Once Awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine, This Extraordinary Discovery May Help Safeguard Your Heart, Blood Vessels and More*

It's a simple little amino acid, but it does a big job in keeping your blood flowing freely by helping blood vessels stay open, relaxed and flexible.* But as you age, your production of this semi-essential amino acid can slow down and affect the critical “gas” needed for optimal blood flow and cardiovascular health.* Fortunately, with innovative technologies, the solution is close at hand.

Since 1901, a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded every year (with few exceptions) to brilliant men and women around the world.

Many recipients of this prestigious honor for outstanding achievement spent decades conducting complex laboratory and clinical research.

Over the years, Nobel Prizes for medical achievements have been awarded for extraordinary discoveries from…

  • Insulin (1923) to…
  • Vitamin K identification (1943) to…
  • Penicillin (1945) to…
  • Heart catherization (1956) to…
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) technology (2003)…

…Just to name a very few…

One of the most significant, yet least understood discoveries ever awarded by the Nobel Assembly (Swedish awarding body), occurred in 1998.

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine recognized a three-man research team for their identification of "nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system."

This doesn't sound real significant, but I assure you it was.

To put into perspective the importance of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine, we need to first take a closer look…

At the Heart of YOUR Matter

L-arganine supports endothelial function to a healthy cardiovascular system.
"For optimal health, the vital components of your cardiovascular system need to work together efficiently… your: heart, blood, arteries, veins, and capillaries."

By far, one of the most important systems in your entire body is your cardiovascular system.

Every year, millions of people around the world experience less-than-optimal cardiovascular health, and this is by no means restricted just to the male population.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), many people across all age groups and genders experience less-than-optimal cardiovascular health.

It pretty much goes without saying how important it is to keep your entire cardiovascular system working as efficiently as possible.

You probably know from your academic days studying biology, blood flow is key to your cardiovascular system. It’s the 'nutritious oil' that feeds all your vital organs and keeps everything running smoothly.

What happens if your blood flow is less than optimal?

Well, it may keep your heart and other organs from functioning at their best.

But what helps keep blood flowing optimally… what keeps your blood vessels relaxed and elastic to best support your system?

Some of the answers to this directly correlate to the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine and to an essential amino acid involved in multiple areas of human physiology and metabolism.

How an Air Pollutant Gas Helps Your Blood Vessels Relax

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine recipients discovered a remarkable way your blood vessels do everything possible to stay dilated (open) for optimal blood flow.

But no one really knew how extensive a role nitrogen played prior to the discoveries leading to the 1998 Nobel Prize.

What Nobel Prize recipients Robert Furchgott, Ferid Murid and Louis Ignarro discovered was how a certain gas, produced by endothelial cells lining your blood vessels, acts as a signaling molecule in your cardiovascular system.

L-arganine may help support endothelial vascular function
The 1998 Nobel Prize winners discovered how endothelial cells produce nitric oxide to help blood vessels stay relaxed and open for blood flow.

That certain gas was nitric oxide (NO).

What further made this discovery particularly surprising is nitric oxide is also a common air pollutant formed when nitrogen burns – like in automobile exhaust fumes.

The use of a gas, in this case nitric oxide for signaling between cells in your body, is a concept with far-reaching potential scientific and health benefits now and in the future.

Nitric oxide

  • Enhances your blood flow when produced by blood vessel cells.*
  • Helps support healthy blood pressure levels that are already in the normal range.*
  • Acts as a signaling molecule in your brain and immune system.*

Unfortunately, as you age, something happens to this vital nitric oxide signaling process, and the essential amino acid needed to produce it.

What Happens to Your Blood Vessels as You Age?

Nitric oxide promotes optimal blood flow and cardiovascular health.
As your efficiency to produce nitric oxide slows down with normal aging, your body could use some help to support optimal blood flow.

Quite simply, just like other bodily functions, nitric oxide signaling efficiency declines as a normal part of aging.

Keep in mind your endothelial cells produce nitric oxide to help your vessels stay relaxed and open for blood flow:

  • If your blood is flowing freely – nearly every physiological process will function better.
  • If your blood is sluggish – important cells and nutrients can't reach the areas that need them.

The bottom line is: as your efficiency to produce nitric oxide slows down, your body might need some help to support optimal blood flow.*

What’s Needed to Efficiently Produce Nitric Oxide?

