The Silent Deficiency That Can Rob Your Pet’s Heart, Brain and Cells of Energy – and Life

Your pet's body depends on this coenzyme to help tame free radicals, support heart health and supply energy to cells. Problem is, your pet's ability to make this crucial substance declines with age. It’s in your hands to make sure she has enough to fully support her cells, tissues and organs.

  • This coenzyme helps make energy for just about every cell, and without it, your pet’s cells, tissues and organs can’t function properly.
  • Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump is a non-synthetic formula in the reduced form that may be better absorbed than regular CoQ10 (ubiquinone).
  • Our formula uses a revolutionary airless pump technology that locks out oxygen to help keep every last drop fresh, and eliminates the need to slice open messy capsules.

Your pet's body requires cellular energy to properly function. Not only does this energy keep your pet alive and active, but it also promotes health in many ways you can't see.

It’s usually apparent when your pet has plenty of energy. He has a hearty appetite, is eager to play and seems content.

Energy levels are closely linked to overall health. So, naturally, younger animals tend to be full of vitality and generally enjoy a high level of health.

But what about when your pet reaches ‘middle age’ and beyond, and begins showing signs of less youthful vigor or less-than-optimal health?

As your pet ages, she may even still appear full of vigor on the outside, but that can sometimes be deceiving. It’s not always easy to know what’s happening on the inside.

The most important question to ask is this: How do you know she has the necessary energy to optimally support her heart, brain, immune system and so much more?

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A Hidden Source of Energy for Your Pet

There's a coenzyme that works in your pet's body that helps make energy for just about every cell. And the healthy function of not only every cell, but also every tissue and organ depend on it.

Just like with your own body, your pet's body requires this essential coenzyme – Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short – to function properly.

CoQ10 is a compound produced naturally in the liver, but you’ll find it at work deep down in the mitochondria – the cell's powerhouse.

Cells use CoQ10 to support their overall energy and healthy growth. But certain cells especially need it and are more likely to suffer from a shortage.

Heart, liver and muscle tissue contain more mitochondria per cell than other body parts, and, therefore, contain the most CoQ10.

So, heart, liver and muscle cells require high levels of CoQ10 and so do other cells with a fast turnover, like mouth tissue cells, intestinal mucosal cells and immune system cells.

Coenzyme Q10 offers wide-range support in your pet's body, including:

  • Contributing to healthy normal circulation.
  • Supporting cardiovascular health.
  • Maintaining healthy levels of oxygen in tissues.
  • Supporting strong, healthy muscles.
  • Promoting optimal immune function.
  • Supporting healthy gums.
  • Promoting optimal gastrointestinal health.

As a Potent Antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 Fights Oxidative Stress and Cellular Aging

Another important role CoQ10 plays in your pet's body is that of an antioxidant, protecting cells, tissues and organs against oxidative stress.

Antioxidants fight damaging particles in the body known as free radicals. A certain amount of free radicals is always present, but when the number of free radicals increases, they can inflict a significant amount of damage.

Excess free radicals can change how genes express themselves and alter DNA. Plus, they can damage cell membranes, leading to oxidative stress and inflammation, which can contribute to cellular aging.

Stress, pollution and poor diet are just a few of the factors that increase the production of free radicals inside your pet’s body. So does normal, everyday cellular and metabolic activity.

Our pets already live way too short of lives. When you take steps to help control excess free radicals, you help your pet live the longest, healthiest life possible.

Your pet’s body needs abundant antioxidants to help combat all the everyday dietary and environmental stressors and to slow down the effects of excessive cellular aging – especially antioxidants that powerfully support the heart, liver, muscle and mouth tissues.

Antioxidants, including CoQ10, can potentially neutralize the effects of free radicals and help reduce or prevent some of the damage they cause. Plus, CoQ10 helps optimize the effectiveness of other antioxidants, too, like vitamin C.

Factors That Can Drain Your Pet's CoQ10 Levels

Just like with your own body, as your pet reaches middle age, his level of CoQ10 gradually diminishes. Your pet's ability to convert CoQ10 into its active form, ubiquinol, declines as well.

