Fluoride Awareness Fluoride Awareness

Fluoride is Nothing to Smile About!

This week from July 6 to 12, Mercola.com highlights Fluoride Awareness Week by raising public awareness on fluoride – its sources, toxicity and impact to your overall health and well-being.

While fluoride is added to water supplies throughout the U.S., an abundance of research now shows it’s doing more harm than good. Studies have shown that fluoride toxicity can potentially lead to serious health problems, affecting many areas of the body – including your bones, brain, thyroid, pineal gland and even blood sugar levels. Fortunately, we have organizations like the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) who are helping to fight the end of water fluoridation worldwide.

Fluoride Awareness Week

By shopping on Mercola.com during Fluoride Awareness Week, you not only have access to our cutting-edge oral health products, but you can enjoy great savings on our entire lineup of high-quality natural health products. The proceeds from your purchases will help fund the work FAN is doing all over the world and help increase awareness about the toxicity of fluoride. It is your generous support that allows us to save lives by influencing citizens, scientists and policymakers.

This whole week, help us fight fluoridation. To benefit anti-fluoridation efforts, we are matching donations up to $25,000 during Fluoride Awareness Week. You can also donate directly to FAN by CLICKING HERE.

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