A semi-essential amino acid called L-arginine appears to be at the heart of this matter.

L-arginine is…

  • A precursor to nitric oxide.
  • Needed by the lining in your vessels (endothelium) to create nitric oxide.
  • The only known nutritional substrate in your vessel lining available to endothelial cells for nitric oxide production.

The good news is your body produces L-arginine, and it plays a significant role in multiple areas of your physiology and metabolism because it...

  • Significantly affects your cardiovascular system – in particular, your blood vessel vitality.*
  • Plays a critical role in maintaining the natural, healthy functions of your vascular endothelium (vessel lining).*
  • Promotes blood vessel relaxation and flexibility from the nitric oxide created by your vascular endothelium.*

The bad news is without enough L-arginine, your endothelial cells may not create enough nitric oxide to promote optimal blood flow and cardiovascular health.*

And as far as your immune function is concerned, not having enough L-arginine could desensitize important white cell components called neutrophils, which is vital in a healthy immune response.*

Unfortunately, like most everything else, as a normal part of aging, your bodily functions just seem to slow down and become less efficient. And more often than not, such is the case with your production of L-arginine.

Hundreds of Studies Support This Key Nutrient in Promoting Your Optimal Health*

The number of research studies published on this special amino acid are in the hundreds, and perhaps even more than a thousand in recent years.

Supported by scientific research, L-arginine supplementation has been shown to potentially help with blood flow and overall cardiovascular health by how it…

  • Helps blood vessels relax, promoting optimal blood flow and endothelial function.*
  • Aids in maintaining blood pressure levels already in the normal range.*
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system by helping to support cholesterol levels already in the normal range.*

Not only can the right high-quality L-arginine supplement help your blood flow and overall cardiovascular health, it also can potentially…

  • Promote healthy immune function.*
  • Enhance exercise performance and tolerance.*
  • Support healthy, normal breathing.*
  • Aid overall kidney vitality.*
  • Help promote healthy skin.*

Because L-arginine is available as a supplement today, the answer seems quite simple on how to enhance your body supply, but unfortunately it is not.

Why Controlling Absorption Rate Is Key

L-Arginine - Cardiovascular Support*

Just like other supplements in the market today, L-arginine formulas vary widely.

And one of the biggest challenges with L-arginine is its absorption rate.

Your body very rapidly absorbs and metabolizes L-arginine. This means you would likely have to take supplement doses frequently during the day in order to maintain  levels of L-arginine in your body.

Implementing some form of advanced controlled and sustained release technology in the L-arginine formula could potentially help you maintain an optimal level of L-arginine in your system for more than a 24-hour period, reducing the need to frequently take doses throughout the day.*

Unfortunately, not all L-arginine supplements available today solve the absorption challenge and bring together all the benefits of this extraordinary semi-essential amino acid in a single formula.

That’s where our exclusive L-Arginine Advanced formula truly fits the bill by how it…:

  • Offers great flexibility and convenience in serving intervals – Take one capsule in the morning and two in the evening, or take a single capsule every eight hours.
  • Provides a steady, slow release of L-arginine for potentially consistent blood levels.*
  • Utilizes advanced controlled, sustained and targeted release technologies to aid in bioavailability and to help extend the effects of each serving.*
  • Avoids any harsh chemical-laden “dirty” ingredients by incorporating only clean label excipients in the formula.
  • Is delivered by the MiniTab system formulated by a manufacturer that employs the highest quality standards

Without a high-quality manufacturer, like the one we partnered with for our L-Arginine Advanced, the resulting formula could end up being inconsistent and unreliable.

With its high-tech manufacturing capability, our high-quality manufacturer sets the bar for our L-Arginine Advanced formula by how it:  

manufacturers of advanced l-arginine
  • Combines more than 50 years of experience in formulations, manufacturing and global sourcing.
  • Plays an integral role in facilitating the development of novel, clinically studied ingredients for enhanced bioavailable products.
  • Creates customized solutions that encompass innovative products, cutting-edge technologies and novel delivery systems.
  • Offers turn-key solutions to suit customers’ needs.
  • Is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and protocols while continuing to optimize the efficacy and delivery of the ingredients.

The Perfect Trifecta for Your Cardio Health

Cardio Support Pack
Our Cardio Support Pack offers enhanced support for your heart health and more.

