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Although it is still often overlooked, emotional, mental and spiritual health is absolutely essential to your physical health and healing. No matter how devoted you are to a proper diet and exercise, you will only achieve your body's ideal healing power and optimal physical and cerebral strength when you are appropriately "nourishing" your nervous system and your spiritual and emotional self.

After long and ongoing research into many approaches and products in this area, I have found a remarkably effective and efficient (and very affordable) way to help you achieve inner peace and increased concentration, energy and creativity:

The Insight audio CD, which I personally listen to and now recommend to my patients. As you will read in more detail below, this is an exceptional tool to help you dramatically reduce the stress that is a prime contributor to all forms of disease while maximizing your awareness and potential for growth. If you are committed to preventing or overcoming any form of illness and optimizing your health, I strongly urge you to consider making the Insight CD a part of your regular health regime.

The Focus 2-CD set, meanwhile, also comes with my highest recommendation, as it is an extraordinary audio technology that will help you improve your levels of concentration and clarity, and increase your memory, creativity and problem-solving skills. Whether you are seeking to increase your chances for top success at work or school, to more effectively organize your life, to enhance your creative output – or expand your mental functioning for any reason – the answer is yes, an audio program can really help you, and I have experienced none that are as effective as the Focus CDs.

Essential to Your Health and Very Economical

What Others Are Saying About Insight & Focus CDs

For some time now I have been sleeping much better thanks to the Insight audio CD you recommended. Finding it very hard to concentrate, at the best of times, I have been using the Focus audio CDs, you also recommended, to great effect!
— Michael Scott, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I put [the Insight & Focus CDs] on while waiting to board the plane, then listened to them through the entire flight. What a difference! I was calm and relaxed from beginning to end! Thanks so much for sharing this set of CD's with us!
— Deborah Knott, Aurora, CO

From my first listening experience, I have been more serene and accepting of myself and the world around me, and noticed a lessening, sometimes total removal, of muscle pain that has plagued me for years.
— Susan Beadle, Mohawk, NY

The Insight CD has made a major difference and I now go to sleep immediately by using it daily. Thank you for all the help and information.
— Joseph Buttimer, Savannah, GA

I use the EFT info, and have purchased the Focus and Insight CD's for personal use. These CD's have helped me to be more relaxed, have less stress, and in the last few nights I have not fallen asleep to them, I have had that old feeling of anxiety following me around. I definitely will not let THAT happen again!!!
— Mary Wendler, Towanda, KS

Make no mistake: nourishing your emotional, mental and spiritual self is as essential to your health and healing as proper nutrition. As a physician I have treated tens of thousands of chronically ill patients at my clinic, The Natural Health Center, and more than any bad dietary or lifestyle habit the number one cause of illness has been stress. And invariably those patients who are most successful at overcoming their illness are the ones who not only practice my renowned dietary program but take the recommended steps to dramatically reduce the stress and emotional burdens.

If there are particular traumas, phobias, or addictions in your life that you seek to eliminate, I strongly encourage you to read about the energy psychology tool "Emotional Freedom Technique" to overcome those issues. Meanwhile, to eliminate stress and anxiety, enhance emotional and spiritual growth, expand your mind-power, and achieve all the other benefits listed below, I urge you to consider the Insight and Focus CDs.

I am a major fan of brainwave entrainment technology, and was at first excited to use the Holosync system for the last two years. Holosync is a fine program that has helped many tens of thousands of individuals. However, since recommending that system I have much feedback about it from patients and newsletter subscribers.

Although the Holosync program is clearly effective it has two major problems: first, it costs considerably more than it needs to, and second, it takes too long to achieve the benefits.

Earlier this year I lectured in Toronto where one of the attendees first introduced me to the Insight CD, which competes with Holosync. I was pleasantly surprised at its low price, but even more important, I was amazed at its effectiveness, and I know you will be too.

The one major difference for most people between Insight and Holosync will be the price. The first level of Holosync costs $159, while the Insight CD – which contains everything you need on the one disc – is just $34.95. With Holosync, there are actually 13 different levels, so it is possible to spend over $1000 with all those subsequent levels. The Insight CD uses a different technology described below that allows you to get all of the benefits immediately without having to go to different and progressively deeper levels.

