Shield Yourself From Invisible EMFs for Better Sleep and Restorative Rest

To de-stress at night, your body needs a break from wireless frequencies, electric and magnetic fields and dirty electricity, collectively referred to as “EMFs.” At home or away, sleeping in an EMF-free sanctuary allows you to effortlessly enter a parasympathetic state for your body to detox, restore and rejuvenate.

  • Our Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent is designed to block EMFs from all types of electronic devices while you sleep.
  • Shielding your bedroom from the major types of EMFs – exposures from high radio frequency, low frequency magnetic and electric stress – allows your body to step up its own natural restorative processes.
  • This portable 5G shielding tent is rated up to 40 GHz, providing an effective, affordable and practical option for creating your own EMF-free sanctuary.

You can’t see, hear or taste them, but they’re surrounding you right now.

I’m talking about electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs. They come from many sources, both man-made and natural sources such as sunlight.

While many people can’t feel EMFs, some can. About 3% of the population is ‘electrohypersensitive’ and may experience headaches, sweating, tinnitus, dizziness, nervousness, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating when exposed to EMFs.

I believe that number may actually be higher, as many people just don’t realize these experiences may be related to EMFs.

However, that may change as 5G expands around the world and increasing numbers of individuals experience ill effects.

Just because you may not feel the effects from EMFs doesn’t mean they’re not doing harm to your body. Research overwhelmingly supports the potential harm from these frequencies.

EMFs can hasten aging and prevent your body from performing the essential tasks it does at night during sleep, such as detoxification and rejuvenation. Shielding yourself when you sleep may be an important step you can take to take control of your health

Electrosensitivity can come on very suddenly – almost overnight in some cases. Sleeping in an environment free of EMFs can help you avoid developing this sensitivity and support your body’s vital functions.

After years of research and development, I’m excited to tell you about a simple way to create your own EMF sanctuary at night while you sleep.

First, let’s take a closer look at EMFs and how they could be affecting you right now.

Group of people sitting on the couch while using mobile devices

Where Do EMFs Come From?

EMFs exist in a spectrum of frequencies that include radio and television waves, microwaves, X-rays, light, ultraviolet light and radioactive elements.

There are five sources of EMFs, all of which can impact your body:

  1. Wireless frequencies include high frequency microwave and radio waves, including anything that ranges between the FM radio station up through about 900 megahertz (some 5G uses the 600-megahertz band). These frequencies resonate with your body and skin.
  2. Extremely low frequency electric fields come from voltage, power lines, electrical wiring in your walls, electric blankets, appliances and devices plugged into your electrical sockets.
  3. Low frequency magnetic fields come from faulty wiring, refrigerator motors, electric stoves, hair dryers, current on metal water pipes, power lines and transformers outside your home. Unlike electric fields, magnetic fields are easy to detect but hard to shield, so it is best to move yourself away from the source or move the sources as they are very difficult to shield for.
  4. Dirty electricity (also known as electromagnetic interference or EMI) includes all electric and magnetic fields from any frequency above 50 Hz, and can come from cordless phones, energy-efficient appliances, computers, hair dryers, smart meters, televisions and Wi-Fi routers.
  5. Artificial light, including LEDs, compact fluorescent bulbs and halogen lights. Not only do they emit dirty electricity, but they also typically have high flitter rates that stress your brain. The best types of light bulbs are incandescent bulbs with higher wattage, as they have the most natural color spectrum and lowest flicker rates.

Warning: Your EMF Exposure Is Higher Than You Could Ever Imagine

How much has exposure increased, compared to, say, a hundred years ago? If you were to guess as much as a billion times more exposure, you’d be wrong. It’s not even a trillion times more.

Your exposure to all types of EMFs is a billion billion fold – that is, 10 with 15 zeros after it – greater than it was 100 years ago.

And it doesn't stop there...

Amazon and SpaceX, a Starlight program, plan to continue launching more than 50,000 satellites within the coming years. These satellites will circle the globe and raise exposure dramatically – at least by a factor of 10, and even 100, once the project is complete.

My bestselling book, EMF*D, provides an in-depth discussion of the different types of EMFs and how they affect your body. In it, I offer a multi-faceted plan of action that you can take to protect yourself and your family – something I strongly suggest doing now.

The Effects of EMFs on Your Electric Body

Did you know that your body produces its own electrical currents, or EMFs, and has its own “voltage”?

