What is the Ketogenic Diet?


Did you know that the type of fuel your body uses for energy can have a significant impact on your overall well-being?

By eating certain foods – and not others – you can gently lead your body into a state called nutritional ketosis. When you’re in ketosis, you burn fat as your primary fuel source instead of glucose.

A number of extraordinary benefits can come along with ketosis or burning fat for fuel, including:

  • Managing your weight without feeling deprived.
  • Supporting already healthy insulin and blood sugar levels.
  • Fighting free radicals for healthy cells.
  • Boosting your mental clarity.
  • Improving your gut health.

Our MITOMIX® KETO Starter Kit can help you achieve these results. This specially designed kit includes three premium products that:

Ketogenic Starter Pack
  • Provide healthy fats and fiber to help you burn fat for fuel.*
  • Support your cellular and mitochondrial health.*
  • Help protect your cells against free radical attack.*



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