“Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy and Clean with My Sustainable Toothbrush”

I truly believe that good dental hygiene for pets is absolutely essential to their overall health and wellbeing, and although a species appropriate diet can dramatically reduce how quickly plaque and tartar accumulates, most animals need consistent brushing to avoid dental disease in their lifetime.

There are different products, such as dental sprays and teeth-cleaning treats and bones you can use to help keep pets’ teeth clean, but I always recommend brushing your dog or cats teeth in conjunction with all other options. It’s the best and most efficient way to ensure good dental health.

In order to help you, I have found what I believe to be the best option for your furry family member... a toothbrush that not only cleans thoroughly and effectively, but is also safe for your animal and is eco-friendly.

But first, let’s look at why a regular pet dental routine is essential...

Woman Showing her Dog's Teeth
Pet dental problems can lead to other serious health concerns and affect your dog’s or cat’s overall wellbeing. Start a dental routine early to help prevent potential disease.

There are many reasons why you should clean your pet’s teeth often – if possible, once a day, but at least several times a week. Just like with us, pet dental problems can lead to other major health concerns, and can ultimately affect your dog’s or cat’s overall well-being.

Regular pet dental care is necessary in order to:

  • Prevent plaque, tartar, and calculus from building up on teeth
  • Inspect for broken or fractured teeth
  • Discover possible developmental or orthodontic problems

Pets can have major problems in their mouths, including painful teeth and gums, and still eat just fine, so you might not know something is wrong unless you look.

By the time they are 3 years old, many dogs and cats already have the early signs of gum disease (periodontal disease).

Periodontal disease can cause a lot of oral pain for pets, especially when it’s advanced, so the best treatment is to start a preventative treatment plan early. If you introduce a dental cleaning routine to pets when they are young, they get used to having their mouths inspected and gums and teeth disinfected, which makes things so much easier for them, and for you.

Tips for Brushing Pet’s Teeth


In this video, I instruct on how to start the process of cleaning your cat’s teeth… one step at a time with the end goal of using a top-quality pet toothbrush. This incredibly useful method can be used for both cats and dogs.

As with anything new you introduce to your pet, it’s always good to start slow and build up trust and a routine until it’s comfortable for both of you. If your pet isn’t used to having her face or lips touched, start by slowly desensitizing them to this by incorporating gentle and light touch around their muzzle and lips. Once they are no longer nervous about having the outside of their mouths touched, it will make it less stressful to begin desensitizing their teeth and gums.

Once your pet accepts you gently slipping your index finger under their lips, you can begin incorporate the following steps:

  1. Dip your finger in something your pet likes, like chicken broth, almond butter, or coconut oil.
  2. As your pet licks it off, gently rub your fingers against the sides of his teeth and gums. Lift his lips as you would when brushing.
  3. After your pet accepts your finger moving over his teeth, wrap your finger in gauze and repeat the process. The gauze provides a mildly abrasive surface that allows tender gums to adjust to the action of brushing.
  4. Next you can incorporate a pet-safe toothpaste or dental gel on the gauze to get them used to the taste.
  5. Repeat this exercise twice a day for a few days to several weeks until you feel your pet is ready, and then you can move onto a toothbrush.

Always ensure the toothbrush you use is also safe for use with your dog or cat...

Sustainable Bamboo Pet Toothbrush

Moso bamboo for Pet Toothbrush
You can feel good about giving your pet a toothbrush made of a sustainable, renewable resource: bamboo. The Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush is made from bamboo that is organically grown, sustainable, and biodegradable.

Unlike regular plastic toothbrushes that will end up in a landfill after use, you can feel good about giving your pet a toothbrush made of a sustainable, renewable resource – bamboo.

Bamboo grows extremely fast and is even named by Guinness World Records as the fasting growing plant. Plus, once you cut and harvest it, it regenerates so you don’t have to restart the planting process.

Bamboo also releases more oxygen into the air than hardwood trees, and helps prevent soil erosion.

My Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush is made from Moso bamboo, which is organically grown, sustainable, and biodegradable.

Plus, since pandas don’t like to eat that type of bamboo, their food source is not depleted – making this a “panda-friendly” product.

Non-Toxic Toothbrush Handle and Bristles

Of course, when brushing your dog’s or kitty’s teeth, an obvious question is whether or not the toothbrush is safe for pets to chew on.

Bamboo, in general, is widely used around the world as a way to help clean pet’s teeth – since it’s so fibrous, it cleans while pets chew on it.

And my Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush is made of bamboo that is grown without any added chemicals or pesticides of any kind, so it’s non-toxic – making it completely safe for your pet to have in her mouth.

The bristles of the toothbrush are also non-toxic. They are made of nylon that is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and recyclable. After much testing, I found that the particular nylon used is the best possible bristle for your pet’s mouth – with the best handle for the Earth.

Hand-Made with Love, Care, and Recyclable Packaging

Each Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush is hand-made in a family-owned open air workshop in the mountainous regions of Shanghai – after the bamboo is safely and conscientiously harvested. Instead of a giant conveyor belt operation, each brush is made one at a time… leaving an extremely small carbon footprint.

After each bamboo toothbrush is made, it’s packaged in recycled AND recyclable materials. The backing cards are made with post-consumer waste, and are re-recyclable and printed with soy-based ink. The plastic, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is arguably the most easily recycled plastic commercially available --- able to be recycled many times over.

Use Alone… Or with My Advanced Dental Gel

Although you can use my Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush with nothing on it to clean your pet’s teeth, you can also use a safe and effective dental gel, like my Dental Gel for Pets.

Healthy Pets Dental Gel contains 8 essential oils and extracts to:

  • Help clean your pet’s teeth
  • Freshen breath
  • Promote clean gums

All of the ingredients used in the gel are plant-based and completely safe without adverse effects for both cats and dogs. Plus, it comes in a peppermint flavor pets enjoy.

Start Your Pet’s Healthy Dental Routine Today!

A Dog with Healthy Teeth
Protect your pet’s smile and overall health with an Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush!

It’s never too late, or too early, to start brushing your pet’s teeth… it will help secure their good health and prevent future problems.

I truly believe my Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush is the best option for your dog or cat’s needs... being made of bamboo with bristles that get a deep, thorough clean.

Start now developing a dental routine for your best friend!

Your pet will thank you for a brighter, happier smile!

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