Many people don’t realize their bodies contain tiny electrical currents in response to all the chemical reactions that occur with healthy, normal bodily functions. Even your thoughts and emotions are measurable frequencies.

Think about it... If your heart stops beating, how do doctors attempt to restart it? They use electrical voltage to “jump” your heart muscle.

Human-made EMFs and electromagnetic radiation, unlike natural EMFs within your body, are polarized. This means they can have increased biological activity and be potentially harmful at the cellular level.

Back in the 19th century, the typical body voltage of individuals was zero. Now EMF remediation experts are finding body voltage to average from 500 to 3,000 millivolts (mV). In older homes with knob and tube wiring, it can be as high as 12,000 mV.

For optimal rejuvenation during sleep, you want body voltage to remain less than 100 mV if you are healthy and 50 mV if you are electrohypersensitive.

Let’s look closer at how high body voltage can lead to unwanted health changes...

Woman suffering from migraine

Why It’s Impossible to Relax When You’re Surrounded by Electricity

So what happens when you’re surrounded by external sources of electricity at night and your body voltage remains high?

  • Your muscles struggle to relax as your body remains in a stressed and tense state.
  • Your nervous system stimulates the production of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • High levels of cortisol decrease melatonin, an important hormone for sleep, detoxification and tissue repair.
  • Your brain can’t properly perform its regular nighttime task of “sweeping away” debris and toxins (your brain shrinks by about 40% at night just to do this).

Your body needs a stress-free environment so it can get enough deep sleep to optimize your parasympathetic state for rejuvenation and restoration. To completely shield yourself from these invasive fields, you would need to surround yourself with a protective “bubble” 24 hours a day.

Because this isn’t practical for most people, giving your brain and nervous system a break from the constant assault of EMFs for seven or eight hours each night can go a long way towards helping them recuperate and maintain normal function.

These are just a few reasons why it’s so important to shield yourself from EMFs while you sleep at night. Let’s explore how we can do that...

Why Turning Off Your Wi-Fi at Night May Not Be Enough

There are basically three types of EMF sources that you want to minimize to help optimize your health: radio frequency (RF), electrical and magnetic. Taking these steps, especially before bedtime, can help you lower your RF exposure:

  • At the very minimum, turn off your Wi-Fi at night.
  • Switch cell phones into “airplane” mode and power off when not in use, especially at night. I recommend putting your phone in a faraday or EMF-shielding bag when not in use.
  • Minimize your use of wireless devices and consider hardwiring your computers instead of using Wi-Fi.
  • Measure your sleeping space with a magnetic field meter to confirm your exposure is below 1 milligauss and preferably below 0.3 milligauss. You might have to move your bed to get to this range as magnetic fields are very difficult to shield for.

These are all excellent and reasonably inexpensive steps you can take right now to protect you and your family members from RF exposure. However, they may not be enough, especially with the rollout of 5G.

Cell towers, smart meters and radio broadcast towers are especially damaging, as your body serves as a conductor for their waveforms. Small cell antennas that include 4G are always on, flooding your home with constant RF exposure.

That’s just RF fields... There are electrical fields, too, contributing to your total EMF exposure.

Even with your lights off and everything unplugged in your bedroom, there are still large levels of electrical voltage coming off the hot wire in circuits inside your walls Most residential building codes don't require the electrical wiring in the walls to be encased in metal conduit like with commercial buildings. So, this causes electrical fields to leak through your walls into your bedroom.

Extending out as far as eight feet from the walls, floor and electrical outlets, these electric fields bounce back and forth in the air. When they strike the charged ions, protons and electrons in all your cells, they can cause biological havoc.

These electric fields can even energize metal bed frames and springs in your mattress, and ultimately your body as you lie on your bed. This is why I sleep on a bed and mattress that don’t have any metal parts or inner metal springs.

Shutting off all the electricity to your bedroom at the circuit breaker can help, but many people will still have high electrical fields in the room. To measure these electric fields, you need a special meter or you need to hire someone trained in the mitigation of EMFs.

Shielding Your Bedroom From EMFs – Not as Simple as It Looks

Your sleeping area is the most important part of your home to shield against EMFs. By creating a shielded sleeping area, you essentially replicate the ancestral environment where there were no electrical or radio frequencies for seven to eight hours every night.

However, it’s not a simple task to do this, nor is it inexpensive.

