The Fermentation Revolution:
Taking Foods and Nutrition to the Next Level


The process of fermenting foods dates back thousands of years. Our ancestors discovered early on how this ancient practice not only preserved foods, but helped make them more digestible while enhancing flavor.

Now we know fermentation can potentially do much more. Fermentation can magnify the potential benefits from foods and nutritional supplements by:

  • Increasing levels of valuable nutrients
  • Reducing sugars and thus calories
  • Creating metabolites with health benefits
  • Improving the bioavailability of foods and nutrients
  • Improving the digestibility of these foods

Explore our unique line of fermented products below which include foods and nutritional supplements. Check back often as we are continuously researching and developing new fermented products for you to take control of your health!

Mercola Special Offer
Kinetic Culture Starter for Vegetable Fermentation
Kinetic Culture Starter Kit for Vegetable Fermentation
Special starter culture blend includes vitamin K2-producing probiotic strains for making your own consistent, high-quality fermented vegetables at home.
Fermented Supplements
Fermented Supplements
Fermentation boosts bioavailability and absorption potential while activating and creating new metabolites, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Fermented Foods
Fermented Foods
Bacterial fermentation describes a process that breaks down the sugar in foods into beneficial bacteria that can nurture your health.

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