Help Soothe Bloating, Gas and Indigestion With This Comprehensive Digestive Enzyme Formula*

With a blend of nine enzymes delivered in an innovative capsule that targets release to your small intestine, our Digestive Enzymes supports smooth, efficient digestion.

  • Digestive Enzymes provides support for your body’s natural digestion processes, helping to ease occasional symptoms of gas, bloating and indigestion.
  • Digestive Enzymes supplies nine carefully selected enzymes to provide broad support for your digestion, helping you break down fats, long chain carbohydrates, simple sugars and proteins.
  • Produced using an innovative delayed-release technology, Digestive Enzymes assures you get maximum potential benefit targeted right to your small intestine, where your body needs it.

Good food and conversation – they’re at the heart of so many of our best gatherings with family and friends.

But when good food turns into digestive discomfort, with gas and bloating causing pain and embarrassing moments, it can become a cause for anxiety instead of enjoyment.

Instead of looking forward to a good time, you end up anxiously planning how to avoid food without offending anyone. You may even hesitate before eating a regular weeknight meal that has one or two foods that sometimes give you trouble.

If you deal with occasional digestive troubles, you’re not alone. Problems like bloating, gas, and irregular bowel movements affect a lot of people from time to time. Even people who eat a healthy diet sometimes struggle with bad digestion.

Factors like stress or overcoming years of unhealthy eating can put extra strain on your digestive system. Getting older also tends to deplete your body’s ability to produce the digestive enzymes that break your food down so you can absorb all the nutrients.

But there is a solution that can help you get back to enjoying your favorite foods and looking forward to those food-filled friendly gatherings. It involves supporting your body’s natural digestive processes, so it can work smoothly and efficiently.

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How Digestive Enzymes Help You Build a Healthy Body*

Your digestive system needs a robust supply of digestive enzymes to break down food into the nutrients your body needs for energy, growth and cell repair.* Fortunately, your body is equipped with highly sophisticated chemical engineering to accomplish that purpose.

As soon as you begin eating, digestive enzymes begin to pour into your small intestine from your liver, pancreas and gallbladder. Going to work on your food, they break down the large macromolecules into smaller pieces that your body can absorb.

These digestive enzymes are specialized proteins naturally produced by your body. Each one is designed to break apart a specific type of molecule in your food. For example, there are:

  • Lipases – to break down fats.
  • Amylases – to break down long carbohydrate chains.
  • Invertases – to break down simple sugars.
  • Proteases (also called proteolytic enzymes) – to break down proteins.

Your liver, pancreas and gallbladder contribute other useful helper molecules as well.

Healthy digestion facilitates better absorption of nutrients. When your body receives more nutrients from the food you eat, you can experience several benefits, including better energy levels.

Sometimes, however, your enzyme stores can become depleted, leaving you unable to optimally digest your food. A major common cause of enzyme depletion is aging. As you get older, your body becomes less efficient at producing digestive enzymes.

Supplementing your body’s natural enzyme production can help you experience healthier digestion. Supplemental enzymes can help:

  • Diminish minor discomfort and occasional bloating.*
  • Reduce that bogged-down feeling after a big meal.*
  • Eliminate worry about occasional constipation or gas.*

Our powerful digestive enzyme formula is designed to help you take control of occasional issues like these.*

The Perfect Blend to Help Digest Your Food*

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes contains a broad range of nine enzymes designed to support digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and fats:

  1. Ox Bile Extract (45 % Cholic Acid) – Contains lipase enzymes to help break down dietary fat.* It also includes other natural substances to help emulsify fat into small micro-droplets which are easy to process and for your body to absorb.*
  2. Pancreatin – Contains Protease, Amylase and Lipase
    • Protease helps break down protein.*
    • Amylase helps break down long-chain carbohydrates, such as starch and glycogen (the energy-storage molecule in animal tissue).*
    • Lipase helps break down fats.*
  3. Bromelain – Derived from pineapple, bromelain is one of the strongest, safest and most tested ways to help break down proteins.*
  4. Papain – Working together with bromelain and protease, papain provides a powerful one-two knockout punch to help you make the most of the protein you eat.*
  5. Cellulase – This enzyme helps break down fiber for optimal nutrition from plant foods.*
  6. Invertase – This enzyme is needed to help break down all types of sugars.*
  7. Alpha Galactosidase – Essential to comfortable digestion of complex carbohydrates, alpha galactosidase helps break down amylase-resistant carbohydrates, such as those found in beans.*

The process of digesting proteins is a demanding one. To effectively break down protein into amino acids, you need multiple enzymes.* The Digestive Enzyme Blend in this formulation provides three different enzymes that work together to digest protein.*

No high-protein meal is too big for the power of Digestive Enzymes.* A single capsule taken at the beginning of your largest meal of the day (or up to 20 minutes before) gives you powerful support for efficient, comfortable digestion.

Designed to Help Safeguard Enzymes From Harsh Stomach Acids

Most of your natural enzymes are produced in your pancreas and perform their workload in your intestines. Enzymes do most of their work in the small intestine.

When you take an enzyme supplement with enzymes sourced from animals – such as pancreatin and ox bile extract – the challenge is getting it past your stomach without serious damage or degradation.

You see, the acid in your stomach can deactivate animal-derived enzymes.

