"Getting Started with a Ketogenic Diet? Don't Make This Mistake That Can Hijack Your Digestion"

A ketogenic diet can challenge your body's ability to digest large amounts of dietary fats. Most people's digestive systems aren't optimized for a high-fat diet, so following a keto diet without the right support can potentially lead to occasional indigestion, bloating, loose stools, heartburn and gas.

Many people dive head first into a ketogenic diet without giving much thought to how it might affect their digestion. That can be a big mistake...

As you make the switch to burning fat on a keto diet, your body must relearn how to burn fat instead of glucose for fuel. Your body naturally burned fat for fuel when you were younger. But after years of eating sugars and carbs, you are likely no longer fat adapted.

ketogenic diet
A keto diet challenges your body's ability to digest large amounts of healthy fat.

Most individual’s digestive systems just aren’t optimized for a high-fat diet.

When you start introducing more high-fat foods into your diet and cut back on carbohydrates, it’s not uncommon to notice a heavy, full feeling after eating. That’s your body working overtime to digest and absorb fat.

So it’s normal to go through a period of adjustment where you can experience occasional heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating or loose stools.

How your body reacts to the shift depends a great deal on what you were eating before you started a keto diet. If your previous diet was heavy in sugars and carbs, it may take your body longer to be able to handle larger  amounts of dietary fat.

If you are on a ketogenic diet or my KetoFasting plan – and especially if you’re just getting started – I recommend taking a high-quality digestive enzyme formulated for high-fat, low-carb diets.

Why You May Need a Digestive Enzyme Formulated for Digesting Fat When Starting a Keto Diet or During KetoFasting

stomach distress
When you first start a keto diet, your body may be less able to handle large amounts of fat.

Fats, or lipids as they are called, are more difficult for your body to break down and digest compared to carbs and proteins.

If you’re following my recommendations laid out in my best-selling book Fat for Fuel, you’re eating enough healthy fats to make up 75 to 82 percent of your daily caloric intake.

That’s far more fat than you were probably eating before you started a ketogenic diet or KetoFasting.

Over 700,000 people every year in the US have their gallbladders removed which challenges their ability to absorb fat and fat soluble nutrients.

Many people have difficulty digesting and absorbing the fat found in a regular diet, let alone a high-fat diet.

When your body’s production of fat-digesting enzymes can’t keep up with the demand, that’s when you can start experiencing signs of occasional gastric distress.

There are several factors that can affect your body’s production of digestive enzymes, including fat-digesting enzymes. Aging is one.

Your natural enzyme production starts to decline at around age 20. By age 40, your production of enzymes drops about 25 percent from that of your earlier years. You could be producing as little as a third of the enzymes you need by age 70.

A leaky, damaged gut and an inflamed gastrointestinal tract can also contribute to an enzyme deficiency. When your gut lining wall becomes irritated or damaged (glyphosate and artificial sweeteners are potent gut destroyers), your production of enzymes can be impacted.

By adding a digestive enzyme supplement formulated for higher levels of fat you can help provide the fat-digesting enzymes your body needs for optimal digestion. With the right formula you may experience fewer occasional complaints and more fully reap the benefits from the nutrients in your food.*

Let’s take a look at the formula my team and I developed to supplement high-fat ketogenic diets and KetoFasting...

Ketozyme: The Specially Formulated Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Aiding in the Digestion of Fats

As with our Full Spectrum Enzymes and Full Spectrum Enzymes for Women, we took a scientific approach to formulating Ketozyme, our digestive enzyme supplement for high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets.

high fat foods
Ketozyme supports the healthy digestion of high-fat foods.*

Our flagship enzyme products were formulated to contain enzyme levels based on a typical meal to ensure complete digestion of nutrients. We used the same protocol for Ketozyme to help bring your absorption of fat up to healthy levels.

Let me explain...

A healthy level of fat absorption is 95 percent. When your absorption drops to between 85 and 93 percent, you are considered deficient. At that point, you need a boost of about 10 percent to bring you to healthy levels.

This is the baseline data we used to formulate Ketozyme for the digestion of fats.

