Offer Your Pet the Ultimate in Comfort and Well-Being With the ‘Next Generation’ Curcumin

One of the most significant issues with both turmeric and curcumin is their poor bioavailability potential, meaning there’s no guarantee your pet will benefit from it, even with larger doses. Our breakthrough patented formula offers 24 times greater absorption potential to help you provide your cat or dog with the many potential benefits of curcumin.

  • USDA Certified Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin provides 24 times greater absorption than standard 95% curcuminoid extracts without the need to add black pepper or piperine for increased absorption.
  • Each one-scoop dose supplies 30 mg of Organic Turmeric Rhizome Extract, providing a standardized 9 mg of Curcuminoids.
  • The enhanced bioavailability of our unique formula is created through the synergistic actions of micronized particles and a proprietary colloidal suspension.

If you’ve never heard of the herb turmeric, you are in for quite a treat.

A unique form of this commonly used herb has potent bioactive compounds that can support your pet's health in many different ways. The secret behind turmeric lies in curcumin, the most important of all the curcuminoids.

However, as wonderful as it may be, the curcumin content of pure turmeric powder is very low – approximately 3% by weight. So turmeric powder by itself is not a reliable source of curcumin for your pet.

Using advanced technology, we took curcumin to a whole new level.

Young woman hugging her dog.

How Your Pet Can Potentially Benefit From Curcumin

Even though studies with dogs and cats are limited, based on my experience and that of other holistic veterinarians, curcumin may potentially benefit your pet similarly to how it helps humans.

I've used curcumin with both dogs and cats in my veterinary practice for many years. It's become one of my "go-to" herbs.

This special type of curcumin may help your pet:

  • Support a normal immune response
  • Reduce the effects of everyday environmental stress
  • Limit oxidative damage from free radicals
  • Support normal healthy digestion and gut defense
  • Support a normal inflammatory response
  • Support comfortable, flexible movement
  • Provide antioxidant support
  • Support normal detoxification processes
  • Maintain normal DNA

Plus, there’s one other essential feature about this herb. Most substances, including many vitamins, cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, the protective lining of endothelial cells that guard your pet's brain. Curcumin is one of those rare compounds that can cross the blood-brain barrier and opens up all kinds of possibilities for your pet's brain health.

Why Your Pet May Not Benefit From Turmeric or Regular Curcumin

As I’ve already pointed out, curcumin is the beneficial component of turmeric. This mysterious, beautifully colored herb has been used in India for thousands of years.

With all the forms available, what type of turmeric or curcumin should you pick for your pet?

Most curcumin studies involve the use of the active ingredient itself and not turmeric. So giving your pet turmeric, even the organic variety, isn’t likely to make much of a difference.

And, if it’s not organic, it may contain pesticides and herbicides – something you don’t want to give your pet.

So you may be thinking… natural curcumin is what counts, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are issues with curcumin that few people realize.

Turmeric and curcumin powder.

Curcumin's Shortcomings – and One Way to Overcome Them

To understand why regular curcumin may not provide the benefits you desire for your pet, there are a few crucial things you need to know about this compound.

Curcumin has some severe shortcomings, as it:

  • Tends to be unstable at intestinal pH levels.
  • Is poorly absorbed.
  • Is rapidly eliminated from your pet's body.

In other words, curcumin is not easily absorbed into your pet’s blood. And because of that, much passes through the body unabsorbed and gets eliminated. Further, the liver may quickly metabolize even the tiny amount that does get absorbed.

Some vets advise making an emulsion by mixing curcumin with fats or lecithin to make it more absorbable to compensate for these shortcoming.

Which does help with absorption somewhat, but the extra step takes time and can be messy.

So what’s best for your pet?

Because curcumin holds such potential for your pet, we’ve addressed those annoying absorption issues…

What to Look for in a High–Quality Curcumin

So what should you look for when buying this vital herb for your pet?

This 4-Point Quality Test contains important aspects to look for when buying a high-quality curcumin formula. Use this as a checklist before you purchase a curcumin product for your pet.

Your pet’s curcumin formula should:

  1. Utilize advanced technology to increase bioavailability.

    Curcumin can be highly challenging for your pet’s body to absorb, so a formula offering increased bioavailability is a must.

  2. Provide all three of the curcuminoids found in turmeric.

    Curcumin is the main curcuminoid in turmeric, but it's not the only one. The other two are valuable for your pet's health: demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Having all three curcuminoids is critical, as new research shows that bisdemethoxycurcumin is only activated when the other two curcumin levels (demethoxycurcumin and curcumin) are high.

  3. Be sourced from raw organic turmeric material standardized to curcuminoids.

    Don’t be shortchanged by lesser-quality curcumin. Always look for a standardized curcumin content and curcumin sourced from Certified Organic turmeric.

  4. Avoid unnecessary fillers, additives and risky excipients.

    Your pet doesn't need questionable, unnecessary ingredients.

We’re Dedicated to Your Pet’s Well-Being – We’re a Part of the NASC.

The NASC, or the National Animal Supplement Council, was formed in 2002 in response to an uncertain future for animal health supplements.

