Crafted for the Sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony, This Exclusive Organic Matcha Green Tea is Not Only Delicious But Packed with Nutrition

For centuries, the Japanese tried to keep matcha green tea a guarded secret and closed to the outside world. With our Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea you now have access to a very high-quality, exclusive ceremonial matcha green tea traditionally used in the sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony.

  • Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea is primarily cultivated in the Nishio region in the Aichi prefecture in Japan. Rich in the historic success of matcha cultivation, the Nishio region is one of Japan’s best kept tea secrets.
  • Containing natural sources of dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, L-Theanine and abundant antioxidants, Organic Matcha Green Tea provides an abundance of nutritious ingredients not often found in many foods and beverages.
  • A high-quality organic matcha green tea, this is a very exclusive ceremonial-grade matcha green tea used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony called Chanoyu.

You may have already heard of matcha, a special type of green tea that's been around since the 12th century and has recently become more and more popular.

Well, there are many underlining reasons why so many people have become enamored with this type of tea…

Known for its vibrant green color, rich grassy taste and many potential nutrition benefits, matcha is the powdered form of green tea that's traditionally used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

Supposedly, Japanese Zen monasteries have favored matcha for centuries for its nutritious properties and ability to help promote a calm, meditative state at the same time.

It's believed that the best matcha green tea comes from southern areas of Japan, including Uji, Nishio, Shizuoka, Aichi and Kyushu.

Matcha word written in matcha powder

Why Matcha Green Tea May Be Nutritionally Superior

Next to pure water, drinking organic matcha tea is one of the most nutritious beverages you can consume.

What sets matcha and regular green teas apart are the distinct differences in cultivation, harvesting, production and nutritional profile.

To produce organic matcha green tea, the tea bushes must be shaded from sunlight 20 to 30 days before harvest.

Protecting the leaves from direct sunlight stimulates the production of amino acids and increases the chlorophyll levels.

After the finest Tencha leaves are harvested by hand, they are steamed to preserve their color and nutrition potential.

The leaves are then dried and aged in cold storage, their stems and veins removed, before being stone-ground on a granite block until they turn into fine powder. This milling technique does not expose the matcha to harmful heat that could degrade the fragile antioxidants.

Unlike other tea variants, which are served by soaking the tea leaves in hot water, organic matcha green tea is prepared by whisking the powder in hot water until a layer of froth is formed.

When compared to many traditional brewed green teas, with matcha, the entire tea leaf is consumed in powdered form when drinking. This helps retain the potential nutrient-rich value available from the leaf.

An Incredible Bounty of Nutritious Properties

Matcha not only makes a great-tasting green tea, it’s packed with nutritious properties like few other foods and beverages.

Organic matcha green tea offers natural sources of…

  • Vitamins including A and C.
  • Nutrient-rich chlorophyll.
  • Beta-carotene – up to 9 times more than spinach.
  • L-Theanine – a potent amino acid.
  • Caffeine – lower amount than coffee due to L-Theanine.
  • Antioxidants – contains over 100 times the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) catechin antioxidant than standard green tea.

In fact, matcha green tea has a greater concentration of antioxidant properties than fruits such as blueberries and strawberries, as well as orange juice.

Naturally low in calories and sugar, with the added benefits associated with consuming the whole high-quality tea leaf, matcha also contains potassium, iron and magnesium.

There are few, if any, enjoyable teas (or even other beverages) available that come close to the nutritious ingredients found in organic matcha.

Matcha green tea latte in a cup

Not all Matcha Green Teas Are Created Equal

An ancient Chinese proverb states, "Better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one." And when you consider that many American diets are dangerously loaded with sugar and processed food, this proverb offers some wise advice.

Of all the green teas available to you, matcha stands head and shoulders above the rest in delivering the highest quality with potential health-promoting benefits.

Made from the finest, youngest leaves of the first harvesting days in Japan, this tea has secured a special place in the sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony called Chanoyu.

By the 13th century, samurai warriors had begun preparing and drinking matcha in an effort to adopt Zen Buddhism, and the foundations of the unique Japanese Tea Ceremony began to emerge.

Today, there are many matcha tea options out in the marketplace for you to choose from. However, you need to realize that -- just like all green teas are not created equal -- the same holds true for matcha, and even organic matcha.

How an Exclusive Japanese Tradition Bestows the Best of the Best

Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea

After water, green tea happens to be the most widely consumed beverage on earth. For centuries, matcha green tea has been kept a guarded secret. Why? The Japanese desired to keep their tea ceremony very exclusive and closed to the outside world.

Plus, the people of Japan wanted to keep this scarce form of green tea with its numerous nutritious properties strictly to themselves.

Well, just like everything else, over time things change…

We’re excited to be able to offer you not only the highest quality organic matcha green tea, but a very exclusive ceremonial grade matcha green tea used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Our Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea is some of finest matcha green tea on the planet.

In addition to being a delightful-tasting tea, this ceremonial matcha can be used in cakes, pies, ice cream, and as an ingredient in baked goods and other entrees. It is especially popular in enhancing lattes and smoothies.