Scientifically formulated to aid in the rapid digestion of the higher levels of fat typically consumed when following a ketogenic diet, Ketozyme contains:*

  • Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl) to increase stomach acid to ensure complete digestion of proteins and fats.*
  • A 3-Lipase Blend to support gallbladder function and to break down triglycerides and support proper fat utilization.*
  • Dandelion Root Extract to promote normal bile production and the flow of bile from your liver through your gallbladder to aid in the digestion of fat.*
  • Globe Artichoke Leaf Extract (Cynara scolymus) to support liver and gallbladder health, and aid in the digestion of fat and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as D3, E and K2.*
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which may act as a signaling molecule to prompt your body to start digestion.*

We designed Ketozyme to be taken by itself for fat digestion or for best results, paired with Full Spectrum Enzymes or Full Spectrum Enzymes for Women for a comprehensive vegan enzyme program to aid in complete meal digestion.*

Why Occasional Gastric Distress May Be Your Body's Way of Letting You Know It Needs Some Help

For optimal digestion of any food, you need a highly acidic environment in your stomach.

When you are young, your body produces enough pepsin and hydrochloric acid (HCL) to create sufficient acidity to adequately digest your food.

As you age, your stomach acid levels drop. That can affect your digestion and lead to some of the uncomfortable, occasional symptoms we talked about earlier.

antiacid tablets
Antacids can cause stomach acid levels to drop even further and can have serious negative side effects.

Many people mistake these symptoms as signs of heartburn or acid reflux. Often they are just distress signals to get your attention.

And what do many do? They take action that can make the situation worse...

They take one or more antacid tablets and what’s supposed to happen does. They end up with even lower acid levels in their stomach – exactly what your body doesn’t need!

Instead, by taking a digestive enzyme with HCL you promote a healthy acidic environment in your stomach for optimal digestion. This approach can help ease the contributing factors to acid indigestion.*

But here’s another problem with low stomach acidic levels...

Vitamin B12 can only be absorbed when you have sufficient stomach acid. That may be a reason why this serious deficiency is so common, especially in older individuals.

Ketozyme contains betaine HCl to help maintain a healthy, acidic environment to aid your digestion of not only fats and proteins but the nutrients they provide.*

A Triple Blend of the Enzymes Fats Fear Most

If fats were the enemy, lipases would be the victor. Lipases are the primary enzymes involved in digesting your fat.

Lipase enzymes break down fats into easily absorbable fatty acid and glycerol molecules. Bile aids the actions of lipases by breaking the fat into small droplets. Here are some of the other primary actions of lipases:

  • Break down triglycerides*
  • Support gallbladder function*
  • Support healthy fat utilization in your body*

Because lipases are produced in your pancreas, that hard-working organ must be able to produce higher levels of lipase when you eat more fat. But it’s not always able to do that, especially as you age.

family eating lunch
As you age, your pancreas may become less able to adequately process high levels of dietary fat.

In fact, of all your body’s pancreatic digestive enzymes, your lipase enzyme activity is the one most likely to decline as you age.

A study simulating the effects on humans found that the pancreas of aging animals does not adapt to dietary changes as well as young animals.

When fed a diet consisting of 72 percent fat, the lipase enzyme concentration in young rats increased 25 percent in response. However, with aging animals there was no increase in lipase concentration when challenged with a high-fat diet.

Your take-home message? As you age, your pancreas by itself may become less able to effectively handle high levels of dietary fat.

I believe individuals of any age eating a high-fat diet can benefit from the addition of a fat-digesting enzyme formula containing lipases.

Ketozyme contain a special blend of three lipases cultured from Candida rugose, Aspergillus niger and Rhizopus oryzae. Three different lipase enzymes instead of just one targets different types of fat at varying levels of pH for the optimal digestion of fat.*

A Pervasive Weed or a Highly Valued Plant for Health-Promoting Benefits?

dandelion plant with roots
The root of the dandelion plant contains valuable compounds for digestion.

You may view dandelion as a pervasive weed that keeps popping up in your yard or garden, no matter what you do to stop it.

However, those who know about its valuable medical use dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries in the Middle East see it as one of nature’s finest gifts.

Dandelion has been used for centuries to support digestion and to soothe occasional digestive issues.

