Treat Your Pet to a Non-Toxic Bed Wrapped in Hypoallergenic Silk and Organic Cotton

Ordinary pet beds are loaded with fire retardant chemicals that present toxic hazards for your pet. Help protect your pet’s health with a non-toxic pet bed made with strong, durable cotton and silk, and completely free of chemicals.

  • Premium Pet Bed is a luxurious bed for dogs and cats, made of durable fibers and free from toxic fire-retardant chemicals common to ordinary pet beds, such as PBDEs, boric acid, antimony and formaldehyde.
  • Made with 100% hypoallergenic silk – which repels dust mites – and organic cotton, Premium Pet Bed provides your cat or dog with a supremely comfortable place to rest without exposure to dust mites or toxic chemicals.
  • The organic cotton cover is removable and easy to clean, and it naturally promotes healthy air circulation to aid your pet in temperature regulation so he can rest comfortably.

Historians say that people have been using fire-resistant materials for thousands of years, at least since the times of ancient Egypt and Greece.

In fact, the very first fire-resistant substance was given a name by the Greeks that means “inextinguishable.” We know it today as asbestos.

We also know that asbestos can cause serious health problems, which is why it came under heavy regulation in the U.S. in the 1970s. In the years since, its use has been banned for a long list of products in the U.S., and banned outright in the E.U.

Unfortunately, that has cut out only one toxic threat.

Many of the other products developed to reduce fire risk carry their own toxic threat. And they’re applied widely to all kinds of products in your home.

From electronic devices to construction materials, to furniture, carpets and mattresses, fire retardant chemicals are everywhere.

While you can’t avoid them entirely, you can limit exposure by choosing products free of these chemicals when you have the choice. And a great place to start is where you spend the most time – your bed.

Several years ago, I realized I wanted non-toxic, organic bedding not only for myself, but also for my furry family members. While there were a number of choices on the market for me, I couldn’t find a non-toxic pet bed… anywhere.

I realized there was a huge need for a healthy pet bed that I and other pet guardians could trust to keep our pets safe from the flame-retardant chemicals and other potential toxins often found in common pet beds.

Let me explain why a toxin-free space is so important for your cat or dog…

The Hidden Dangers of Flame-Retardant Chemicals in Ordinary Pet Beds

Just like beds made for humans, pet beds are also treated with a very toxic group of chemicals called flame retardants.

Flame retardants are designed to cause fabrics and furniture to burn more slowly in the event of fire. However, they do it at a steep cost… the cost of increased health risks.

One particular type of flame-retardant chemical, called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), is particularly dangerous. Studies show PBDEs may contribute to health problems in people and pets, including negative effects on:

  • Endocrine function
  • Normal prenatal development
  • Nervous system
  • Cognitive health
  • Cellular health
  • Metabolic function
  • Glandular function

This class of flame retardants has received a lot of attention from groups concerned about toxicity, but they aren’t the only ones applied to consumer products.

Other flame-retardant chemicals regularly applied to consumer products include boric acid, a toxic respiratory irritant; antimony, a metal potentially more toxic than mercury; and organophosphates, which can negatively affect the nervous system.

Similar to human beds, if a pet bed is not marketed as organic and free of toxic flame retardants, you can assume that it has been treated with these chemicals.


Flame Retardants Don’t Stay Confined to the Surface They’re Applied To

It’s bad enough that your pet comes in contact with toxins when she lays on or rubs up against chemically treated surfaces. But that’s not the only way she can be exposed.

Many flame-retardant chemicals don’t stay confined to the furniture they’re in. They continually off-gas, so you and your pets could be inhaling them on a daily basis.

Most pets, especially cats, spend a large amount of time indoors, making them more vulnerable to indoor air pollution from toxic chemicals in the home.

Flame retardants can be found on everything from the carpet, to beds, to couches… all the places where your furry friend likes to lounge.

There are also many other potentially dangerous chemicals on these surfaces, including formaldehyde, a well-known hazardous toxin, and phthalates, which can disrupt healthy endocrine function.

Many of these chemicals break down slowly, releasing toxic gasses or disintegrating into particles that mix with the dust in your house, which is then easily inhaled or ingested by your pet.

By choosing an organic, toxin-free bed for your pet, you provide her with a non-toxic space where she can go to escape the overload of toxins in her environment.

This is especially important for older animals with health problems, younger pets that are still growing and developing, and pregnant females. These animals can be especially vulnerable to the effects of chemically-treated surfaces.

Why Cats Are More Susceptible to Toxic Exposure

Cats are especially vulnerable to toxic chemical exposure in their household.

This is because kitties are constantly grooming themselves, so they end up ingesting the toxic chemicals that have collected on their fur and skin.

Studies show that many cats have very high levels of flame-retardant chemicals, namely PBDEs, in their blood. Ingestion of these toxins has been linked to possible serious health issues in cats.

As the American Animal Hospital Association reports, one study found cats with higher exposure to organophosphate flame retardants also had a higher incidence of hyperthyroid disease.

Another study found that indoor cats have high levels of PDBEs in their blood.

Providing your cat with surfaces free of flame retardants can help reduce his exposure to these toxic substances, and the risks that come with it.