It is helpful to think of EMFs like light… EMFs can seep into your bedroom through a crack around the door or a gap in your curtains, just like daylight or artificial light. But unlike light, EMFs can also travel through walls, windows, doors and your floor even if you are on the ground floor.

The most ideal situation for shielding your bedroom and blocking frequencies is to use EMF-shielding paint. However, special shielding paint is expensive and it requires skill to apply. Plus, an electrician is frequently required to properly ground the painted surfaces.

Shielding is actually the final step in creating what we call a “faraday cage” – or an EMF-free sanctuary in your bedroom. There are many steps that must be taken first:

  • You must remove your flooring and install shielding material, and then replace the floor (EMFs can travel even through concrete slabs).
  • All shelves and attachments in your bedroom or closet – and even wallpaper – must be removed before painting to ensure complete coverage.
  • If you have faulty wiring in your walls, it must be remedied by an electrician. This is because shielding paint won’t correct the elevated magnetic fields from wiring errors.
  • You must apply EMF-shielding paint to every surface, including your ceiling and walls, floor, closet, and door and window frames.
  • The shielding paint must be properly grounded or it may not work.

Windows must also be shielded using special RF-shielding fabric sewn into curtains and 4G- and 5G- frequency transparent window film, standard aluminum or steel metal-mesh insect screen. This is because the glass is just as transparent to these fields as it is to light.

Finally, you must block the space under your door at night (remember the analogy of how light seeps into your room?).

Shielding paint and shielding fabric protects you against electric fields and wireless radiation, but not magnetic fields. Magnetic fields must be addressed and remedied separately.


Why Sleep in an EMF Sanctuary?

By the time you’ve properly shielded just one typical 12 by 12-foot bedroom, you’ve shelled out between $1,000 and $1,500 for shielding materials and from $5,000 to $10,000 or more for the complete job, including the assessment, labor and structural alterations.

This is exactly what I did with my own bedroom, and ended up spending more than $10,000. However, I have no regrets. I now have virtually undetectable levels of RF and electrical fields, and my body is able to completely rest and rejuvenate at night.

The question is... Is it the right action for you to take? Is the effort and expense worth it to you? It might be, but only you can answer that question.

Shielding your bedroom from the major types of EMFs – exposures from high radio frequency dirty electricity and low frequency electric fields – allows your body to step up its own natural restorative processes.

In a sense, with an EMF sanctuary, you’re going back to approximately 150 years ago, when electricity and telegraph wires didn’t exist. Back then, humans didn’t have to contend with the stress created by overwhelming levels of EMFs.

Many individuals who hire EMF remediation experts to properly shield their bedrooms to create an EMF-free sleeping zone report positive changes in their health. Some even notice a difference their very first night.

Affordable EMF Protection for Sleep and Travel

While ideal, I realize not everyone has the resources or the ability to create their own faraday cage in their bedroom using shielding paint and fabric. An astounding 82% of the population are unable to avoid a $500 emergency bill, so seems it certainly isn’t a practical option for most.

Maybe you...

  • Don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on this type of project.
  • Rent your home or apartment and can’t make interior alterations.
  • Don’t want to make permanent changes to your bedroom, such as removing or painting your tile or hardwood floors.

Some people opt to install a shielding canopy or special fabric that you place over your bed. However, this option still requires proper shielding underneath the bed. You must create, in effect, a seamless faraday cage to seal out RF and electrical fields.

While this is a less expensive solution than shielding your entire bedroom, an effective faraday cage is still going to cost you about $2,000. I’ve seen some cheaper options on the market, but if you take EMF measurements at the seams and zippers, you’re more than likely to find they leak RF and electrical fields.

Remember my earlier analogy of light... EMFs can seep through cracks around your door and windows, and through any gaps in the fabric surrounding your bed, including stitching and zippers.

All these pricier options aside, I wanted an affordable and practical option that would meet most people’s needs – and one that would not require any structural changes to your home. Being able to easily pack it along when you travel would be a bonus.

I’ve long had a concern with EMFs in hotels when I travel, so it made sense to develop an affordable EMF sanctuary that would also be packable and portable and protect me when I travel.

Introducing the Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent

EMF Shielding Tent

After more than three years of research and development, and over 20 failed prototypes, my team and I have finally perfected a portable EMF sanctuary that meets all these requirements.

The process was not an easy one. We quickly learned that zippers are the weakest link in faraday cages and EMF-blocking canopies. They create leakage points and require a specialized solution to effectively seal out EMFs.

