"Improve Your Dog’s Dental Health – the Way They Like Best"


What's the biggest disease culprit I see in most dogs, regardless of age, breed, sex and immune status?

Dental disease.

It may sound surprising, but more than 3 out of 4 dogs over the age of 3 have oral disease.

If not addressed immediately and thoroughly, dental disease can strip your pets of not only their teeth, but their overall health.

Poor dental care – the main culprit – can weaken the surface of your pet’s gums. This breakdown of gum tissue allows mouth bacteria to enter your pet’s bloodstream and travel throughout his body.

Unfortunately, this oral bacteria is potent and is usually hardy enough to resist attacks by your pet’s immune system. Unchecked, the oral bacteria can ultimately affect multiple organ systems, including your pet’s heart.

Proper oral care, including regular brushing and professional dental checkups, is obviously the first and most important step you must take to help protect your pet.

There’s something else you can do to help keep your dog’s teeth clean, in addition to regular brushing.  But unlike brushing, this is something he enjoys, and will likely even look forward to...

So How Can You Tell if Your Dog’s Dental Care Needs More Attention?

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), 80 percent of dogs show oral distress by age 3. It's one of the most common health issues treated in animal health clinics today, and certainly in mine.

While small dogs are especially prone to dental issues as they often have smaller mouths and crowded teeth, all dogs need good, regular oral care.

small dogs dental health
Small dogs, like this Shih Tzu, often have small mouths and crowded teeth, so they need extra attention to their dental health

One of the most common signs of serious oral and dental issues is bad breath – or what's called halitosis.

I don't consider so-called 'doggy breath' to be normal. If your dog has bad breath, I recommend a trip to your veterinarian (preferably one who practices integrative veterinary medicine) for a thorough oral exam.

And please, don’t put it off. Bad breath can be a sign of serious tooth and gum issues. Your pet may already be suffering without you knowing it.

Here’s the other question you need to ask yourself... How diligent are you with brushing your dog’s teeth?

Your dog depends on you to do that for them. Brush your dog's teeth every day.

Just like you wouldn't neglect your own teeth as part of your overall good health – you must be proactive with your dog's teeth. She needs your attention to this important aspect of her health now more than ever.

Your pet’s teeth are just as prone to plaque and tarter build-up as are yours. And she needs regular care, exams and cleanings just like you...

Follow My 4-Point Checklist Today to Give Your Dog's Teeth the Care They Deserve

dogs good oral hygiene
Your dog depends on you to clean his teeth

When food remains on your dog's teeth, plaque forms. If not removed, plaque continues to build on your pet's teeth and eventually hardens.

This can result in serious tooth and gum issues for your dog.

That's why I recommend brushing your dog's teeth daily – just like you would your own teeth. It's the best way to ensure strong, healthy teeth.

If you have a puppy, incorporate good oral hygiene from day one. Incorporating gentle dental care (consider using a soft piece of gauze with a small dot of dog toothpaste) consistently when your dog is young conditions your dog to this routine.

Here's a quick checklist to help you start taking better care of your dog's teeth:

  • Have your dog's teeth checked and professionally cleaned when needed– follow your vet's advice for regular cleanings
  • Instead of a human toothbrush, use a soft-bristle brush like my Eco-Friendly Pet Toothbrush and a gentle pet toothpaste (my Dental Gel, especially when used with a brush, is ideal for daily use to help clean teeth and gums, and freshen breath)
  • Brush your dog's teeth on a daily basis, and use Dental Gel for those times when you can’t brush
  • In between brushing, provide your dog with a tasty dental chew bone

Now, I know how stubborn some dogs can be about having their teeth brushed. That’s one reason why I created my Dental Gel.

Your veterinarian is your best guide to determining what your dog needs, and that may include regular cleanings.

So, what else can you do to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and mouth fresh-smelling?

Edible dental chews.

The right ones can provide good mechanical abrasion as your dog grinds and chews them.

However, just like dry crackers won't clean your teeth, hard, dry dog bones won't get the debris and buildup off your dog's teeth either – even if certain manufacturers advertise they will. They must be just the right consistency...

