We’re Tripling Your Donations for Regenerative Food & Farming Week!

This week from March 1-7, Mercola.com highlights Regenerative Food & Farming Week by raising public awareness among people who previously didn’t realize genetically modified organisms are in their food. During this week, we will help you learn more about the dangers of GMOs and instruct you on how to eat healthier and purer food.


GMO proponents claim that genetic engineering is “safe and beneficial,” and that it advances the agricultural industry. They also say that GMOs help ensure the global food supply and sustainability. GMOs pose one of the greatest threats to life on the planet. Genetic engineering is NOT the safe and beneficial technology that it is touted to be. Fortunately, we have organizations like the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) who are fighting diligently to have GMOs labeled.

To contribute to a GMO-free future, we’ll use a portion of sales to donate $3 for every $1 donated to OCA for the entire week up to $250,000.

Your donation to the OCA will help:

  • Fight for mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food
  • Bring attention to the devastating impact of factory farms on the environment, public health and the welfare of animals
  • Continue to protect organic standards from efforts to erode them

More than 80 percent of the support to the OCA comes from individual consumers like you – so you can help ignite real change with your donation! Donate Now!

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