The “Original Red Meat” – Why Bison Is Becoming America’s Favorite Lean, High-Protein Meat

When you understand how 100% grass fed and grass finished bison stand apart from the pack, you’ll see why consumers are flocking to this flavorful and tender meat that’s teeming with nutrients not typically found in conventionally-raised animals.

North American Bison
Unlike Asian and African buffalos, the North American Bison has a distinctive shaggy beard.

Sometimes referred to as America’s “original red meat,” as many as 30 million North American bison once occupied what’s known as the great bison belt – a tract of grassland sweeping from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico.

By 1893, disease, commercial hunting and rampant slaughter dramatically reduced their numbers to just over 300 animals.

Today, thanks to progressive land restoration and breeding practices, about 500,000 bison roam the Great Plains.

Bison are often confused with buffalo, but bison are actually in the same family as domestic cattle.

The shaggy, bearded American Bison is native to Europe and North and South America, unlike the two true buffalo – the Asian Water buffalo and African Cape buffalo.

In fact, the bison bull is the largest indigenous animal to North America, standing taller than six feet and weighing more than a ton. They are aggressive and strong with the ability to make a standing six-foot jump and break through fences.

How 100% ‘Grass Fed’ and ‘Grass Finished’ Make a Difference in the Meat You Eat

As part of a group of mammals called ruminants, bison – like cattle, sheep and goats –  have unique digestive systems that allow them to thrive on grasses and plants. Bison are naturally designed to digest grasses and absorb the nutrients.

Unlike cattle and pigs which are typically raised on large factory farms (unless they are 100% grass fed), bison graze on fresh pasture most or all of their lives.

When bison spend their entire lives in the pasture, they are regarded as “grass fed and grass finished.” If you don’t see these words, the animals are most likely “grain finished.”

Herd of bison
Bison thrive when they live their entire lives on pasture.

So what does that mean?

In some commercial situations, ranchers subsidize the bison’s diet with soy and grain from birth. More commonly, however, with “grain finished” bison, they are fed grains later in life.

Grain finished bison are allowed to graze naturally until 90 to 120 days before slaughter. The bison are then removed from the pasture, shipped off to confined feedlots and fed grains to fatten them up.

When bison are finished in feedlots, they can face the same disease threats as factory farmed cows.

In fact, about 66,000 pounds of ground bison and bison steaks were recalled in 2010 for contamination with a potentially deadly strain of E. coli. A second recall of bison followed in 2016. Both episodes were attributed to crowded commercial feedlots.

Unfortunately, grain finishing impacts more than just the animal’s quality of life.

The meat from bison raised entirely on pasture (and not fed supplemental feeds or grains) contains a different nutritional profile compared to animals fed grains for as little as 90 days. Compared to grain finished meat, bison meat that is 100% grass fed and grass finished has a:

  • Lower total fat and higher protein content.
  • Lower cholesterol and caloric content.
  • Much higher level of beneficial nutrients, including beta-carotene, selenium and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
  • Higher, healthier ratio of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Grass fed and grass finished bison can contain up to four times more omega-3 fats and greater amounts of other healthy essential fats than grain finished bison.

When animals consume green plants, they naturally produce more omega-3s due to a rumen fermentation pH of 7 in the animal’s intestines. When animals eat grains, rumen pH drops to 5 or lower, disrupting omega-3 production and promoting the production of less healthy omega-6s instead.

100% Grass Fed Bison – Another Good Source of Omega-3 Fats

Bison Meat
Eating grass fed bison promotes a healthy omega-6 to omega-3 ratio.

It may come as a surprise to hear that bison can be a good source of omega-3s. Many people think they can only get these valuable fats from eating fish.

Grass fed and grass finished bison are not only good sources of omega-3s, they also have a beneficial ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. This ratio is important for overall health, especially your heart health.

Your body can’t produce omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, so you must get these “essential” fats from your diet.

Different from other fats that your body uses primarily for energy, fatty acids are biologically active and play important roles in processes like blood clotting and a healthy, normal inflammatory response.

While omega-3s promote a healthy, normal inflammatory response, omega-6s have an opposite effect. When your intake of omega-6s runs too high in relation to your intake of omega-3s, your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio takes on an unhealthy balance that can affect the health of your entire body.

It’s believed that human beings evolved on a diet with a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids of about one – one part omega-6 to one part omega-3. Today, for those eating a Western diet, complete with factory farmed meat and dairy, that ratio has leaped to an incredible 20:1. That’s a level 20 times higher than what your body was designed to handle.

Eating wild-caught (not farmed) fatty fish like salmon and sardines regularly is important for maintaining an adequate intake of omega-3s and healthy omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Consuming 100% grass fed and grass finished bison, beef and lamb instead of conventionally raised meats can help you achieve a more balanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio.

