"Update on the ‘Great Ginseng Debate’"

Another ginseng extract option for effectiveness, absorption, and value.

For centuries, people have been discussing the potential health benefits of ginseng.* It’s gained a well-known reputation as a result.

Ginseng Health Benefits
The health benefits of ginseng have been long-discussed, but not all ginsengs may be created equal...

And it’s not all hype. The possible health benefits of ginseng have been the subject of various studies. Today’s top researchers continue to study potentially more exciting uses for this root.

However, when it comes to choosing which ginseng extract is right for you, I believe it’s important to consider the possibility that not all ginsengs may be created equal.

You could be missing out on the specific benefits you’re seeking.

To understand what I’m talking about, we need to take a closer look at this odd-looking brown root...

Common Types of Ginseng and Their Properties

When it comes to ginseng, you typically have a choice between Asian/Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). There are other herbs that call themselves ginseng, like eleuthero, or Siberian ginseng, that are not actually ginseng at all.

Both Korean and American ginseng have been studied for health benefits associated with:*

 Management of daily stress*  Helps maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range*
 Helps reduce free radicals*  Helps support your body’s normal detoxification processes*
 Supports mental clarity and focus*  Cardiovascular support*
 Helps support a normal, healthy brain*  Digestive health support*
 Immune system support*  

While Korean ginseng has often been considered to have more benefits than its American cousin (I’ll talk more about this in a second), it turns out that – regardless of which one you select – the type of ginseng is only one part of equation.*

In fact, emerging research suggests that what happens before your ginseng hits the shelf may make a difference as to how well it may work for you.*

Potential Limitations of Traditional Ginseng Extracts?

In my opinion, if you want to take advantage of ginseng’s benefits, I believe it is important that you pay close attention to two things:

  • When it is harvested
  • How it is processed*

Emerging research may indicate that ginseng roots harvested with outdated processing techniques can strip away many of ginseng’s inherent properties.

The following can have an impact on the quality of ginseng:

  • Harvest time. In my opinion, in order to help maximize nutritional value from each root, the time to harvest ginseng is when it is 4 to 5 years old.
    However, some red ginseng extracts you’ll find comes from roots that are harvested at six years. However, ginseng’s key nutritional elements may diminish with age...
  • Handling techniques. Peeling may remove minor rootlets and hair rootlets that carry key bioactive compounds.
  • High-heat processing. The high-heat steaming process can eliminate, or denature, many of the vitamins, amino acids, and other organic compounds found naturally in ginseng.

The result? Unfortunately, after such harsh processing, in my opinion, most ginseng extracts available on the market today may offer less than their potential benefits you want.

But, that’s not all...

Poor Absorption, Poor Results = A Problem of Anatomy?

Digestive Process
Normally, the most valuable parts of ginseng, ginsenosides, pass through the stomach and small intestines without being digested.

It’s commonsense: to get the benefits of any food, it needs to be absorbed by your body. The better the absorption, the better potential for results.

In the normal digestive process, food moves from your stomach to your small intestine and on through to your large intestine. Typically, most absorption takes place in your stomach and small intestine.

However, research has shown that many of the most valuable parts of ginseng, called ginsenosides, pass right on through your stomach and small intestines without ever being digested.

It’s only when these compounds enter your large intestine that your body’s beneficial bacteria are able to metabolize, or ferment, the ginsenosides into absorbable compounds your body can use.

But, by then, it may be too late. The ginsenosides have already passed through your stomach and small intestine. Much of the inherent value of ginseng is literally one step away from being eliminated from your body.

So, if ginseng is initially “improperly” processed and then passes through your body without even being absorbed effectively, what are you left to do? Give up on ginseng altogether?

I believe the answer comes in the form of an exciting new discovery...

Fermented Ginseng: Increased Absorption. Faster Absorption. More Consistent Absorption.

Our scientists have learned how to potentially help improve the way ginseng is absorbed by your body.*

Using a proprietary enzyme fermentation process, they’ve been able to create a ginseng extract that acts like it’s already been metabolized in your large intestine.