And the ingredients they contain matter too. The last thing you want to do is offer your pet something that could work against all your good efforts to keep him heathy.

Beware: Many Common Dental Chew Bones May Be Hazardous for Your 'Best Friend'

Most pet parents have no idea what’s in the bones – or dental chew bones – they buy for their dogs.

The next time you’re at the pet store, pick up a package of one of those popular 'green' dental chew bones for dogs and read the ingredients. You’ll be amazed...

Here are some of the not-so-natural “feed grade” ingredients you'll see listed:

  • Gelatin: A potentially toxic animal by-product, created by boiling down various unused parts of animals such as skin, tendon, bone, cartilage and connective tissue.
  • Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate (HSH): Low-carbohydrate artificial sweetener.
  • Soy Protein Isolate: Known allergen, with reduced vitamin, mineral, and protein quality – and increased levels of potential carcinogens.
dental chew bones
What's in the dog chews you're buying now?

And that's just a tiny portion of a very long list of ingredients I believe don't belong in any kind of food or treat for your pup.

Additionally, because these trendy dental chews are so tough and difficult to break down in your dog's mouth, your pet can swallow them almost whole – leading to a mass of undigested gunk potentially blocking her intestinal tract.

The chews simply can't be digested, and they could end up lodging in your dog's esophagus or intestines – remaining hard and solid for days.

The outcome?

If you make it to a veterinarian in time, immediate surgery might save your dog's life. But there are many documented reports of dogs not making it through bowel obstruction surgery – tragic, but true.

And that's why I decided to find an alternative to those trendy yet potentially risky dental chews.

Before I tell you about our Dental Chew Bones, let's talk for a moment about the special needs of puppies, senior dogs and dogs that have lost teeth.

The Unquenchable Need of Puppies to Chew

Puppies like to chew

One way a puppy learns about his world is with his mouth. If you've ever raised a puppy, then you know what I'm about to tell you.

They like to chew – anything and everything!

And those new, razor-sharp teeth can shred toys, shoes, clothing, furniture, pillows and blankets almost faster than you or I can blink an eye.

Puppies chew for many different reasons, including…

  • To play
  • To ease teething discomfort
  • To relieve stress, boredom, and loneliness
  • To explore and interact with their "new" world

Teething, especially, is a time when your puppy has an intense need to chew. Just as a baby's gums become sore as teeth erupt, so do your puppy's during their first six months of life. Chewing on something soft, but firm, helps relieve pain and provides comfort.

But that's not all…

Now Is the Time to Teach Positive Chewing Behaviors

Chewing is simply a normal part of normal puppy growth and development. It's up to you to shape your puppy's behavior by teaching them what's appropriate to chew – and what's not.

And when you start your puppy off right – that is, by providing an acceptable and enjoyable item to chew when they need and want it most – you help establish positive chewing behaviors for years to come.

What's the best chew that you can choose for your puppy?

Obviously, you can't watch over your puppy every minute of the day and night. So, you want to select a dental chew that is…

  • Softer than a regular chew bone, specially made for tender gums
  • Gentle enough to protect baby teeth
  • Tasty to keep them interested
  • Unbreakable or can't splinter and cause your puppy to choke
  • Free from toxic and potentially unhealthy ingredients

Everything considered, you want a healthy dental chew that you know is safe.

Introducing My Human-Grade Dental Chew Bones for Dogs of All Ages – They’re Better Than Ever!

Dental Bone and Gentle Dental for Dogs

We just made what I consider a quantum leap in healthy alternatives to the potentially toxic and non-digestible dental chew bones currently on the market...

Being selective about the quality of ingredients in dental chews is important for a dog of any age, but especially with puppies and older dogs. Some chews contain dangerous non-digestible ingredients.

My better-than-ever human-grade Dental Chew Bones and Gentle Dental Bones are as phenomenal for what they don't contain, as they are for what they do.