To help keep these popular products on market shelves, the NASC was created to work jointly with state and federal regulatory officials to ensure that manufacturers:

  • Successfully complete a quality audit.
  • Follow proper and accurate labeling guidelines.
  • Conduct random product testing.
  • Provide warnings and report any potential adverse effects.

Our active membership in NASC is a positive move for your pet’s well-being. While we're working to help ensure the future health of all companion animals, you're assured quality products that pass the test.

The Secret to Bioavailability Lies in its Micronized Formulation

    Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin  

Over the years, formulators have attempted to improve the absorption and utilization of curcumin and turmeric.

Some of their strategies used ingredients that weren’t approved for human consumption and even less suitable for your cat or dog. Certain ingredients can actually impair biological processes in pets – like piperine, an extract of black pepper.

Researchers have found that decreasing particle size holds the most significant promise for absorption and bioavailability.

Our patented Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin formula uses micronized particles, not nanoparticles – along with a proprietary colloidal suspension. These two processes synergistically create curcuminoids with enhanced bioavailability to provide your pet with optimal benefits.

This unique formula provides 24 times greater absorption than standard 95% curcumin extracts in a cost-effective, low-dose form, without the addition of black pepper or piperine for increased absorption.

Each one-scoop dose of Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin supplies 30 mg of Organic Turmeric Rhizome Extract Complex, standardized to provide 9 mg of curcuminoids.

Six things make our highly bioavailable formula stand apart from other pet turmeric and curcumin supplements:

  1. Our product is USDA Certified Organic and produced with clean ingredients without additives, nanoparticles, contaminants or synthetic ingredients.
  2. It is made with a patented turmeric known for its special water dispersible colloidal suspension of curcuminoids and micronized particles, enhancing its concentration in our formula.
  3. Because of the extract’s much greater absorption ability, your pet requires only a small, cost-effective dose each day.
  4. The turmeric in Organic Turmeric Rhizome Extract Complex ingredient is traceable to the exact field where it was grown.
  5. This formula includes Turmeric Extract Complex, standardized to 9 mg curcuminoids, Quillaia extract, a natural emulsifying agent made from an endemic Chilean tree, Acacia Gum and Sunflower Oil, a formula designed to be highly dispersible in water to improve the bioavailability of the curcuminoids.
  6. Studies show this unique Turmeric Extract Complex remains in the blood for as long as or even longer than other sustained-release formulas on the market.

Our pet-friendly formula is made from premium quality turmeric roots sustainably harvested in its native region in southern India, grown in a clean environment, far from big cities and pollution. In partnership with local farmers, our supplier implements good agricultural practices with full traceability.

Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin Meets the 4-Point Quality Test Standards

Remember the points I told you to seek in a high-quality curcumin formula? Let's take another quick look at the 4-Point Quality Test and see how Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin compares.

Includes all three curcuminoids found in turmeric? Yes. This formula provides curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin.
Avoids unnecessary fillers, additives and excipients? Yes. Curcumin Extract for Cats & Dogs does not use questionable ingredients like magnesium stearate and Polysorbate 80 that your pet doesn't need.
Is sourced from raw organic turmeric material standardized to curcuminoids? Yes. Our formula is sourced from raw Certified Organic turmeric and is standardized to a minimum curcuminoid content.
Uses advanced technology to increase bioavailability? Yes. Our patented formula with micronized particles and proprietary colloidal suspension provides 24 times greater absorption potential.

Until now, there just hasn’t been a curcumin formula that meets all these demanding requirements. There’s no better option for your pet.

‘Next Generation’ Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin Provides the Many Potential Benefits of Both Turmeric and Curcumin

    Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin  

Curcumin simply provides too many potential benefits for your pet’s health and well-being to allow it to go untapped.

Finally, there’s a way to take advantage of one of nature’s finest botanical gifts. Thanks to breakthrough processes, you can now provide your cat or dog with the potential of turmeric and curcumin in a small, cost-effective dose.

Clinically tested on humans, our Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin provides 24 times greater absorption than standard 95% curcuminoid extracts – the ideal way to reap all that turmeric offers.

And with our clean, USDA Certified Organic formula, you don’t need to be concerned with exposing your pet to potentially harmful additives, nanoparticles, contaminants or synthetic ingredients.

Help your cat or dog live the healthy, comfortable life they deserve. Give him only the best nature can provide with our high-absorption Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin. Order your supply today.

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  1. 1. What is the dose of Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin should I be giving my pet?

    Our product includes a convenient, pre-measured scoop so dosing is easy. Administer the following numbers of scoops once a day:

    • Cats and toy breed dogs: ½ scoop
    • Small breed dogs (15-29 lbs.): 1 scoop
    • Medium breed dogs (30-49 lbs.): 2 scoops
    • Large breed dogs (50-79 lbs.): 5 scoops
    • Giant Breed dogs (80+ lbs.): 10 scoops
  2. 2. Are there any side effects of Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin?

    Some pets may develop symptoms of an upset stomach if given too much. If this occurs with your pet, stop use temporarily and restart with a reduced dose.

  3. 3. How should this product be stored?

    For optimal freshness, Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Curcumin should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

Shipping Restrictions:
  • Due to import restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to Canada and Australia.

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