"Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals: Take the Guesswork Out of Growing"


Have you always wanted to grow fruits and vegetables or start your own flower garden but didn’t know where to start?

How many times have you grown a fruit or a vegetable that was not vibrantly colored as it should be?

What about your ornamental flowers that won’t bloom, or look small and shriveled instead of magnificent?

Countless people have tried or would love to grow their own plants – for the numerous health benefits as well as the pure enjoyment of it – but haven’t had the right materials in order to ensure they get the most out of their garden.

What is the most important thing besides high organic content topsoil brimming with beneficial microbes, water, and sunlight needed to create nutrient-filled foods?


Your soil needs a wide variety of minerals in order to produce nutrient-dense plants, but today, most soil is seriously mineral-deficient and will not optimally nourish you or your family. Geologic variation plays a part in this. All locations don’t have the same minerals in the soil because there are so many different geologic areas.

Geologic Variation of Minerals

What if I told you that reaping vitally healthy plants can be as simple as feeding them minerals? Well, it is...

I’ll show you exactly what to do so you can get out there and start growing to your hearts content! So get ready, and let me tell you about a revolutionary method I believe will change your perspective on growing your own food...

It All Begins in… The Ocean

It is no surprise that since life forms started in the ocean, most biological life is optimized to thrive on ocean minerals to reach their maximum genetic potential.

Sadly, many supplemental plant mineral products today are not extracted from the ocean – so they don’t have those benefits. Instead, they are extracted from other places such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and the Redmond Utah prehistoric salt deposits – which only have SOME of the necessary minerals. But these areas do not contain all the ionic minerals found in the ocean.

What is an ionic mineral and why is it essential to plant growing?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand that ions are individual atoms. Mineral clusters are broken down into atoms (ions) by soil microbes in nature. The ocean already has these ions in abundance and at the correct rations for life in the sea to thrive.

An ionic mineral is the only type of mineral that can be fully absorbed, for maximum results. When it comes to plants, only ionic elements can enter the metabolic pathways into root and leaf cells to give your plants the nutrients they need to optimize their growth.

In the development of this product, our scientists took equal gallons of concentration from three different sources: the Reconstituted Redmond Utah Prehistoric Salts, the Great Salt Lake, and the Pacific Ocean. The concentrations were compared and the results concluded that the ocean water far outnumbered the others in essential minerals…

Elements for Plant Growth

As shown in the graph above, the Redmond Utah Prehistoric Salt Deposits had only 40% of the needed elements, the water from the Great Salt Lake had 50%, and the gallon of Pacific Ocean water had 100% of the necessary elements for plant growth.

Pretty impressive, right?

Well now for something even MORE impressive...

Greatly Reduced Salt Content = More Vigorous Plants

Although the ocean supplies all the necessary minerals to optimally support life, there is a problem with using it in your garden or on the farm…the salt. And you might be wondering about the concerns with adding salt to a garden.

The problem with too much salt is that it can kill microorganisms in the soil that make nutrients for plant growth or seriously damage your plants!

Although there are many mineral products for gardening on the marketplace many do not come from ocean water.

Of the ones that DO come from ocean water, they all use the same formula – diluting the water – which doesn’t work. Their methods fail because, even with dilution, the salt content still exists and can destroy the ability of soil to grow plants. And remember – diluting the salt means diluting the minerals as well. Therefore, the ideal solution – which I’ve pursued and now have found – is to remove the salt and concentrate the mineral.

Ionic Minerals Introduction
Just look at what the introduction of Ionic Minerals did to restore these distressed roses in just 3 weeks!

I have been using these minerals in my home garden for the past two years and am amazed at how they stimulate and optimize plant growth. I made the mistake of using a different product initially though that did not remove all the sodium chloride and I nearly killed all my citrus trees.

Which is why I’m thrilled to tell you about one method…

My Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals, while being extracted from ocean water, uses a proprietary technology that removes – rather than dilutes – nearly all of the salt. So the minerals are actually concentrated to help you produce healthier, more robust and nutritious yields.

The concentrated ionic minerals are rapidly incorporated into the soil microbes which then symbiotically feed your plants with all the vital nutrition they require allowing them to reach their full genetic potential.