We‘ve seen how valuable L-Arginine Advancedcan potentially be for your health, but perhaps there’s even more you could do to support your cardiovascular health?

The answer is a  resounding “yes!”

If you’re not already getting a wholesome animal source of omega-3 fatty acids and taking a high-quality CoQ10 or Ubiquinol, then our Cardio Support Pack may be the ideal choice to give you the extra support.

Our Antarctic Krill Oil offers unparalleled support for your heart, brain and total body health with its bountiful and bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids.* Dramatically different from those in fish oils, krill oil’s omega-3s – DHA and EPA – are transported in liposome form for easy and fast delivery to your cells.

Ubiquinol, the reduced, active form of CoQ10 (ideal for those older than 30) helps guard against cellular and mitochondrial damage to help ensure your heart, brain, muscles and other fuel-hungry tissues receive the energy they need for their healthy function.*

Our Cardio Support Pack includes all three supplements – L-Arginine Advanced, Krill Oil, and Ubiquinol in one convenient pack to help you save time and money!

Take This Message to Heart Today

Keep in mind that as you age, your vascular system's ability to produce L-arginine for effective nitric oxide production naturally declines.

With L-Arginine Advanced and its time- and sustained-release delivery, your vessel lining can get the potential L-arginine help it may need.*

Any way to efficiently enhance and maintain your healthy blood flow only helps promote the overall health of your cardiovascular system and other bodily functions as well.*

That ’s why we strongly recommend L-Arginine Advanced and our Cardio Support Pack.

Give your cardiovascular system the help and protection it deserves, and order L-Arginine Advanced today.* For extra support, order our Cardio Support Pack with L-Arginine Advanced, Antarctic Krill Oil and Ubiquinol all in one handy pack!

Also, please remember our Money Back Guarantee (see details below).

Special Notes:

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

If you suffer with herpes, you will not want to take this supplement when you are having a flare-up, as it can impair your body's ability to utilize lysine, which is another important amino acid that is used to combat herpes infections.

Individuals on prescription anti-coagulant medication or anti-hypertensive drugs should consult a physician before taking an L-arginine supplement and should be supervised by a qualified health care practitioner.

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. What are the advantages of L-Arginine Advanced?

    By employing a unique delivery system called “MiniTab,” L-Arginine Advanced is a step up from our original L-Arginine formula.

    The MiniTab delivery system utilizes advanced controlled, sustained and targeted release technologies so that fewer capsules are needed for absorption and consistent blood level potential of the L-arginine.* 

    This updated L-arginine formula avoids any harsh chemical-laden “dirty” ingredients by incorporating only clean label ingredients in the supplement that function in the sustained release technology

    The manufacturer of L-Arginine Advanced invested extensive development and testing time ensuring the MiniTab delivery system helps to improve shelf life stability and provides a winning formula second to none.
  2. 2. Why is “Sustained-Release” so important for an L-Arginine supplement?

    our body rapidly absorbs and metabolizes L-arginine, so the sustained release technology makes it so you don't need to take frequent doses throughout the day to maintain optimal levels in your system.

    With L-Arginine Advanced, we use a unique and innovative MiniTab delivery system for a slow, controlled and steady release of L-arginine.

  3. 3. How often do I need to take the capsules during the day?

    One capsule may be taken in the morning and two in the evening, or one tablet every eight hours daily to provide your body with the L-arginine it may need. With the advanced MiniTab delivery system, L-Arginine Advanced provides slow, controlled and consistent delivery so that frequent multiple doses of L-arginine are not required throughout the day.

  4. 4. Why has the recommended daily dose of L-Arginine changed with L-Arginine Advanced?

    With our new MiniTab technology, the L-arginine is slowly released for consistent, effective absorption throughout the day. With this advanced absorption formula, higher doses are not necessary for most people.

  5. 5. Are there any medications that L-Arginine Advanced shouldn't be used with?

    L-Arginine Advanced may have unpredictable effects on insulin, cholesterol-lowering, and estradiol medications, including birth control pills.

    L-Arginine may also increase the effects of isosorbide mononitrate and other nitric oxide donors, such as glyceryl trinitrate and sodium nitroprusside medications.

    Additionally, if you are taking a prescription anti-coagulant medication or anti-hypertensive drug, be sure to consult with your health care provider before taking L-Arginine Advanced.

  • If you have blood coagulation condition or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin®), do not use Krill Oil and L-Arginine Advanced.

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