"Do You Want a Child Who is XL -- or a Child Who Will Excel?"

Generation XL: Raising Healthy, Intelligent Kids in a High-Tech, Junk-Food World

The New Book by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Ben Lerner

Generation XL
Generation XL

There is no doubt about it-the health of our children has become a national emergency.

Hospital costs for obesity-related ailments in children have more than TRIPLED over the last twenty years, with 30 percent of boys, and a staggering 40 percent of girls, at risk of developing type 2 diabetes-an obesity-related condition-sometime during their lives.

Childhood, a pivotal time for creating a healthy foundation for future well-being and longevity, has been profoundly degraded by inactivity through TV, video games and computers, with chemically enhanced diets more fit for cyborgs than growing youngsters.

We have super-sized fast foods, with more additives and preservatives than raw food material. Plus, sugar-laden beverages (the main staple of most people today) have lead to an epidemic of children who are out of shape, over-weight and feel horrible both physically and emotionally.

Formerly abnormal childhood afflictions have become the norm as more and more children are riddled with pain, learning disorders, ADD/ADHD, obesity, fatigue and depression.

Meanwhile, concerned parents turn to their doctors for "cures," but end up with nothing more than ... more chemicals! And -- more problems.

Are there any answers? Can you, as a parent, ensure a future of vibrant health, physical fitness and a harmonious mind for your child?

Can you make sure that YOUR child does not end up a sad statistic? YES, YOU CAN!

Let Us Show You the Fad-Free Way to Creating
a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Child!

Generation XL: Raising Healthy, Intelligent Kids in a High-Tech, Junk-Food World is an easy, step-by-step 246-page hardcover book guide that will show you how you can end the vicious cycle of poor health and over-medication.

Imagine your child happy, harmonious, fit, full of energy and free from debilitating ailments.

Our all-natural, common sense strategies for creating a lifetime of vibrant health have already changed the lives of thousands of patients in our private practices, and now we are sharing this vital knowledge with you!

healthy children

Now, if you think this is just another diet book, think again. It's not.

There are already too many of those out there, most of which have little or no impact on long-term health. In an easy-to-follow style, this book will take you by the hand and gently teach you how to reach life-long wellness by taking small, steady steps in the right direction.

The results are positive, lasting changes to health and well-being.

Packed with the most cutting edge information available today, it will show you what no regular diet or fitness book can: how to change what truly matters-your family culture-into one that supports good health, optimal weight, increased immune system and decreased illness, maximized brain function and a balanced emotional state.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll find in Generation XL:

  • Diseases related to obesity now kill more people than smoking and nearly every other kind of medical condition. Discover the three major causes of childhood obesity and poor physical health, and how you can reverse the process-page xvi.
  • Find out the real science behind how the body gains and loses fat, and get the "skinny" on fat vs. muscle-pages 33-36, 129
  • Discover the principles that are essential for producing safe, steady weight loss and a strong body-page 5.
  • Find out the main dietary and lifestyle changes-the "Big 4"-you can use to improve your family's health most dramatically-pages 55-56.
  • Learn the difference between "good" vs. "bad" fats, and why good fats are an essential part of your child's diet for proper brain and nerve function-pages 49-53.
  • Peer pressure is a fact of life, but there are proven ways YOU can have superior influence on your kids. We'll share specific methods for fostering inner well-being in your children so that they can feel good about themselves-pages 11-20.
healthy children
Generation XL
  • Little-known secrets to dramatically increase your child's learning ability. Help your child develop the mental skills to succeed and thrive through the brain-body connection-pages 126-128.
  • What you need to know about the three steps to weight gain and why your child's diet may cause him to STAY fat. We'll show you how to reverse this evil cycle and what you need to do to get the weight off (and keep it off for life)-pages 34-36.
  • Discover the four factors used to gauge a person's level of health, and how to measure a child's ideal weight (forget about Body Mass Index used for adults-kids are different!)-pages 64-70.
  • AND, the seven tricks that make your changes STICK-not just for a week or two, but for a lifetime! -pages 111-116.
  • Plus, 22 of the best tips to help your child fall asleep faster and get a better night's rest-pages 119-122
  • Plus, many more kid-proof gems to help you.