Here’s what makes them so remarkable. My personally developed advanced recipe is unique in the market because they contains NO:

  • Carrageenan
  • Wheat, gluten, soy, or corn
  • Animal proteins (perfect for food allergies or sensitivities)
  • Genetically engineered ingredients
  • Animal by-products like gelatin or animal glycerin
  • Saturated fat or trans-fat
  • Added sugar or salt
  • Chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

Best of all, my human grade Dental Chew Bones and Gentle Dental Chew Bones are completely digestible and provide your pet with enjoyable chewing and:

  • Abrasives for cleaner teeth
  • 100 percent wholesome nutrition – the first ingredient is organic brown rice
  • Supplemental calcium and zinc
  • Irresistible, chicken flavor
  • Fresher breath

When Your Dog Begins to Lose Teeth or Has Restorative Dental Work

gentle dental bones

As your dog ages and begins to lose teeth, what do you do?

Your pet still has a need and desire to chew for many of the same reasons as do puppies. Stress… Boredom… Loneliness…

And healthy chewing to keep your pet's remaining teeth clean and gums stimulated is as crucial as ever.

Obviously, you want to select a dental chew that is gentle on sensitive gums and delicate teeth.

In many ways, an older dog's chewing needs aren't that different from a puppy's. And, just like with a puppy, you want to provide a dental chew that you know is safe.

For an older dog, sometimes certain ingredients, such as gluten, are not as well tolerated, so check labels carefully before buying any product.

And dogs of all ages may also have restorative dental work done. Dogs with crowns or other restorative dental work need safe, gentle, abrasive chewing opportunities, too.

My Gentle Dental Chew Bones are the ideal alternative to harder dental bones for puppies who may be experiencing painful teething, dogs with restorative dental work and older dogs with sensitive mouths or fragile teeth.

My human-grade Gentle Dental Chew Bones provide your pet with:

  • Natural cleaning abrasives
  • A chew that is completely digestible
  • An irresistible flavor treat
  • Ingredients for fresher breath
  • 100 percent U.S.A. ingredients for your peace of mind

My Top Reasons Why You'll Approve of Them, Too

Dog with healthy teeth

You'll love keeping my Dental Chew Bones and Gentle Dental Chew Bones on hand for your 'best friend' because:

  • These crumble-free chew bones last longer and dissolve quickly in your pet’s stomach, unlike some other chews
  • They undergo a full range of testing for bacterial contamination for your assurance of safety
  • Each bone provides healthy nutrition, including fiber and supplemental calcium and zinc
  • You won't have to worry about feeding your dog or puppy potentially toxic or unhealthy ingredients that could compromise her well-being
  • You'll feel peace-of-mind knowing you're doing all you can to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy

With either my Dental Chew Bones or Gentle Dental Chew Bones, your dog can sink his teeth into the tough, yet pliable bone material. This chewing action naturally scrapes his teeth and helps to remove grime and built up wastes.

Here’s something else I like about these chew bones...  We have extensive details on the product's nutritional profile, even though there’s no official requirement to do this with dog bones.

It shows me (and I’m sure you, too) that our partner who make these for us has nothing to hide when it comes to the healthy ingredients found in these exceptional bones.

I can tell you from my experience this is not the case with many of the dog chews and bones available today!

Your Canine Buddy Will Love Sinking His Teeth Into These Chew Bones – Guaranteed or Your Money Back (see details below)!

My Dental Chew Bones and Gentle Dental Chew Bones come in two sizes – large and small. So there’s a size that’s perfect for your pet!

To make it more economical and convenient for you, we're packaging your dental bones in a handy 12-bone pack – all individually wrapped to retain freshness.

Your dog’s dental health is too precious to ignore – or put off until another day. Why not take action today and order your pup the Dental Chew Bones that are right for her?

I promise you he or she will love them. If not, simply return them for a refund (please see complete details below).

Plus, I’m certain you will love them because you’ll know you’re helping to keep your pet’s mouth fresh and clean with only wholesome ingredients. And you won’t be putting your pet’s well-being at risk with chews or bones that can crumble or break off into unsafe chunks.

Make your dog’s day. Order my Dental Chew Bones and Gentle Dental Chew Bones in the right size for your pet today!

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