Experience the Benefits of Enhanced Bioavailability and Potent Antioxidants With This First-Ever “Sweet Root” Formula

Discover how the extraordinary combination of Biodynamics and fermentation not only yields the highest quality but also offers considerably more vitality potential than ever before.

  • Combining high-quality Biodynamic® practices and fermentation processes, Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice offers enhanced antioxidant activity when compared to non-organic and unfermented licorice samples.*
  • For the first time ever delivered in tablet form, this Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet offers health benefits including support for congestion, digestion, women’s hormonal health, cellular health and more.*
  • Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice is grown on sustainable Biodynamic community farms, located in the lush Bahariya Oasis in Egypt, using holistic regenerative farming practices.

From ancient Greece to Egypt, to China and India, where it’s used today in Ayurvedic practices, the versatile licorice herb is steeped in tradition.

The scientific genus name for licorice root, Glycyrrhiza, comes from “glukos” (sweet) and “riza” (root). Plus, the glycyrrhizin compound contained in licorice can be up to 50 times sweeter than sugar.

So, it's no wonder why when many people hear of licorice, they think of the confectionery by the same name.

However, licorice is actually a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean that’s been prized for its nutritional and potential vitality properties for centuries. In fact, its use has been documented in Assyrian clay tablets and Egyptian papyri.

Due to its low calories, density of vitamins and minerals, and high antioxidant content, consuming unprocessed and organic licorice can powerfully support your health.

Licorice root and powder

Licorice Packs a Punch with Powerful Benefits

Polyphenols (also known as phenolics) are phytochemicals, natural plant chemicals with powerful antioxidant properties. Over 8,000 polyphenols have been identified, and they can be broken down into four general categories (with additional subgroupings):

  • Flavonoids
  • Stilbenes
  • Lignans
  • Phenolic acids

As a general rule, plants contain complex mixtures of polyphenols, with higher levels often found in the outer layers of the plants.

One of the most extensively researched and wholesome plants, licorice root contains a wide variety of polyphenols including flavonoids. In their natural state, these polyphenols contain not only antioxidant properties but also other health-supporting and adaptogenic properties that have been shown to potentially:

  • Provide congestion support.*
  • Promote healthy digestion.*
  • Provide hormonal support in women.*
  • Help your body manage occasional stress.*
  • Support your overall cellular health.*
  • Aid in weight management.*

With so many licorice root options available, including organic, in the marketplace today, you need to be aware that not all licorice formulas are created equal.

Biodynamic® Fermented Licorice Takes Organic to the Next Level

Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Chewable Licorice

While Certified Organic is a high-quality standard that helps you avoid harmful synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and genetically engineered ingredients (GEs), organic licorice may still lack important nutrients if the soil where it was grown lacks those nutrients.

So, why stop with organic if there’s an even higher achievable quality level?

We went beyond organic with our Demeter Certified Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice formula.

The licorice for the Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet is grown on Biodynamic farms in the Bahariya Oasis in Egypt, where the aerated soil and warm climate create the ideal environment for hearty, healthy root systems.

The world’s oldest ecological certification, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® is the conscious, creative, holistic way of farming that elevates the organic standards on regenerative agriculture by using a soil-first approach.

It views the farm as a living organism that’s self-contained, self-sustaining and follows the cycles of nature to create a diverse and balanced ecosystem. This promotes the overall health of the crops and animals, from the worms and bees to the livestock, while returning life back to the soil for exceptional ingredients the way nature intended.

So why are Biodynamic standards so important when it comes to a high-quality potent licorice formula? Let’s take a closer look at how Demeter Certified Biodynamic® compares to the National Organic Program’s (NOP’s) Certified Organic standards:

Green Vegetables Solspring
Allows imported organic fertilizers Reduces imported materials by utilizing nutrient-rich humus created within the farming system
Allows imported organic pesticides Creates a biologically diverse habitat that encourages balanced predator-prey relationships
Does not require the use of livestock Integrates livestock to improve soils
Does not address the rotation of crops Promotes crop rotation and intensive use of cover crops (green manure) to add nutrients to the soil
Organic feed for livestock can come from anywhere in the world 50% of livestock feed must be grown on the farm
Does not require biodiversity 10% of total farm acreage must be set aside for biodiversity
Focuses on crops and allows for only one section of a farm to be certified Focuses on farms as a whole and requires that the entire farm be certified
Product certification focuses mainly on ingredients used Product certification uses 12 Biodynamic® processing standards so the agricultural ingredients used define the product


How Fermentation Helps Boost Antioxidant Activity

To enhance bioavailability of the numerous potentially nutritious and healthful polyphenols found in the root, the licorice in Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet is fermented.

Below is a chart with a sample of some of the key polyphenols found in the formula and how their evaluated levels compare with conventional (non-organic/unfermented) and even Biodynamic unfermented licorices.

For this evaluation, we used samples from the same lot of Biodynamic licorice prior to it being fermented into our end product. This approach shows exactly how the fermentation process enhances the antioxidant content.

