will guide your tour to the outer boundaries of natural health…

This film draws on academic and independent researchers, practitioners and science journalists who present the scientific evidence for bioenergetics as an important factor in human physiology and biology.

You'll meet these fore-runners of the new medical paradigm in The Living Matrix

  • Dr. Eric Pearl – author of The Reconnection
  • Bruce Lipton, MD, PhD – author of The Biology of Belief
  • Edgar Mitchell PhD, US Astronaut – founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • Rupert Sheldrake, PhD – author of A New Science of Life
  • Rollin McCraty – Director of Research, Institute of HeartMath
  • Lynne McTaggart – author of The Field and The Intention Experiment
  • Marilyn Mandala Schilitz – President of IONS
  • …and more

Stunning 3D animation takes you on a journey deep into your human structure, to show you how quantum biology influences your health.

The Living Matrix gives you an inspiring, yet accessible, look at the new paradigm of health and healing.

What are Others Saying?

In March 2009, the London premiere of The Living Matrix sold out to a 430-seat theatre. In the U.S., its May 2009 premiere sold all tickets for its two-night screening in Marin County, California.

Viewers have made comments like these:

  • "What a film you have created…You kindly sold me one DVD in the parking lot after the FMBR showing on 4/24 in Los Altos. Now, I want to buy a lot more…"  - Adelaide Nye
  • "Hi, just got my copy of the DVD… watched it immediately. I'll watch it again this evening – so much that I couldn't absorb it all in one – or several sittings! Thank you for making this film!" - Trish Edwards
  • "Phenomenal movie! I have watched it 4 times and will again as I encourage others to watch it and purchase it." – Dr. D. P. Gatten

Are You Ready for the New Medicine?

If you, too, want the film that describes safer, less intrusive and more affordable health care that offers you more direct control over your health and wellness… and are unwilling to endure the potential side effects of drugs and other conventional treatments, then The Living Matrix may be just what you're looking for.

The Living Matrix – The New Science of Healing has a run-time of 83 minutes and is available on DVD.

Now it's yours when you order today. Your price is only $19.97. Don't be left behind. Get yours today.

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