Certain conditions can affect your pet's ability to get enough ubiquinol, such as:

  • Increased stress load on his body.
  • Not enough CoQ10 in his diet.
  • Greater metabolic demand from cells and tissues.
  • A shortage of factors to convert CoQ10 into its active form, ubiquinol.

You may be wondering if your pet can get CoQ10 from her diet. Food sources of CoQ10 include oily fish like mackerel, salmon and sardines, organ meats and whole grains.

But here's the challenge...

Even if your pet were to consume a diet high in these sources every day, she would still be faced with her body's age-related decreased ability to convert CoQ10 into the active form, ubiquinol.

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How to Help Boost Declining CoQ10 Levels

Because of absorption and conversion issues that come with age, simply adding more food sources of CoQ10 into your pet's diet may not help him get the ubiquinol levels he needs for optimal health.

Instead, I advise pet parents to offer their companions a quality ubiquinol supplement.

CoQ10 supplements come in two forms: ubiquinone and ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol is a reduced form of CoQ10 and is the form I recommend for dogs and cats.

Ubiquinol Pumps for Pets


  • Studies show the reduced and non-oxidized form, ubiquinol, may be better absorbed than the non-reduced form, regular CoQ10 (ubiquinone).
  • Ubiquinol is especially beneficial for supporting heart muscle.
  • Your pet’s body can more easily – and more rapidly – absorb CoQ10 when it is in its active state, ubiquinol.
  • Ubiquinol offers a strong first stage defense against oxygen free radicals to optimally fight the normal signs of aging caused by oxidative stress.

Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump is a convenient way to provide your pet with the preferred, reduced form of CoQ10, ubiquinol.

Unlike many other CoQ10 supplements on the market, our non-synthetic formula is highly-absorbable and easy to use.

Who May Benefit Most From Ubiquinol?

Which pets can potentially benefit from Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump?

  • Any breed of cat or dog that might be at increased risk for cardiac issues or who could use additional cardiovascular support
  • Large and giant breed puppies who might benefit from extra antioxidants like ubiquinol at an early age
  • All cats and dogs, age seven and older, to help minimize oxidative stress and support optimal health
  • Performance and athletic animals to support recovery from strenuous muscle use

All of these pets can likely benefit from a daily supplemental dose of Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump to help increase their chances for a vibrantly healthy life.

While all cats are at risk of developing heart issues, some breeds are at higher risk. These breeds include the Ragdoll (and related breeds), Maine Coon, Sphynx and Rex.

Many dog breeds are at higher risk for cardiac issues.

Depending on the specific heart concern, smaller breeds (under 40 pounds) most at risk include the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, English Bulldog, Fox Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature and Toy Poodles, Pekingese, Pomeranian and Whippet.

Larger at-risk dogs include the Afghan Hound, Boxer, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard and Scottish Deerhound.

For optimal heart benefits, it’s important to start supplementing with Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump as early in life as possible, especially with higher risk breeds.


What Can Ubiquinol Potentially Do For Your Pet?

When you give your pet the gift of Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump, you may help:

  1. Optimize energy production for cells and bodily functions.
    • Help your pet live a more active, energetic life
    • Support optimal energy production
    • Promote healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range
  2. Support optimal heart health.
    • Promote a strong cardiovascular system
    • Help maintain the critical energy level for your pet's most vital muscle – his heart.
  3. Protect cells against free radical damage.
    • Provide antioxidant support to help minimize oxidative stress to cells, tissues and organs
    • Help recharge other antioxidants to their optimal, active states
  4. Reduce the signs of normal cellular aging caused by oxidative stress.
    • Help restore youthful vigor in your mature pet
    • Support alertness and responsiveness to stimuli
    • Help maintain optimal health even as she ages
  5. Support optimal immune function.
    • Promote a healthy immune response to stress
    • Help defend against free radicals for optimal immune health
  6. Support optimal brain and nervous system function.
    • Help keep your pet's mind active and sharp
    • Help satisfy her brain's enormous energy demands

Let me ask you this... Doesn't it make sense to take a proactive stance now, while your pet is healthy?