So our manufacturer has designed a special capsule – DRcaps™ – that protects its contents from stomach acid and delivers them safely to your intestines.

This innovative delayed-release technology delivers enzymes directly to your small intestine, assuring you get the full benefits of Digestive Enzymes.

‘I Don’t Eat Meat… Is There a Vegetarian-Friendly Enzyme Formula for Me?’

Vegetarians sometimes wonder if they still need digestive enzymes when much of their diet consists of vegetables and little or no meat.

No matter what you eat, you can benefit from a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement. Taking digestive enzymes at mealtime gives your natural enzymes a boost and relieves strain on your own body’s enzyme-producing organs.*

Even if you don’t eat meat, you eat other foods that require enzymes for digestion. These include foods containing long-chain carbohydrates like beans and legumes. It also includes the fiber in whole grains and fruits, as well as fats and oils in foods like avocados, nuts and dairy.

All of these foods, which are abundant in a well-rounded vegetarian diet, can present unique challenges for digestion.

If you’re looking for a digestive enzyme supplement that’s vegetarian-friendly and not derived from animals, Full Spectrum Enzymes is an excellent choice.

Full Spectrum Enzymes is a potent digestive enzyme supplement ideal for vegetarians and others who prefer enzymes from plants and other non-animal sources. It provides a broad range of enzymes to help digest a variety of foods while steering clear of the use of animal products.

If you eat meat, however, the additional potency provided by Digestive Enzymes may be just what you’re looking for.

7 Important Reasons Why You Should Include Digestive Enzymes in Your Health Regimen*

There’s no need to avoid your favorite meals or be stuck with the discomfort of indigestion. With Digestive Enzymes, you can get the support your digestive system needs to enjoy healthy foods without worry.*

Here are seven reasons why this formula should be a part of your health regimen:

  1. Digestive Enzymes contains a thorough spectrum of enzymes to help you digest carbohydrates, fats, proteins (all three of the major components of food) and more.*
  2. This formula will help support your natural process of digestion and start to soothe your digestive system.*
  3. Not only is this supplement designed to offer relief from occasional bloating, gas or discomfort, but it may also optimize nutrient uptake from the foods you eat.*
  4. Digestive Enzymes is manufactured under very high quality standards.
  5. It contains enzymes with a higher activity level than many similar products.*
  6. The innovative delayed-release technology in Digestive Enzymes assures you get the maximum potential benefit targeted right to your small intestine, where your body needs it.
  7. Better digestion allows your body to absorb more of the nutrients in your food, supporting good health throughout your body including better energy levels.*

Take the next step to support your digestive health, and order Digestive Enzymes today to start experiencing smoother, more comfortable digestion.

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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. How often should I take Digestive Enzymes, and when is the best time to take it?

    Digestive Enzymes offer the convenience of taking just one capsule per day at the beginning of your largest meal of the day. You can take up to three capsules per day if you prefer.

  2. 2. How are Digestive Enzymes different from Probiotics?

    Digestive Enzymes help you digest your food. They are protein molecules that help break food molecules into smaller, easily-absorbed bits. They are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions in your body. Your body can produce digestive enzymes, but that function has been shown to deteriorate as you age.

    Probiotics are living organisms, typically beneficial bacteria. They help support your immune system, assist in vitamin and mineral absorption and much more. Probiotics even produce their own digestive enzymes once the bacteria have had a chance to colonize (which can take at least two weeks), so they’re also valuable for aiding digestion.

    Because digestive enzymes work so well with probiotics for supporting digestion, I recommend adding any of our probiotic supplements, such as Complete Probiotics, to your daily regimen.*

  3. 3. How do I know if I can benefit from taking Digestive Enzymes?

    If you occasionally feel bloated, gassy or suffer from indigestion after a meal, you may benefit from taking Digestive Enzymes.*

    If you consume a lot of meat and are looking for protein digestion support, you might find that Digestive Enzymes helps you experience smoother, more comfortable digestion.

    If you eat fast or feel like you don't have much energy despite eating enough food, you may benefit from Digestive Enzymes.

  4. 4. What should an effective digestive enzyme supplement include?

    You want a digestive enzyme supplement that breaks down proteins, simple and long-chain carbohydrates, fiber and fats. Therefore, a complete, high-quality digestive enzyme supplement should include the following:

    1. Bromelain – Helps break down proteins
    2. Pancreatin – Includes protease and amylase
      • Protease helps break down protein
      • Amylase helps break down long chain carbohydrates
      • Lipase helps break down fats
    3. Papain – Works in sync with bromelain to help break down protein
    4. Alpha Galactosidase – Helps break down carbs that may be resistant to amylase, such as those in legumes
    5. Cellulase – Helps break down fiber
    6. Ox Bile – Contains lipase enzymes to help break down dietary fat and has been used safely for many years to supplement your liver's natural production.
    7. Invertase – Helps break down sugars
  5. 5. What if Ox Bile cannot be imported to my country?

    If you cannot get a digestive enzyme supplement with Ox Bile in your country, Full Spectrum Enzymes provides an excellent alternative. It contains lipase enzymes to help break down dietary fat. Full Spectrum Enzymes is a vegetarian-friendly supplement that completely avoids the use of animal-based enzymes, so it can be safely imported to your country.

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