Unsurpassed Audio Technology IS the Difference

The Insight and Focus Audio CDs introduce the soothing sound of rain with an unrivaled harmonically layered combination of frequencies and binaural beats to your brain, seamlessly inducing amazingly powerful states of focused concentration or deep relaxing meditation while stimulating various parts of your brain to work together. While other companies are offering recordings using only a single pair of binaural frequencies in order to induce the desired effect, this audio technology uses multiple harmonically layered frequencies to induce natural brainwave patterns.

The frequencies found in these CDs are recorded in multiple separate layers and blended together to form the most powerful combinations possible. The harmonic layering of the binaural frequencies allows you to listen to much deeper carrier frequencies without having to spend as much time easing yourself into using them.

Listeners begin using very deep frequencies right from the start, triggering the same type of neural growth and development found in many of the progressive programs, but listeners are able to continue achieving ongoing results using one CD rather than having to purchasing multiple levels. Your brain reaches extraordinary levels of consciousness not normally attainable without years of practice!

Incredible Benefits in a Fraction of Time!

Another key reason I stopped with Holosync and have adopted the Insight program is that I could not carve a full hour of my time out to do Holosync. This also seems to be the case for many of my patients. The Insight CD is actually set up so you can do a 20 minute quick session that gets you most all of the benefits. Most people, including me, can carve out 20 minutes. However, the CD is also set up so you can do a 40 or 60 minute session.

If you have never really focused on your emotional/mental/spiritual health before, the Insight CD is an outstanding way to do so because it is so effective, it doesn't have to take up a lot of your time, and it is so easy to use (just listen!) If you already practice some form of meditation, or you routinely pray like I do, you will find the CD provides a very powerful enhancement to these healthy habits.

By listening to the Insight CD and the Focus 2-Disc Set, you can literally train your brain to function at a high level of synchronization, opening up the way for a flood of positive effects. When left and right sides of your brain begin to work in concert with each other, electrical activity and energy patterns in your brain become more widespread throughout the brain instead of remaining confined to certain areas. Research has indicated this type of "whole brain synchronization" is present in the brain at times of intense creativity, clarity and inspiration.

From the moment you first listen to this audio technology, your brain will begin the process of reorganizing itself for higher thinking and enhanced levels of consciousness. This extraordinary audio technology can help you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase levels of energy and motivation
  • Improve sleep
  • Achieve incredibly deep meditation and deeper self awareness
  • Promote long-term mental and emotional growth and improvement.
  • Improve your concentration and clarity
  • Increase focus and attention, and enhance creativity

Realize Significantly Reduced Stress and Anxiety Now with the Insight CD

The Insight CD is a complete tool dedicated to helping you reduce stress, explore expanded states of consciousness, and achieve deeper levels of self awareness. Layered beneath the soothing sounds of natural rain, this audio CD will help you achieve dramatically powerful states of consciousness. Compelling you to journey into the innermost depths and outermost reaches of your mind, the Insight CD enables you to explore higher levels of consciousness and profound layers of self-awareness you never knew existed.

Simply by dedicating less than 30 minutes of each day to listening to this audio CD through stereo headphones, you can:

  • Achieve profound states of deep meditation and relaxation
  • Significantly reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve your sleep and increase energy and vitality
  • Awaken your potential for long-term personal growth
  • Dramatically increase your self-awareness
  • Raise your inspiration and motivation to new levels
  • Experience higher levels of consciousness
  • Develop your intuition and expand your personal insight
  • Reach deep into your subconscious mind for life solutions

So relaxing, the Insight CD is even used by massage therapists and Reiki practitioners to soothe and relax their clients. Meanwhile, those who routinely make prayer a part of their life have also reported an enhanced experience in doing so with the Insight CD.