Tips to Help Support Your Pet's Heart Health

  1. Help your pet maintain a healthy body weight by promoting regular aerobic exercise.
  2. Feed a high-quality, fresh food diet containing optimal protein levels and quality fats such as coconut and krill oils.
  3. Support your pet's dental health with regular veterinary checkups, frequent brushing and healthy chews (I recommend Healthy Pets Dental Bones)
  4. Ask your veterinarian about the proBNP blood test - a simple, fast blood test that can help you manage your pet's heart heath.

How Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump Stands Apart From Other Formulas

With Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump, there are no messy, oily pills to cut open. Instead, we use a revolutionary airless pump technology.

A cinch to use, this airless pump technology:

  • Helps preserve the ubiquinol from oxygen intrusion, so it stays fresh to the last drop.
  • Offers no-fuss application with no tablets to crush or divide, or oily capsules to slice open. Best of all, there's no taste, so your pet won’t detect it.
  • Is quick and easy to use – simply press the pre-measured pump to deliver the correct dose according to your pet's weight.

One of the biggest problems with some other CoQ10 and ubiquinol products is that they can spoil easily and go rancid. A rancid oil can be even worse than no oil at all.

Thankfully, our unique airless technology prevents that from happening, so you can feel confident that your pet is receiving fresh ubiquinol all the way to the bottom of the container.

For effective delivery, CoQ10 and ubiquinol must be mixed into an oil. Our Ubiquinol is packed into health-supporting Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCT Oil.

When I started researching ubiquinol supplements for pets, I was disappointed to discover so many low-quality CoQ10 products on the market.

We truly believe we are working with one of the top CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplement manufacturers in the U.S. today.

The manufacturer of Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump utilizes exceptionally high-quality standard practices. In fact, they actually follow strict human GMP standards in their manufacturing processes.

Plus, they’ve been awarded and filed applications on at least 24 U.S. and international patents, including 10 for their ubiquinol manufacturing process.

You can’t be too careful when shopping for a quality ubiquinol product for your pet. Always insist that whichever product you buy, it is solidly backed by a manufacturer that utilizes the highest quality standards.

Help Fuel Your Pet's Potential for an Energy-Filled Life – Order Ubiquinol Today

Ubiquinol Pumps for Pets

When you give your pet Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump, you're giving him a great chance at his best health possible.

With Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump, you can potentially help:

  • Boost energy and stamina levels.
  • Support cardiovascular health.
  • Reduce normal signs of aging caused by oxidative stress.
  • Support healthy immune system function.
  • Protect against excess free radicals.
  • Maintain optimal overall health.
  • Support brain and nervous system health.

Why take a chance when it's so easy to provide the added assurance of Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump? It's a small price to pay for the potential for optimal health and vitality, so order your supply today.

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  1. 1. How much Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump do I give my pet?

    The recommended dosage varies according to your pet's weight. Consult the product label for this information.

  2. 2. I notice other CoQ10 products sometimes contain hidden ingredients. Is there anything else in Bark & Whiskers Ubiquinol Liquid Pump?

    You're right – some products do. One ingredient found in some CoQ10 supplements is citrus extract that some sources say should not be used for cats.

    My formulation doesn’t contain citrus extract or any synthetic fillers or carriers. We’ve added just a touch of silica, natural tocopherols to help maintain freshness and natural-sourced medium chain triglycerides, a non-irritating, quality fat derived from coconut oil.

  3. 3. Why is there a ‘Cautions’ statement on the label, and what does it mean?

    This 'Cautions' statement must be included on all of our Bark & Whiskers™ products as mandated by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and is part of the organization’s rigorous standards to ensure the highest level of product quality and animal safety. The NASC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals throughout the U.S. by promoting the safety, quality and integrity of animal health supplements. We follow these recommendations to ensure we are doing all we can to guarantee the safety and well-being of your pet, making sure our products meet the highest industry standards.

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