These ionic minerals also optimize your plants’ ability to resist most diseases and pests. Similar to you, once they have all the essential nutrients they need, their immune system is better able to function.

Application solutions of ionic ocean minerals are between 10 to 100 times more concentrated compared to other salt or sea water products – and yield far better results…

Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals: The Secret to Significantly Increased Nutrients

Nutrient-Densed Foods
Did you know that since 1950, due to some of the economics I touched on in the video on this page, most of us are using mineral deficient soils – making it virtually impossible to grow nutrient dense foods? In order to receive the same amount of iron you used to get from one apple in 1950, by 1998 you had to eat 26 apples. Can you imagine how many you’d have to eat today?

Plain and simple, poor-quality plants are frequently the result of multiple nutrient deficiencies in the plant – which can usually be alleviated with a top-quality mineral solution… But know that all mineral solutions are not created equal.

Take a look at the charts below for comparison and you’ll see why my Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals formula stands out against the rest and is a must-have for any garden.

Common Household Fertilizer Minerals

Dr. Mercola's Ionic Ocean Minerals

As you can see in the images above, many solutions may apply synthetic fertilizers that have only a few nutrients, including potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which are salts that actually kill the beneficial soil microbes, and although you might see improved growth initially, they will harm your plants and your soil in the long run.

When crops get all the balanced minerals they need in ionic, not salt form to maximize their genetic potential, they are large, colorful, bursting with flavor, and jam-packed with beneficial nutrients. For flowers, they are colorful and healthy-looking, and have incredible blooms.

In a study showing how incredibly well ionic ocean minerals works, identical crops (some treated with the solution and some left untreated) were then harvested and analyzed at the University of Georgia.

Treated vs Untreated Crops

The results showed that the treated crops had a much higher overall nutrient mineral content than the untreated ones in side by side tests.

In another experiment, the plant, capsicum, was used to study the effects on seed germination. One plant had seeds that were presoaked in the minerals while the other plant had un-soaked seeds.

Pre-soaked Seeds
In the visual above, it’s clear to see that the seeds that were pre-soaked had a head start.

This particular experiment does not include additional soil application of the minerals, which would produce even greater results.

While the results speak for themselves, there’s more to consider when thinking about how to grow a nutrient-dense garden…

Reduce Pesticide Use

Another substantial benefit of using an ionic ocean mineral product is that it virtually eliminates the need for dangerous chemical herbicides and insecticides.

Plant diseases and pest infiltration are typically due to nutrient deficiencies. They are nature’s way of removing sick plants. This is very similar to the way it works with your health. If you supply essential minerals to a plant, it builds up its immune system, so you don’t need to use dangerous and harmful herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

The use of only nitrogen fertilizers without the balance of minerals changes the sub soil chemistry and locks up calcium. This in turn stops the normal decomposition of plant matter and gasses like formaldehyde and alcohol are released. It’s these gasses that attract the bugs.

Also, when calcium is reduced, so is the thickness of the cell wall of plants, and insects can easily eat the plant.

So not only are you eliminating the need to put harmful chemicals on your food, you’re also increasing the vital nutrient supply of the plant – so it can optimally nourish you and your family.

And this isn’t the only environmentally-friendly aspect of using this method…

Help Promote Essential Pollination

Proper Pollination
The success of your plants is also dependent upon proper pollination by insects such as bees. Ionic Ocean Minerals helps reduce insecticide use – so invaluable pollinators aren’t killed off.

By reducing insecticide use, the mineral product helps the insect pollinator population flourish – which are dangerously killed off by harmful chemical herbicides and insecticides.

Pollinating insects are necessary for seed and fruit production by flowering plants. They’re responsible for over half of the food grown for human consumption.

And since bees benefit from mineral-rich, nutrient-laden pollen and nectar – their primary food source – you’ll be helping these essential pollinators in more ways than one.

Bees also rely on the near ultra violet nectar guide “target areas” on flowers to locate their food. These colorful flower targets are dependent on rare earth elements in soil for synthesis and can become weak in mineral-depleted plants and fields.