These guidelines really are key to making positive, lasting changes, so we urge you to take advantage of this special offer today to ensure a brighter future for your child.

This Program Is Not another "One-Size Fits All" Diet-Plus ...
No Carb or Calorie Counting Required, Ever

In order to optimize your weight, energy and health, you must eat properly for your specific biochemistry, or nutritional type.

This is what all those other fad diets fail to realize, and they've been leading you down the wrong track the entire time. By eating right for your nutritional type, you will finally feel satiated and full of energy.

Stop the insanity of dieting and still struggling with weight problems and illness! Order Generation XL today for $17.97 and give your child the gift of a sane, natural lifestyle that will lead to a lifetime of good health.

This new book is packed with insight, practical guidelines, shocking statistics and solid advice gleaned from both of our successful clinical practices. Through our simple, attainable step-by-step methods, you will be able to succeed in your quest for health, for both yourself and your child. These principles really work, and you will find out both "How" and "Why" in this book.

That's why this program actually benefits over 95 percent of the people who use it! Included you will find:

  • Surprising facts about low-carb diets and why they don't work for everyone-page 44.
  • A nine-question test for determining which of the three nutritional types your child falls under, and the specific proportions of carbs, fats and proteins his personal body needs. Food is fuel. You wouldn't dream of putting diesel into a fancy sports car. Neither should you neglect to feed the finest engine known to man-your body-with anything less than what it really needs to run smoothly and efficiently! -pages 82-85.
  • Lists of recommended foods for each nutritional type-page 86.
  • Find out which food causes a natural addiction-driving you to eat even more of the wrong stuff-and how to break free from this food addiction in order to maintain good health and optimal weight-page 32.
  • The "Good" and the "Bad" about supplements. Don't put your child on supplements and multi-vitamins before you read this!-page 102-106.

The War Against the Dangers of Our Culture is On-Viva the Health of
Our Next Generation!

Our children deserve nothing less than a vibrant, successful future and a wholesome, invigorating youth. We owe it to our children to give them the correct tools to succeed, and that is the mission of this hardcover book-all 246 pages of it.

In it, your child will learn how to:

  • Build her body's immune system to its peak levels to prevent major diseases and common illnesses.
  • Reach his optimal weight-without going hungry-and maintain his optimal weight for life.
  • Prevent the underlying causes of premature aging.
  • Boost her daily energy and mental clarity.
  • Improve his emotional well-being and outlook on life.
  • Help eliminate the underlying causes of conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, chronic fatigue, allergies, and much more.
  • Maximize her IQ and optimize her athletic performance.

We've even included 74 pages of kid-approved recipes, brimming with all-natural, healthy choices-packed with flavor-that will satisfy even your picky eaters!

healthy child baby

If that's not reason enough to get you going, Generation XL also includes two full sections on physical fitness for toddlers through teens, including:

  • Fun movement activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers. These activities are no work and all play (in case you've forgotten any of the good ones!).
  • Guidelines and physical exercises for pre-teens and teens that are suitable for their growing bodies.
  • A 1-2-3, month-by-month plan for staying on track with the entire lifestyle program.

Remember, this is not a diet book. It's not a fitness book. There are no fads in here ... none!

It does, however, contain all the tools you need to transform the health of your children: it will:

  • Prevent and reverse disease
  • Optimize and stabilize their weight without "dieting"
  • Turbo-charge their internal energy supply, leaving them energized all day
  • Increase their athletic performance, mental acuity and IQ

But that's not all -- there's more!

So Order Your Own Copy of Generation XL Today!

Go ahead. Order your copy of Generation XL today to take advantage of the limited-time price of $17.97 (the free bonus gifts are worth more than that!).

Then watch your children EXCEL rather than become XL. Be ready to turn their lives around forever!

Generation XL
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