Examples of Evaluated Polyphenol Content in Licorices

Polyphenol Found in Conventional? Found in Biodynamic Unfermented? Found in Biodynamic FERMENTED?
Luteolin Yes Yes Yes – Up to 33 times Conventional and 15 times Biodynamic Unfermented
Isorhamnetin No Yes Yes – Up to 8.5 times Biodynamic Unfermented
Butein Yes Yes Yes – Up to 4 times Conventional and Biodynamic Unfermented
Apigenin Yes Yes Yes – Up to 6 times Conventional and 3 times Biodynamic Unfermented
Liquiritigenin-1 & -2 Yes Yes Yes – Up to 3 times Conventional and 9 times Biodynamic Unfermented
Quercetin No No Yes
Tyrosol No No Yes
Hydro Ferulic Acid No No Yes

As a result of fermentation, the overall evaluation showed concentration increases of 20 licorice polyphenols and conversions of 12 additional compounds into their parental, usually more active forms.

Both of these actions increased the antioxidant activity potential of the fermented Biodynamic vs. the unfermented Biodynamic licorice.

An example of how this activity occurs is with quercetin. During fermentation, the glycoside form of quercetin in the licorice root is converted to its aglycone form. This form of quercetin has been shown to exhibit enhanced antioxidant activity.*

With the Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet, it’s the first time the benefits of Biodynamic practices and fermentation processes have been combined and utilized in the formulation of a licorice tablet.

How We’re Committed to Biodynamic Sustainability and Helping the Local Communities

To ensure we offer the highest quality products possible, we’re very selective when choosing our partners. Our Egyptian partner is steeped in a rich history that goes beyond simply providing high-quality licorice.

This exceptional provider:

  • Was founded with the idea of sustainable development and the aim to build a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt.
  • Continually strives to implement sustainability through a holistic approach that includes the four dimensions of economy, ecology, cultural and societal life.
  • Using their supply chain management they not only achieve long-term business relationships, but also contribute to the improvement of living conditions and the development of supplying farmers throughout Egypt.

The independent Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) provides the training and expertise needed to enable participating farmers to have their land inspected and certified as Biodynamic according to Demeter’s Standard.

Holistic Biodynamic agriculture, combined with processing companies in one closed value chain, enables our partner to produce the highest quality products with full transparency and traceability for Egypt and the world.

Promote Optimal Health With Biodynamic Fermented Licorice Tablet

Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Chewable Licorice

Of course you can find conventional licorice as well as organic licorice just about anywhere today, and even some limited examples of Biodynamic licorice products.

However, we don’t believe you’ll find anything similar in unsurpassed quality, flavor and potential beneficial properties like Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet – sourced from Egyptian Biodynamic farms with the added bioavailability bonus of fermentation in tablet form.

We strongly believe Biodynamic is the wave of the future and exactly what’s needed to ensure that our soils can continue to support agriculture and benefit the world.

Why not give Biodynamic farmers your vote of support and treat yourself to a truly rewarding experience by ordering the first ever Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet today?

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  1. 1. There are many organic and even some Biodynamic licorice products available. How does the Biodynamic/fermentation combination provide a better formula?

    Biodynamic Certification elevates the Organic Standards on sustainable, regenerative agriculture and pushes the envelope on growing nutritious herbs like licorice. When fermentation is included in the development of the licorice product, the concentrations and bioavailability levels of many of the polyphenols in licorice increase. This in turn enhances the antioxidant activity potential.

  2. 2. I am currently pregnant. Is licorice appropriate for me to take?

    Even though our Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice formula has naturally low levels of glycyrrhiza acid (the licorice compound known to potentially cause adverse side effects), if you are nursing, pregnant, have a blood coagulation, high blood pressure or other medical condition, or are taking medication such as anticoagulants or antihypertensives, consult with your healthcare professional before taking this product.

  3. 3. Where is the licorice root sourced from for this product?

    The licorice root used in Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Licorice Chewable Tablet is sourced from community Biodynamic farms that employ regenerative farming practices in the lush Bahariya Oasis in Egypt.

    Through their supply chain management approach, our partner ensures they not only achieve long-term business relationships, but also contribute to the improvement of living conditions and the development of supplying farmers throughout Egypt.

  4. 4. What is the suggested dosage for this product?

    Adults, as a dietary supplement, take one chewable tablet, twice daily after a meal. This supplement is not to be taken by children.

  5. 5. Why is Demeter Certified Biodynamic® so important?

    We strongly believe Biodynamic is the wave of the future and exactly what’s needed to ensure that our soils can continue to support agriculture and benefit the world. Certified Biodynamic® goes beyond organic by taking into account sustainability, biodiversity and soil health.

    At the same time, please understand that Certified Organic is still a good high-quality standard, but when you can find Certified Biodynamic® products like with our fermented licorice products, it’s our recommended way to go.

  • If you have blood coagulation condition or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin®), do not use Biodynamic® Organic Fermented Chewable Licorice.

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