There are many other audio and other tools out there claiming to do what the Insight CD really does; some of these others are just not effective at all, while a few of the others do provide good benefit. But beyond the incredible emotional and mental health benefits of the Insight CDs, what differentiates it from the competition is also:

  1. A very affordable price for everyone.
  2. There are no other levels to buy, and so won't receive endless offers in the mail… everything you need is on the one Insight disc!

Achieve Lasting Deep Meditation without Years of Practice

The Insight CD is designed to help you improve your mental and emotional well-being for long-term results. While it would take years, maybe even decades, of training to achieve these positive results through traditional meditation techniques or other personal growth programs – listeners of the Insight CD are experiencing the same results and more in an incredibly accelerated time frame. This technology will assist you in reaching levels of consciousness as deep as those reached by monks, Yogis and others who have been practicing meditation for years.

The very first time you listen to the CD, almost immediately, you will feel the physical response to this deeply relaxing state. But the physical response is only the beginning. Within only a few days, you'll see an improvement in the quality of your sleep. You'll notice you feel more calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Each time you listen, the audio technology works to stimulate your brain while in this deeply relaxed meditative state, triggering neural pathways to fire, enhancing communication between various parts of the brain, and bringing your brain into a state of hemispheric synchronization.

Spectacularly Improve Your Life in Just 24 Minutes per Day

If you are thinking that this is all too good to be true – you're right. In order for the Insight CD to work, the participant does need to spend time listening to the audio CD each day. Not to worry, this is by far the easiest technique I've ever experienced. As my schedule gets more demanding every day, I find this remarkably easy to integrate into my daily schedule – it simply requires slipping on a set of headphones.

The CD is composed of three separate tracks, each 24 minutes long. You may listen to only one track each day, for a 24-minute listening experience, or listen to multiple tracks for a longer experience. How long you choose to listen each day is completely up to you. The only requirement is that you listen using stereo headphones via your stereo, a portable CD player, or even your computer's CD-ROM drive. The choice is yours. The power to live your dreams already exists within you. You need only awaken that potential to experience life-changing results.

Do NOT listen to the Insight Program CD if you have a history of seizures or epilepsy. Never listen to the CD while driving or operating machinery.

Dramatically Improve Mental Capacity and
Seize Boundless Success with the Focus CDs

The audio technology, embedded on the Focus CDs beneath the sounds of rain, uses binaural audio to guide your mind into a highly focused and attentive mental state that is extremely conducive to higher-level thinking. Using the CDs in the Focus 2-Disc Set, you can easily and effortlessly attain:

  • Improved levels of focus, clarity and concentration
  • Increased focus and attention while reading or working
  • Greater thinking speed and performance
  • Developed problem-solving and brainstorming skills
  • Better retention of information while studying
  • Enhanced memory and experience higher thinking
  • Dramatically enhanced creativity
  • A zone while exercising
  • Improved concentration and attention in adults and children with ADD or ADHD

The Focus CDs swiftly ease your mind into a highly focused brainwave state that will take your mental processing to new levels. While anyone can benefit tremendously from this audio technology, Focus CDs are even more potent when:

  • Reading or studying to improve concentration, and to improve retention of information – ideal for students
  • Exercising or working out – to achieve the "zone" described by top athletes.
  • Working on the computer or in the office to increase your levels of focus and concentration
  • Brainstorming and problem-solving
  • Producing creative projects – perfect for artists and writers.
  • Improving attention and concentration – this technology has proven effective in treating patients with ADD/ADHD

The Focus CDs use binaural audio technology. If you have a history of seizures or epilepsy, please consult your physician prior to using the CDs.

Get Superior Results for a Fraction of the Cost

With this technology, there is no special equipment to buy. And while similar (and often inferior) products are being offered by other companies at prices ranging from $99 to $160 – and that is usually just for the first level of their multiple-level program! – the Insight CD costs only $34.95, the Focus CDs just $19.95, and there are no other levels (and their consequential endless marketing) at all! Here are several reasons why I strongly advise using this audio technology over those offered by other companies:

  • Affordable low price
  • No need to purchase multiple levels… everything you need is really right there and you won't be led on to having to purchase subsequent volumes
  • Optimum audio technology
  • One-of-a-kind use of high & low frequencies
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