That’s one of the reasons why it took us more than three years and 20 prototypes to come up with a portable EMF sanctuary that met my exacting specifications.

Finally, I’m excited to share this exciting discovery with you.

I’m especially pleased to tell you its price is about one-fourth of what you’d pay for a traditional, yet typically ineffective, EMF-blocking bed canopy. And far lower than converting your bedroom into a faraday cage.

Plus, we’ve done expensive objective third-party testing on our shielding tent so we know it’s shockingly effective at blocking troublesome EMFs, including RF as high as 5G and electrical fields.

I encourage you to watch the video at the top of the page to find out more about our Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent and meet our consultant, Brian Hoyer, founder of Shielded Healing and Certified Geobiologist/Professional EMF Shielding Consultant, who assisted us throughout the process with his invaluable expertise.

At 6:55 into the video, Brian tests our EMF Shielding Tent with six different pieces of equipment so you can see for yourself how well it protects against EMFs.

Super Protection Courtesy of Our Advanced SILVERSIELD Fabric

Like a portable shielded room, our Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent is designed to help block harmful EMFs from all types of electronic devices while you sleep. In the graph below, you can see how the Silvershield® fabric performed in independent testing at different frequencies.

Silvershield performance presented in a graph

These results confirm that the fabric attenuates at 30dBs up to 40 gigahertz, and from 10 megahertz to 10 gigahertz it attenuates at 40-45dBs, which covers the 5G frequencies.

Simply put, our Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent is rated all the way up to 40 GHz – an outstanding result for a single layer of fabric.

What makes the fabric so effective?

The silver and woven nylon material, encased in an antioxidant coating for protection, is knitted for tight continuity between the threads to protect you from all radio frequencies. When you connect the included grounding wire to the ground port of a properly grounded three-prong outlet, you’re also shielded from electrical fields.

Our Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent comes with everything you need to set up your tent:

  • 1 Silvershield® EMF Tent
  • 1 Grounding Wire
  • 1 Outlet Ground Tester
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Black Anti-Oxidizing Storage Bag (protects your tent from effects of oxidation on the silver fabric which will discolor it)
  • 1 Six Foot Repair Thread (if needed in case of accidental tear)

Weighing only 4 lbs., the tent measures 86 in. (218 cm) x 36 in. (92 cm) x 24 in. (60 cm) and accommodates one person comfortably. Best of all, it’s easy to use and fold for travel, and it even fits into a large carry-on or suitcase.


Sleep in Confidence With Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent

With today’s surging levels of EMFs, effective protection is no longer just an option if you want to enjoy optimal health.

Everyone would benefit from an EMF-free sanctuary where they can sleep peacefully, knowing their bodies aren’t being inundated with radio frequencies and other EMFs.

Check out what people are saying.


Remember, your body rejuvenates and detoxes during sleep, but if you’re bombarded with EMFs all night long, it can’t effectively perform those crucial cleanout and regenerative functions.

Get your health back on track, and order the Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent for yourself and your loved ones today.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. How do I keep the Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent clean? Is it washable?

    The tent fabric is encased in an antioxidant coating, so it may only be spot cleaned or wiped down with a damp cloth. Do not use bleach or any type of chlorine-based detergent. Always allow the tent to thoroughly air dry indoors before folding and storing it away. Do not dry outdoors or in a clothes dryer, and do not dry clean or iron the fabric.

    While there are options to clean the tent, it’s best to minimize cleaning the material, as excessive cleaning will damage the silver fabric over time.

  2. 2. I accidentally made a small tear in my tent. Do I need to repair it? If so, how?

    While the silver fabric is tough and resistant to everyday use, in the event a tear does occur, it must be repaired fully to maintain proper shielding against EMFs. Your tent comes with an extra 6’ of special silver repair thread. Use this thread to hand sew the torn fabric edges together, taking care to ensure the tear is fully sealed. Use only the included silver thread to repair tears.

  3. 3. Can I bring my pet into the tent with me to sleep?

    Several of our testers tried out the tent with their pet with success. As long as your cat or small dog isn’t inclined to claw the fabric or need to leave the tent during the night, the tent is safe and spacious enough to share with your pet.

  4. 4. Can the tent be used without attaching the grounding wire?

    Yes, the tent will block EMFs with or without the grounding wire attached. It is present as an optional feature for those who wish to use it for “grounding.”

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