The Other Health-Supporting Fatty Acid in Bison That May Help You Maintain Your Healthy Weight

Woman measuring her weight
The high levels of CLA in grass fed bison promotes the loss of body fat.

While it’s true the Western diet provides excessive omega-6 fats, not all omega-6s are unhealthy. One in particular has caught the attention of researchers for its potential health benefits.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), unlike other omega-6 fats, is linked to:

  • Optimal immune function
  • A healthy inflammatory response
  • Improved bone mass
  • Optimal blood sugar regulation
  • Reduced body fat mass

Compared to other meats, 100% grass fed and grass finished bison contains high levels of CLA.

Research also shows that grass feeding reduces overall fat levels in bison, especially loin cuts. The natural foraging habits of free-grazing animals allow them to be more active, develop more muscle and burn more calories. These factors result in healthier fat profiles in the finished meat.

Introducing US Wellness Meats’ Sustainably Raised Bison – Better for Your Health and the Environment

US Wellness Meats was founded in a small town in the Mid-west in 2000 by visionary farmers who recognized that big-business cattle-raising practices were taking a toll on the animals and human health.

By returning to rotational grazing practices that proved beneficial for the soil and environment as well as the animals, this group of family farmers has led the way in introducing a whole new generation to the unmatched taste, tenderness and nutrition of grass fed meats.

To accomplish this, they looked back at how bison have long survived on the American Great Plains...

Bison have thrived in abundance on lush North American grassland for thousands of years, living in harmony with the land. The continuous movement from one grazing area to the next allowed the grassland to regularly renew itself, benefiting both the animals and the planet.

By applying these same practices, US Wellness Meats farmers have introduced the same thriving balance to their family farm lands.

Bison resting near the river
Bison contribute to the well-being of agricultural lands

Their animals don’t require antibiotics or growth hormones to help them grow big and stay healthy. Plus, the farm land doesn’t need pesticides or artificial irrigation systems to develop rich, fertile biodiversity.

Because there are no antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, herbicides or other harsh chemicals used in grass fed production, you don’t see the same type of environmental destruction.

Instead, sustainable farming practices help:

  • Regenerate the soil.
  • Reduce nutrient and chemical runoff of the soil.
  • Diversify and invigorate grasslands.
  • Sequester carbon.
  • Support wildlife, especially birds and bees.

8 Different Ways to Enjoy US Wellness Meats’ 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Bison

Our Grass Fed Bison, provided by US Wellness Meats, is 100% grass fed and grass finished with no supplemental feed or grain.

Raised on family farms, US Wellness grass fed animals are treated humanely from birth to processing and are raised on lush pastures to very strict standards:

  • NO grains or grain finishing
  • NO antibiotics
  • NO added growth hormones
  • NO GMOs
  • NO pesticides or herbicides

You end up with meat with healthier fat and nutrient profiles than animals fed with grains in confined feedlots, even if only for their last 90 days. Plus, the meat doesn’t contain residues of pesticides, synthetic hormones and antibiotics that may be found in grain-fattened animals.

We’re pleased to offer you eight varieties of grass fed and grass finished bison products, shipped frozen directly to you from US Wellness Meats:

  • Bison Tenderloin Filet
  • Bison Ribeye
  • Bison Top Sirloin
  • Bison Sirloin Roast
  • Bison Liver
  • Bison Chuck Roast
  • Bison Chorizo Sausage
  • Ground Bison

Treat Your Family and Guests to Bison’s Finest, Most Tender Cuts

Bison Tenderloin Filet
Bison Tenderloin Filet

There’s nothing quite like a thick, juicy tenderloin filet or other high-quality steak when you want to treat your friends and family.

US Wellness Meat’s grass fed Bison Tenderloin Filet Steaks, Bison Ribeye Steaks and Bison Top Sirloin Steaks meet all expectations with their full, rich flavor.

Which steak should you choose?

Bison Ribeye Steak
Bison Ribeye Steak

The Bison Tenderloin is the most tender of all the steaks. Prepared properly and not overcooked, it will be tender and flavorful.

Although much leaner than a beef steak, the Bison Ribeye Steak contains the most fat marbling of all the bison cuts. The classic Bison Top Sirloin is a naturally leaner cut. Both are tender, juicy and delicious.

Bison Top Sirloin Steak
Bison Top Sirloin Steak

Ideal for the grill or simply tossed into your skillet with some grass fed butter, these steaks are a true delicacy. Because bison is naturally lower in fat than beef, we recommend avoiding overcooking for optimal tenderness.

The Bison Tenderloin Filet Steak averages 6 oz. The Bison Ribeye Steak averages 1.25-1.5 inches in thickness, a little thicker than the Bison Top Sirloin Steak. Both weigh approximately 8 oz. and all come packed eight steaks per pack.

