Mercury-Free Dentistry Week Mercury-Free Dentistry Week

Support the Phase-Out of Mercury Fillings Here and Around the World


We are excited to extend our 10th Annual Mercury-Free Dentistry Week celebration, now until September 2, 2020. Hidden from us for too long is this stark fact: Mercury, the most toxic and volatile of the heavy metals, is the main component of dental amalgam (also called, incorrectly, “silver” fillings). Alternatives to amalgam are available in any dental office, and every consumer should demand nontoxic, nonpolluting mercury-free fillings.

To phase out amalgam in North America and worldwide, we partner with the amazing nonprofit group Consumers for Dental Choice. This talented team of consumer advocates, environmentalists and health professionals work tirelessly — and effectively — to stop the use of dental mercury around the world. All week, therefore, I will be matching all donations up to $150,000.

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This year our theme is “Mercury-Free Dentistry: From Dream to Reality.” Ten governments have ended amalgam use or set a specific phase-out date. Many others, such as the 27-nation European Union, have ended amalgam use in children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. This progress is creating unrelenting pressure for the U.S. to do the same! Consumers for Dental Choice continues to break barriers that limit consumer access to mercury-free dentistry and to force federal and state government agencies to be accountable.

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