Organic Cotton and Silk Provide All-Natural Comfort – Without Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Premium Pet Bed

Since flame retardants are obviously a significant hazard to cats and dogs, I wanted to find a pet bed option that would be safer and healthier than the ones I was able to find on the market…

I was delighted when I found the Premium Pet Bed. This top-quality pet bed doesn’t need dangerous flame-retardant chemicals…

It’s made with organic cotton and silk, which are both naturally flame-resistant materials.

When I thought about the type of bed I wanted for my own pets, I knew I wanted one that would meet the same standards that I apply for a mattress I would personally choose to sleep on.

I wanted it to be:

  • Completely safe and non-toxic.
  • Free from flame retardants and other chemicals.
  • Made with natural materials.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Breathable, to maximize comfort.

The Premium Pet Bed meets all these standards. Plus, it has a removable cover for easy washing.

My pets have tried it out and they love it.

This Bed Can Hold Up to Any Dog’s Thrashing

There may be some dog parents asking, “What if my pet tries to chew through this bed?”

They’ve likely had the frustrating experience of buying a dog bed, only to have their enthusiastic chewer tear it to shreds within days.

As the guardian of two pit bulls who are very aggressive chewers, I can assure you the Premium Pet Bed is highly durable. It has withstood all of their rough play, and handled their habit of dragging it around the house.

It’s all in the design…

This tough bed is made with a sturdy outer organic cotton shell lined with durable silk, and then stuffed with a poly microfiber fill.

Organic cotton and silk are very soft, but extremely strong and resilient, making them tough to tear. This creates two layers of heavy-duty protection doubled up against the assault of animals who like to chew on their beds, or drag them around the house.

White Silk

The Hypoallergenic Benefits of Silk

Another great feature of my Premium Pet Bed is that, unlike the synthetic pet beds on the market, this one actually helps reduce irritation from a variety of allergies in pets.

Both cats and dogs can suffer from allergies and develop “hot spots,” an irritating condition that leads to them to scratch and chew until their skin is sore, red and irritated.

Hot spots and other skin problems tend to develop in overly warm, moist environments. The breathable natural materials in the Premium Pet Bed can help prevent hot spots and allergies by reduce overheating.

The silk layer also helps prevent another major allergic irritant… dust mites.

These annoying little critters can be found in carpeting, upholstery, mattresses, and bedding – almost anywhere. They can cause annoying itching, scratching, and irritation for pets who are allergic to them. And they can be a year-round problem.

But dust mites can’t stand silk. Since it’s uninhabitable for them, it’s great for your pet, making a natural, breathable and hypoallergenic lining for the Premium Pet Bed.

Making It Simple to Keep It Clean

Cleaning larger pet beds can be a challenge. You can’t just throw it in your home washing machine, and taking it to a laundry with oversized washers is far from convenient.

That’s why it’s ideal to have a removable cover that can be quickly and easily washed. For pets with allergies, it’s especially important to wash bedding regularly to help control skin irritation.

The outer cover on the Premium Pet Bed is both easy to remove for washing, and mold-resistant.

Many pet beds are not washable, and if they are, it can be a real chore to get them truly clean, completely dry, and reshaped. They can leave you wondering whether you really got all the gunk out, or whether there could be moisture still trapped inside that will create further problems down the road.

It’s easy to keep the Premium Pet Bed clean and fresh. Just take off the outer cover whenever it needs a wash and run it through your washing machine.

Dog and cat sleeping

Give Your Pet the Gift of Non-Toxic, High Quality Comfort

In our modern world, toxic threats to your pet’s health abound everywhere.

By giving her a safe place to sleep, you can help reduce the toxic load on your pet’s body – and help protect her health.

While younger pets and older pets tend to be more vulnerable to the effects of toxins, pets of any age can be susceptible to the accumulation of flame retardants and other chemicals.

The Premium Pet Bed provides your pet with a clean, safe, top-quality bed made with the finest of natural materials.

Premium Pet Bed

You can feel confident that you’re giving your pet the best thanks to the fact that it’s:

  • Entirely chemical-free.
  • Made of comfortable organic cotton, hypoallergenic silk, and poly fill.
  • Durably constructed to make it hard for pets to chew through.
  • Breathable, to help reduce pet allergies and hot spots.
  • Easy to clean.

Avoid ordinary pet beds that are loaded with fire retardants and other chemicals that can cause long-term health problems for your pet.

Instead, promote her good health with a non-toxic bed wrapped in hypoallergenic silk and organic cotton. Order her a Premium Pet Bed today.

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  1. 1. What are the washing instructions for this pet bed?

    Unlike other pet beds, a major advantage of the Premium Pet Bed is that it can be easily washed. The Premium Pet Bed has a mold-resistant outer cover that you can remove for convenient, easy washing – just machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle, and then tumble dry using low heat.

  2. 2. What are the dimensions of each size bed?

    The Premium Pet Bed comes in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large. Following are the dimensions for each size:

    Medium: 27” x 21” x 3”

    Large: 35” x 27” x 3”

    Extra-Large: 45” x 35” x 3”

  3. 3. Should I worry about my pet chewing this bed?

    No – the bed is made of very durable materials that are hard for pets to chew through. I have two dogs that are very aggressive chewers and the bed has no holes or tears.

  4. 4. Why are the pet beds made in China?

    All Dr. Mercola bedding with silk is made in China. China produces around 80% of the world’s silk, with India making up the remainder. Silk weaving was invented in China and is a craft they have been perfecting for centuries.

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