Here’s a glimpse at what helps make Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea so exclusive:

  • The matcha is primarily cultivated in the Nishio region in the Aichi prefecture in Japan. Rich in the historic success of matcha cultivation, the Nishio region is one of Japan’s best kept tea secrets.
  • The raw tea plants are grown in gradually reduced sunlight over a period of time, with 70% of the sunlight blocked 25 days prior to harvest.
  • 15 days prior to the harvest, the tea plants are further shaded with 95% of the sunlight blocked.
  • Just days before the Tencha leaves are picked, all fields are completely covered by black netting.
  • Depriving the tea plants of sunlight, makes the leaves thinner, more tender and produces a fresher, deeper color, with leaves containing much higher levels of chlorophyll.
  • During harvesting, only the newest and finest leaves are picked to enhance the quality of the end product.

The timing is crucial to result in the cultivation of the best matcha. And our partner employs a true master with years of experience who expertly selects the optimum time for harvesting.

Independent Testing and Traceability Systems
Yield the Highest-Quality Matcha

Our Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea is of the highest quality and undergoes strict, independent testing to ensure that it meets and often exceeds international quality standards for available consumption around the world.

Quality and consistency of our product are our partner’s top priorities. Tea production is thoroughly monitored and documented in every step of the process to surpass ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification standards.

Tea is packed in a sterile, clean environment with a state-of-the art filtering system which clears the air at 44 times per minute. Indoor pressure, temperature and moisture are also automatically monitored on computer-controlled systems.

And unlike some matcha producers out there, our partner has extensive traceability systems to track matcha powder back to its originating tea field through each production process including cultivation conditions, harvest date, lot information, production information and shipping data.

Tea garden row

Only the Most Rigorous Quality Control and Safety Certifications in Place by Our Solspring® Partner

When it comes to manufacturing premium ceremonial matcha, our partner leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining the highest quality control and safety certifications, including:

  • Certified USDA Organic – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for overseeing U.S. government policy on agriculture, food and beverage.
  • FSSC2200 Accreditation – The Food Safety Systems Certification 22000 (FSSC2200) is a recognized food safety certification system for food manufacturers.
  • “Superior” AIB International rating – This international organization is committed to protecting the safety of the food supply chain.
  • ISO – The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards.
  • Aichi Brand – Local certification for superior manufacturing in the Aichi prefecture in Japan that promotes the strength of regional companies.

We’re proud to be able to partner with such an exclusive and high-quality producer of ceremonial matcha in bringing you our Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea.

Why Settle for Second Best When…

Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea

Matcha green tea is in very high demand within Japan, and it can even be more difficult to obtain this high-quality tea outside the country. Obtaining ceremonial grade matcha green tea can be even more challenging.

But working closely with our exclusive partner, we’ve been able to secure limited supplies of Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea.

You have many regular green tea choices available and matcha green tea choices as well. Why not go with the best of the best enjoyable matcha green tea that’s steeped in ceremonial tradition and loaded with many potential nutritious properties?

Order your Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea today and taste the difference.

Recipes You'll Love

A great energy boost to start your day...

  • Place about 1/8-1/4 tsp.(to your liking) of Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea powder in a 16 oz water bottle filled with cold water.
  • Shake well until dissolved.

Cold Matcha Frappe...Blend the following:

  • 3 ice cubes
  • ¼ cup coconut milk
  • ¾ cup water
  • 1 Tb. raw honey or stevia
  • 1/8- 1/2 tsp. (to your liking) Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea powder

Matcha Chocolate...Try this with your favorite chocolate recipe:

  • Add 2 teaspoons of Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea powder to every 100 grams of white chocolate
  • The green flavor of the tea helps taper the sweetness of the white chocolate
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Frequently Asked Question
  1. 1. What’s the difference between matcha and green tea?

    Matcha and regular green tea differ in flavor, texture, color, preparation method and nutritional profile. Since green tea is basically dried leaves, it has a dull brown color and gritty texture. Matcha, on the other hand, comes in a fine and velvety bright green powder. In terms of taste, premium-grade matcha tends to be more enjoyable than green tea.

    Their different processing methods also affect potential nutritional value. Matcha contains higher amounts of amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols than regular green tea.

  2. 2. What’s so special about ceremonial matcha green tea? Why can’t I simply drink regular matcha instead?

    We feel that ceremonial grade matcha, like our Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea, offers more advantages with its higher organic quality, zero sugar content, enjoyable taste and nutritious properties. When you want the best-of-the-best matcha green tea, this is it.

  3. 3. Does matcha green tea contain caffeine?

    As with other types of tea, matcha contains naturally-occurring caffeine. A half-teaspoon of matcha powder has approximately 35 milligrams of caffeine, which is slightly higher than the content of regular green tea but still lower than that of coffee.

    Due to its catechins and L-theanine content, matcha green tea may not cause energy crashes, nervousness and jitteriness like is often the case with coffee. The larger catechin molecules in matcha tend to bind with caffeine thus slowing down its release into your bloodstream.

  4. 4. When is the best time to drink matcha green tea?

    Even though matcha green tea can be enjoyed at almost any time, one of the best times to drink it may be before exercising or going to work. The matcha could give you a potential boost to help you perform your activities at your best. It’s also ideal to drink matcha 30 to 45 minutes prior to or after a meal to allow for proper absorption of nutrients in your body.

  5. 5. What is the recommended way to store Solspring® Organic Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea?

    To help maintain the best quality and flavor, it is recommended to refrigerate the tea after opening.

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