Here are some of the ways dandelion root can potentially benefit your health and digestion:

  • Contains water-soluble polysaccharides to support liver health.*
  • Contains an amino acid called kynurenic acid that supports normal bile production and the flow of bile from your liver through your gallbladder.*
  • Contains inulin, a type of soluble fiber that supports regularity and the growth and maintenance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.*

Too valuable to exclude, we added 25 mg of dandelion root extract to Ketozyme to aid your gut health and your digestion of fat.*

A Delicious Vegetable in Itself, Its Leaves Offer Even More Potential Digestive Benefits

Artichoke leaf extract comes from the familiar artichoke plant.

Globe artichoke, or Cynara scolymus is a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean region. As delectable of a vegetable it may be, its most active compounds are found in the leaf.

Here are some of the most beneficial compounds in artichoke leaf:

  • Caffeoylquinic acid – an antioxidant that helps support normal detoxification*
  • Luteolin – an antioxidant that supports an already normal inflammatory response*
  • Cynarin – another antioxidant that supports healthy bile production to aid in the digestion of fats*
  • Inulin – a prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and supports regularity*

In one study of 247 participants with occasional digestive complaints, consuming artichoke leaf extract daily for six weeks reduced their symptoms.* This included occasional gas and uncomfortable feelings of fullness.*

Ketozyme contains 25 mg of globe artichoke leaf extract to help aid your digestion and gut health.*

Missing From Cooked Foods, yet Essential for Cellular Energy... The Universal Energy Storage Molecule, ATP

raw vegetables
Raw foods provide your body with ATP for proper digestion.

ATP, or adenosine-5’-triphosphate, is your body’s natural energy source. It’s in every cell of your body and plays an important role in cellular energy storage and transfer.

Unprocessed and uncooked foods contain ATP, which is key to your digestion.

You may be familiar with ATP as the energy currency of your cells. But you may not be aware of its crucial role in digestion…

Inside your body, extracellular ATP (the ATP outside of your cells) acts as important signaling molecules for your digestion. When you eat raw food, the ATP in that food signals to your body to start the digestive process.

Your gut contains enzymes called ATPases. When these enzymes find ATP, they digest it. This signals your body to start the digestive process. ATP influences gastric acid and pepsin secretions as well as stomach contractions.

An unprocessed, uncooked meal provides the ideal amount of these ATP signaling molecules to start the digestive process. Cooked or processed food does not.

Since most meals today are cooked or processed, they contribute little or no ATP to initiate your digestion.

Because your body relies on food for its extracellular ATP, your body must provide its own if you don’t eat the healthy foods to supply it. Your body ultimately pays the price and wastes precious resources by excreting its own ATP into your gastrointestinal tract for digestive signaling.

That’s why you’ll find ATP added to all of our digestive enzyme formulas, including Ketozyme. It’s just too important to leave out...

Spare Yourself the Mistake That So Many Make When Starting a Ketogenic Diet... Give Your Body the Gift of Digestive Support

Why suffer from occasional gastric distress associated with a high-fat diet if you don’t need to?

With Ketozyme you can reap the many benefits that only KetoFasting and ketogenic diets can provide... without the unpleasant side effects.*

Our unique formula:

  • Is scientifically designed for maximum effectiveness without waste.*
  • Considers enzyme deficiencies and compensates for age-related enzyme loss.*
  • Includes hard-to-find ATP for initiating digestive processes, an energy storage molecule largely unavailable in today’s processed and cooked food diets.*
  • Works at different levels of pH to cover various phases of digestion, helping to digest food rapidly and relieve occasional bloating, gas and intestinal discomfort.*
  • Is made from potent plant- , bacterial- and fungal-derived enzymes, instead of animal sources.
  • Botanical ingredients are derived from the stem or root and not the fruit or flower to minimize allergies.*
  • Is non-GMO and contains no genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Contains no binders, fillers or excipients, including magnesium stearate.

Give your body the gift of digestive support. Order Ketozyme today to supplement your high-fat or keto diet.

The best part? You have nothing to lose. With my Money Back Guarantee, you can order with confidence (please see complete details below).

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