By restoring and adding minerals to the soil and plants, you’ll aid the process of insect pollination, further ensuring your success!

And flowers aren’t the only plants that will benefit…

Minerals Can Be Used to Help ALL Plants

Untreated Plant vs Plant with Ionic Minerals
These side by side pictures show the same type of untreated plant (left) compared to a plant treated with Ionic Minerals (right), planted at the same time.

Adding nutrients by introducing ionic ocean minerals can help every single kind of plant:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Fruit trees
  • Roses and other ornamental flowers
  • And best of all… these minerals can also be used on your sunflower and other sprouts.

If you frequent Mercola.com often, you would know that I talk at length about the enormous benefits of organic sprouts – which have some of the highest levels of nutrients of all vegetables.

Adding ionic ocean minerals gives your already nutrient-dense sprouts even more beneficial nutrients… double the advantages for you and your family!

To use, simply add the mineral solution to water as instructed, and soak the seeds in that instead of soaking them in just plain water. You can still rinse the seeds with water after soaking them, but because you used the ionic ocean minerals first, it will help produce even better sprouts.

Outstanding Sprouting Results in Just Over a Week

In order to show the immense benefit that the minerals solution can have when growing sprouts, our researchers performed an eight-day trial in our lab.

To do the experiment, they started with two groups of sunflower seeds – one which they soaked with Ionic Ocean Minerals and one without. After 12 hours of soaking, they rinsed the seeds in water, and then planted them in separate trays.

The results were outstanding, showing that when the sprouts were soaked in water that had the mineral solution added to it, they grew faster, had thicker stems, and a darker, deeper green color (showing enhanced nutrients) versus when they were just soaked in water.

Just how outstanding were the results?

After just 7 days from soak to measurement, the seeds that were soaked in the mineral solution…

  • Had a 20% higher germination rate – meaning that more plants sprouted from the seeds when Ionic Ocean Minerals was added to the pre-soak.
  • Grew 40% taller
  • Had over double the stem thickness!

Just check out the images below to see for yourself!

Overall Sprout Height (in inches)
Water Type Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Ionic Mineral Water 0 0.9 1.4 2.5 3 4.2 5.4 6.5
Tap Water 0 0 0 0.9 1.4 2 3.2 4.6
Overall Stem Thickness (in mm)
Water Type Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Ionic Mineral Water 0 0.8 1.2 2.4 3.5 3.8 4.1 4.3
Tap Water 0 0 0 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 2

As you can see in the charts above, the seeds that were soaked in the water with the mineral solution grew at a much faster rate and had thicker stems after only 8 days – resulting in significantly taller, more robust plants.

Overall Stem Thickness

Looking at it in a different way, above, you can see that the seeds that were soaked in Effortless Garden®  Ionic Ocean Minerals had a MUCH higher overall stem thickness after only 8 days.

Sunflower Sprouts Experiment After Only 8 Days
Sunflower Sprouts Experiment Results

Finally, in the image above, you can see for yourself the gigantic difference in the growth and health of the sprouts that were pre-soaked in just water, versus the sprouts that were pre-soaked with Effortless Garden®  Ionic Ocean Minerals.

Although sunflower sprouts were used for this experiment, Effortless Garden®  Ionic Ocean Minerals can be applied in the same way to any type of sprouts...

Your family will clearly harvest more nutritious sprouts of a much better quality if you use the mineral solution when you grow your sprouts at home!

Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals – The Innovative Difference

Rapid Recovery Using Minerals

Rapid Recovery Results
This ailing Croton Bush was treated with Ionic Ocean Minerals – and after just 16 weeks, it was back to complete health.

My team and I worked tirelessly for years to bring you exactly the type of Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals product I’ve been telling you about.

