"Avoid These Common Mistakes That Can Weaken Your Immune System"

Learn how to avoid 'stress' mistakes and support your immune system...*


The busy lifestyle most people have today means you may not always be making as healthy of food choices as you would like. Many of the “grab-and-go” type foods that are available are processed and laden with salt and sugar. Too much sugar can wreak havoc on an already stressed immune system.

People also spend a lot more time indoors today, which means you’re not getting adequate time in the sun for proper vitamin D synthesis. Not to mention, being cramped up in close quarters with other people and being exposed to allergens and other immune attackers.

How about these other common mistakes that can help keep the immune system from functioning optimally?

  • Too much stress. Emotional stress has a bigger effect on physical well-being than you may realize. Excess stress can play a role in compromising your immune system.
  • Not enough exercise. Exercise is one of the BEST strategies to help maintain a healthy immune system, via the increased circulation and blood flow delivering nutrients farther and wider throughout your system.
  • Sleep. Getting adequate and quality sleep gives your body time to heal and recharge.
  • Care for your digestive tract. Scientific research shows that 80% of your immune system resides inside your digestive tract. In my opinion, the best strategy you can use is to take a high-quality probiotic to support your digestive tract.

Many people I speak with fail to optimize their health in one or more of these ways.

But there is a compensatory action you can take to help maintain your immune health during times of stress.

Your Immune System Is Your Body's Bodyguard

Your immune system is a complicated, interesting and amazing system which helps keep you healthy and strong, protecting your body from environmental stressors.

However, no matter what you do (or how closely you follow the plan above), sometimes your immune system gets tested. That's why you also need a backup plan.

All great athletes know this. They train hard so their bodies stay healthy and they can perform at their best. But they still have physiotherapists and health professionals on call because they know sometimes life can dish out more at you than you expect.

They always have a support strategy in place. So...

What Can You Do To Support Your Immune System In
The Months Ahead?*

It’s very tough to simply “think” your way into good health. Listen, many "positive thinkers" might consider this approach negative. But I think it's just being prudent, realistic and sensible. After all, no matter how confident mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary was when he set off for Mount Everest, do you think he left without the tools and backup supplies needed to help in the event of any situation he would encounter?

Of course not. And you shouldn't be heading into any season without a tool to "back up" your immune system either because you need...

A Free Radical-Busting Plan to Help Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Free radicals are unstable, destructive molecules that lack electrons. And while they form naturally as a result of normal metabolic processes like breathing, they can increase due to things like stress, poor diet and environmental stressors.

In a nutshell, free radicals have the ability to keep your immune system from functioning optimally.

Free radicals keep your immune system from functioning at top form.

So what can you do to promote your immune system and protect against environmental stressors? Well, your body already produces antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. But as we grow older, the levels of antioxidants drop significantly. It is estimated that by age 40, your antioxidant level is at 50%, and by the age of 60 to 70, it is down to around 5% to 10%. So you need to get your hands on a healthy supply of antioxidants to "mop up" these scavenger molecules as soon as they start to pose a threat.

Please don't make the mistake of just ignoring this and hoping everything will be okay. Take action! Remember, there's a huge difference between earned and justifiable optimism and dangerous optimism. You must be prepared.

And while you can do everything in your power to give your body the immune support it needs seasonally, just like leading athletes, you also need to make sure you have a backup plan in case life throws you a curve ball, which it so often does.

You know that there must be a solution: an effective way to help support your immune system when it gets tested. But knowing what to take and who to buy it from (so you actually get what you pay for) can be very confusing with all the information that is out there on this topic.

Finally, there is a supplement formulated to support your immune system with 10 ingredients power-packed into one concentrated little capsule.*

My Top Choices for Immune Supporting Herbs

The whole herbs and extracts in my Immune Support were carefully selected for their ability to support a stressed immune system.*

Herbs like Boneset and Yarrow help to stimulate the immune system, along with extracts like Elder Flower and Oregano that have been historically used for their natural bacteria-fighting abilities. I’ve also included a small amount of Bee Propolis for its immune-balancing effects and ability to support a normal inflammatory response.*

And of course, I have included two top immune supporting vitamins – Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C. In my opinion, these two vitamins are crucial for not just immune support but overall health and vitality.*

Premium, Top-Quality Ingredients

The premium ingredients in Immune Support are free of major allergens, and made without unnecessary fillers.

You don't realize it but this product is coming to you as a result of many hours of painstaking research. In my opinion, there is simply no other immune support supplement that even comes close.

Just like all of our products, Immune Support is produced according to high-quality standards and best process that we know.

Want to See Why Is It My Recommendation?

Then see how my immune-supporting supplement compares to some of the leading brands...

  Dr. Mercola Immune Support Leading Brands
Some organic ingredients  Yes  Rarely
Free of additives and fillers  Absolutely  Rarely
Major allergens  Soy-, wheat- and dairy-FREE  Questionable

I personally rejected many dozens of alternatives as I diligently sought out, in my opinion, the absolute best product to support your immune system.*

I urge you: Get your backup plan in place before you need it, because when you need extra immune support, time is of the essence and you will be glad you have this extra help at your fingertips.*

Please don't delay. Make a smart and simple move by ordering right away.

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. Q: How long should I take Immune Support?

    A: We recommend that you use Immune Support twice a day for up to 10 days.

    Immune Support may be used repeatedly, although you should take at least a 2-week break between each period of use.

  2. 2. Q: Why can't I take it daily?

    A: Continuous use of certain botanicals in this formula can lead to a reduced ability to absorb and effectively utilize the nutrients.

  3. 3. Q: Is there any potential harm in taking Immune Support more than 10 days in a row?

    A: It is designed to be used for 10 days. While not necessarily harmful, you can reduce your ability to effectively absorb and utilize the nutrients.

  4. 4. Q: What's the difference between Immune Support and Fermented Mushroom Complex?

    A: Immune Support is a complex of immune-supporting herbs like oregano oil, olive leaf extract, propolis, dimethylglycine, and European Elder Flower. It is designed for short-term use.*

    Fermented Mushroom Complex is a whole food blend of 7 domestically grown organic mushrooms known for their ability to support your immune system. Fermented Mushroom Complex can be used long-term as directed.*

  5. 5. Q: Is there anything I can do to minimize an occasional aftertaste from Immune Support?

    A: Everyone is different when it comes to experiencing aftertastes from herbal products such as this. Consuming more water with each dose might help, as well as consuming right after a meal.


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