Roast’s On – Invite the Family

Bison Sirloin Tip Roast
The prepared Bison Sirloin Tip Roast

For many, the smell of a roast in the oven rekindles memories of days past. We offer two generous-sized roasts to give you the perfect opportunity to share a memorable meal with friends and family.

The Bison Sirloin Tip Roast is the ideal cut for your crock pot or roasting pan. No matter which of the cooking methods you choose, you’ll end up with mouthwatering flavor and all the benefits of grass fed bison.

Each Bison Sirloin Tip Roast weighs an average of 2.25 lbs. and comes packed four roasts per pack.

Bison chuck roast
Bison Chuck Roast

A family dinnertime staple, the Bison Chuck Roast is full of flavor. We recommend using low, slow heat for optimal tenderness and juiciness. Bone-in, each Chuck Roast averages 3 lbs. and are packed four roasts per pack.

For optimal flavor and tenderness, first sear the roast in a hot skillet or oven. Lower the temperature and continue cooking to your desired doneness. We recommend avoiding overcooking as bison is naturally leaner than beef.

Bison Liver – A True Nutritional Powerhouse

Bison Liver
Bison Liver

Grass Fed Bison Liver is a true “nutritional powerhouse.”

At one time, organ meats were a highly valued food source. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors considered the organs a prize.

Today, organ meats have lost much of their appeal in favor of muscle meats, such as steaks. But when quickly sautéed in grass fed butter with onions or earthy mushrooms and a pinch of Himalayan salt, our Bison Liver becomes a delicious entrée full of flavor and nutrition.

When choosing bison liver – or any type of liver – you must be sure it’s coming from a healthy animal. If an animal has been exposed to pesticides or herbicides, or fed toxic or genetically engineered grains, its liver may be contaminated and unfit to eat.

Our Grass Fed Bison Liver from US Wellness Meats comes from 100% grass fed and grass finished bison so there’s no concern for contamination.

Each package contains approximately two pieces of Bison Liver, weighs about 8 oz. and comes packed eight packages per pack for a total of 4 lbs.

Bison Chorizo Sausage – For Adding Exceptional Flavor to Your Favorite Recipes

Bison Chorizo Sausage
Bison Chorizo Sausage

Chorizo, a well-seasoned sausage, adds big flavor to Mexican and Spanish dishes.

Try adding it to your favorite breakfast egg dishes and casseroles for a dash of flavor, or combine with diced sweet or white potatoes for a Mexican-style breakfast hash.

US Wellness Meats’ Bison Chorizo Sausage contains no fillers or sugar – just high-quality grass fed bison meat with organic spices, including black pepper, chili pepper, coriander, cumin, oregano, paprika, pimento, red pepper and salt with a dash of red wine vinegar.

Each package (bulk-packed, not links) of Bison Chorizo Sausage weighs approximately 1 lb. and comes packed eight packages per pack.

The ‘Better’ Burger – Made with 100% Grass Fed Ground Bison

Bison ground beef

US Wellness Meats' Ground Bison is delicious as burgers, stews or casseroles.

US Wellness Meats’ Ground Bison is a versatile ingredient for making burgers, meatloaf, meatballs or casseroles.

The superior taste of our grass fed Ground Bison makes this product one you’ll want to keep handy in your freezer for fast and fuss-free meals.

Because bison is naturally very low in fat, we recommend avoiding overcooking for the best flavor and consistency.

Each individual package of Ground Bison weighs approximately 1 lb. and comes packed eight per pack, for a total of 8 lbs.

Order Now and Make Lean and Nutritious Grass Fed Bison a Regular Part of Your Diet

With US Wellness Meats’ 100% grass fed and grass finished Bison, you get lean red meat that’s not only delicious but also teeming with nutrients not found in many other meats.

When you order any meat (we also sell their grass fed lamb) from US Wellness Meats, you’re supporting the growth of regenerative farming – the right way to raise animals for food and care for the environment at the same time. You’ll be helping to restore the soil’s healthy microbiome and reverse the negative effects of conventional farming on the planet.

Delivered directly to you frozen by US Wellness Meats, Grass Fed Bison products should be kept frozen for long-term storage. Once thawed, it may be stored for three to five days in the refrigerator.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed by both us and US Wellness Meats.

Stock up on Grass Fed Bison for delicious, easy-to-fix meals, and order today.

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Bison Tenderloin Filet
Bison Tenderloin Filet
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Bison Ribeye
Bison Ribeye Steak
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Bison Sirloin Tip Roast
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Bison Chuck Roast
Bison Chuck Roast
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Ground Bison
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Bison Chorizo Sausage
Bison Chorizo Sausage
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Bison Liver
Bison Liver
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