While I recommend you use Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals in your garden to ensure abundant, healthy, nutrient-dense plants, there are many other unique benefits to this product that make it unlike all other sea mineral or rock mineral products:

  • Triple filtered on collection from the Pacific Ocean far away from cities along the mid coast of California to remove the biological content before mineral extraction
  • Tested and found to be free of Fukishima radiation
  • Has virtually all salt (NaCl) removed to prevent the detrimental buildup of salts on fields that can damage or kill your plants like many other ocean mineral products
  • Is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, or biological agents used in the final product, only hydrated ionic minerals in a concentrated solution
  • Is completely safe for all growing systems (farm, garden, hydroponics, aquaponics), crops (vegetables, grains, pasture grasses, grapes, berries, tree fruits, nuts), herbs, sprouts, ornamentals, and flowers
  • Is water-soluble, so it mixes easily and quickly
  • Creates increased plant and crop yields, enhanced taste, greater shelf life, higher nutrient density, and improved insect, disease, drought, and frost resistance
  • Contains ionic minerals, which are the form of minerals that can be absorbed into root and leaf cells
  • Enriches and restores mineral depleted soil
Giant Strawberry with Mineral Solution
A giant, healthy strawberry grown with the minerals solution.
Blackberries with Mineral Solution
A bowl of voluptuous blackberries, picked after growth using Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean.
Award-winning Rose
An award-winning rose that was brought back to life with ionic minerals.

Remarkable Results From My Own Garden at Home

As you can see from these images from my own garden at home below, using Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals on my plants has produced outstanding results that you can clearly see.

I am growing many nutritious foods in my garden, because using the mineral product ensures the soil is getting the minerals they need.

See all of the healthy, vibrant plants I am growing below...

2-Year old Mango Tree 2-Year old Orange Tree 2-Year old Clementine Tangerine Tree 2-Year old Cherry Tree 3-Year old Organge Tangerine Tree 3-Year old Orange Ponkan Tree Another 3-Year old Mango Tree Another 3-Year old Mango Tree Another 3-Year old Mango Tree Sherbet Berry Plant Malabar Spinach Plant 2-Year old Fig Tree 2-Year old Peach Tree 2-Year old Plum Tree 2-Another 2-Year old Fig Tree Another 2-Year old Cherry Tree 2-Yr old Kumquat & 4-Yr Olive Tree 2-Year old Banana Tree 2-Year old Peaches Tree 3-Year old Loquat (Japanese plum) Tree

Now that you've seen the images of my garden, I’m encouraging you to start your OWN if you haven't already... and then I would love to see it!

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The idea of planting Victory Gardens goes back to World War I and II when citizens, to help combat food shortages, planted them to supply themselves and neighbors with fresh produce. Today, planting your own Victory Garden is a way to provide your family with fresh, nutritious produce and help steer them away from processed foods and other unhealthy ways of eating.

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No Product Comes Close to Having These Benefits

Not only is Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals what I believe to be the best mineral supplement product for your plants, it’s also the ONLY one of its kind…

The process that is used to create Ionic Ocean Minerals was discovered and invented by a research physicist at Cal Tech, one of the leading technical universities in the world.

The proprietary high-tech process used to create the concentrated minerals involves two inventions that, when working together, molecularly splits the content of ocean water to separate the minerals and salt.

This innovative process is years ahead of the competition – with others still using the ineffective technique of diluting the salt water. That’s why I believe you won’t find anything that comes remotely close to the effectiveness of this mineral product.

Get Your Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals TODAY to Jump Start Your Plants!

Untreated and Treated Cucumber Plants
Side by side comparison of untreated (left) and treated (right) cucumber plants after 7 weeks.
Treated Plant Roots
The roots on the treated plants are fuller and thicker.

All you need is two capfuls (15 mL) of Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals per gallon of water – just mix in the solution then follow the application instructions for use on each label, based on which crop you are growing.

Putting more of the solution than directed won’t do any harm to your plants – however, the excess minerals likely won’t be absorbed by the plant and would just be wasted.

Feel secure in knowing you are using the exact amount of solution necessary on each plant – getting the most out of the minerals for optimal efficiency.

The best way to use my Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals is during all phases of growing, from germination, to growth, all the way to harvest. You can use the solution one time and get great results, but if you continually do it throughout the growth cycle of the plant you’ll get even better growth, yield, nutrient density, and flavor.

In my opinion, if you are serious about growing your own food, this product is essential! It is absolutely the best way to ensure healthy, nutrient-dense foods that will nourish you and your family.

Stock up on Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals today and have a happy, healthy, fruitful growing season!

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