So, instead of passing right through your stomach and small intestine, fermented ginseng is ready to be absorbed when you take it.

In fact, fermented ginseng provides:

  • Increased absorption over non-fermented extract
  • Faster absorption
  • More consistent absorption

You've probably heard me talk about fermented foods and their immense benefits on your health, and my fermented ginseng is no exception.

But, this pioneering fermentation process was not the only reason for my Fermented Ginseng Premium Supplement...

The Right Process: Honoring Nature. Honoring Your Body.

I’ve already discussed the potential drawbacks of harvesting and processing ginseng in the “traditional” manner.

But what happens when you do it another way? You have an effective supplement on your hands.

Our fermented ginseng extract:

  • Is made from pure 100% Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng). As compared to American ginseng, Korean ginseng has been shown to contain more ginsenosides, especially when the root is not exposed to high heat during the steaming process.
  • Is harvested at a better time. The roots are harvested at 4 to 5 years rather than the industry standard six years.
  • Is NOT peeled. Peeling removes the minor rootlets and hair rootlets that carry key bioactive compounds.
  • Uses a special low-heat vacuum extraction of whole root. This process helps maintain the vitamins, amino acid profile, and organic germanium lost in the high-heat steaming process used by traditional processing.

Best of all, when you treat ginseng properly at all stages, the benefits extend far beyond those you would normally expect...

More Than Ginsenosides: Getting the Full Benefits

Fermented Ginseng
My Fermented Ginseng helps support energy, adrenal function, immune health and overall well-being.*

In addition to ginsenosides, my fermented ginseng contains many other key ingredients which – when harvested and processed as discussed above – work to provide even more remarkable benefits.

These ingredients include phenols, lipids, 18 essential fatty acids, six vitamins, seven amino acids, eight essential amino acids, fatty acids, and 18 minerals, including organic germanium and polyacetylene.

The result? A balanced, high-absorption, efficacious ginseng extract that helps support energy, adrenal function, mental and physical performance, immune health, and overall well-being.*

In other words, our fermented ginseng offers you more than just a boost of quick energy. It may help support your body in meeting life’s daily stresses and strains.*

A New Delivery System – Licaps® Technology

Our Fermented Ginseng Premium Supplement use Capsugel's cutting-edge Fusion Technology™.

Each capsule is hermetically-sealed and flushed with nitrogen after filling with fermented ginseng extract to minimize oxygen exposure to aid in long-term stability, effectiveness, and shelf life.

Take Advantage of Everything Fermented Ginseng Offers

When it comes to getting the most from your ginseng, it’s so critical for you to have all the facts.

You need to know what works and what does not and why. As you have learned, I believe that not all ginseng is equal.

With our Fermented Ginseng, you can rest assured that you’re choosing to give yourself and your body a quality product.

I encourage you to order yours today and discover the difference. I just know you’re going to be amazed. 

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Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Korean Ginseng?

    A: Consult with your health care practitioner before using if you have high blood pressure or take blood pressure medication. Also, get your doctor’s approval first if you have any type of autoimmune disease or a bipolar disorder.

    Because Korean Ginseng can act as a blood thinner, don’t take it with blood thinners, and stop taking it at least 7 days prior to surgery.

    Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t take Korean Ginseng.

  2. 2. Q: Should it be taken with or without food?

    A: To avoid unwanted effects on your blood sugar, it’s recommended that you take Korean Ginseng with food.

  3. 3. Q: Can Korean Ginseng interact with any of my medications?

    A: If you are taking any of the following medications, you should not use Korean Ginseng without first talking to your health care practitioner:

    • Heart and blood pressure medications
    • Blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin
    • Diabetes medications, including insulin
    • Immune-suppressing drugs
    • Stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    • MAOI antidepressants

    Be aware that Korean Ginseng can also increase the effects of caffeine, possibly leading to irregular heartbeat, insomnia, sweating or nervousness.

  4. 4. Q: How do the capsules and spray compare, dosage-wise?

    A: Six pumps of the Fermented Ginseng Spray equal one capsule of Fermented Ginseng.

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