Indulge Your Taste Buds With These Swiss-Made, Velvety Smooth Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars

Discover why these Solspring® Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars are more than a tasty chocolate treat.

  • Made from the finest Swiss dark chocolate for a velvety smooth taste, Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Dark Chocolate Bars come in two delectable flavors of regular Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut.
  • Containing 70% Biodynamic cocoa from raw cacao beans, Solspring® Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars not only offer unbeatable taste, but they are produced using soil-first regenerative agriculture focused on feeding the soil that feeds us.
  • Our chocolate bars are meticulously crafted by an experienced Swiss chocolate maker committed to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and eco-friendly chocolate production.

Of all the delectable treats available around the world, chocolate remains one of the most popular.

Mankind’s love affair with chocolate dates back more than five millennia, and in some cases, was a symbol of luxury, wealth and power. During the 14th century, the Aztecs and Mayans even used cacao beans as a form of currency.

However, often lost in the intriguing history and the tantalizing sweetness is the well-documented damage to our environment caused by out-of-control global chocolate production. Today’s destructive industrial farming practices, such as the heavy use of pesticides, deforestation, soil degradation and erosion, continue to challenge the sustainability of chocolate production.

In addition, low wages for farmers and further labor exploitations have added to the spiraling social crisis within the chocolate-producing industry as well.

Fortunately, when our team went on a mission to find the perfect chocolate bars, we discovered the ideal solution that not only provides delightfully tasting bars but also addresses the environmental and social issues as top priorities.


More Than Just a Sweet Indulgence

In addition to making sure our supplier of chocolate bars took the sustainability challenges head-on, we also wanted to provide bars that could offer some potential benefits as well.

Of course, since most chocolates contain varying amounts of sugar, bars should be enjoyed in some form of moderation. However, like most foods, not all chocolate is created equal.

Chocolate comes from the cacao evergreen plant, which contains beneficial levels of minerals and antioxidants. The majority of chocolate is produced by roasting cacao beans into a cocoa liquor or cocoa powder.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of chocolate sold and consumed is in the form of milk chocolate, which typically contains excessive amounts of sugar with only minute amounts of potentially beneficial cocoa. The standard manufacturing process of milk chocolate tends to destroy about 25-50% of the available antioxidants in the cocoa.

On the other hand, dark chocolate typically contains much larger amounts of cocoa and less sugar than milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate is richer in antioxidant properties, such as flavanols, polyphenols, epicatechin and resveratrol. It also typically contains higher levels of potassium and iron.

As part of our overall mission to craft exceptional chocolate bars, selecting dark chocolate was a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, just like all chocolates are not created equal, the same holds true for dark chocolate…

Why Settle for Anything but the Highest Quality Dark Chocolate Bars?

Substantial evidence shows that the beneficial properties are greatest in dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa (at least 70%) and a lower percentage of sugar. You can distinguish this higher percentage of cocoa from the cacao bean by the somewhat bitter taste of the chocolate.

It’s the antioxidant polyphenols in the cocoa that produce the bitter taste. Some manufacturers even try to process out some of the polyphenols to help smooth the taste. But this only diminishes the potential beneficial properties.

From the raw cacao beans to the finished dark chocolate bars, there are several technical steps involved, including processes like mixing, grinding, conching, pre-crystallization, molding and final packaging, all to deliver you velvety smooth bars.

The conclusion – ideal dark chocolate bars are made from at least 70% cocoa from cacao beans and go through highly-technical processes that demand the highest quality standards.

Not many dark chocolate manufacturers adhere to these high-quality standards. In the end, you should not settle for anything less if you want to experience the velvety smoothness along with the potential benefits of high-quality dark chocolate bars.

Dark Chocolate Bundle

Setting the standard for the finest Swiss dark chocolate bars, Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Dark Chocolate Bars:

  • Are Demeter Certified Biodynamic® and USDA Certified Organic.
  • Come in two rich flavors – Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate and Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut.
  • Contain 70% Biodynamic cocoa from cacao beans, Biodynamic Cane Sugar for added smoothness and Biodynamic Cocoa Butter.
  • Include dietary fiber (4 grams) and protein (3 to 4 grams) as well as potassium and iron.
  • Are exclusively produced by a family-owned Swiss chocolate maker with more than 90 years of innovative experience, one of the first to develop Fair Trade and organic chocolates.

Because the raw cacao beans used to make Solspring® Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars are grown and processed using Biodynamic practices, no potentially harmful synthetic fertilizers, additives or chemical solvents are ever used.

Chocolate bar

How Biodynamic Reaches Beyond Organic

The world’s oldest ecological certification, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® is the soil-first approach to farming that naturally draws carbon from the atmosphere and stores it into the ground, where it belongs, to create richer, more nutrient-dense farmlands and harvests for better food the way nature intended.

Viewing the farm as a living organism that’s self-sustaining, it follows the cycles of nature to create a diverse and balanced ecosystem, promoting the overall health of our crops and animals while also healing the planet.

Striving for a higher standard, we worked exclusively with our Demeter Certified Biodynamic® Swiss chocolate maker to offer you Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars, certified by the platinum standard for high-quality nutritious foods and raw ingredients.

Here’s a closer look at how Demeter Certified Biodynamic® compares to the National Organic Program’s (NOP’s) Certified Organic standards:

Green Vegetables Solspring
Allows imported organic fertilizers Reduces imported materials by utilizing nutrient-rich humus created within the farming system
Allows imported organic pesticides Creates a biologically diverse habitat that encourages balanced predator-prey relationships
Does not require the use of livestock Integrates livestock to improve soils
Does not address the rotation of crops Promotes crop rotation and intensive use of cover crops (green manure) to add nutrients to the soil
Organic feed for livestock can come from anywhere in the world 50% of livestock feed must be grown on the farm
Does not require biodiversity 10% of total farm acreage must be set aside for biodiversity
Focuses on crops and allows for only one section of a farm to be certified Focuses on farms as a whole and requires that the entire farm be certified
Product certification focuses mainly on ingredients used Product certification uses 12 Biodynamic® processing standards so the agricultural ingredients used define the product

A Chocolate Maker Committed to Solving Industry Challenges

Earlier we emphasized how the perfect chocolate bars involve more than simply taste. Our ideal solution had to also address the ongoing destructive industrial farming practices and social issues facing the chocolate-producing industry.

Our Swiss chocolate partner has demonstrated how they are taking these challenges head on, and more, with their serious commitments to:

  • Sustainability – Ever since the company’s founding, sustainability has remained a key corporate value. For example, whenever possible, raw materials are purchased directly in the countries of origin from cacao farmers and cooperatives with which they have long-standing partnerships.
  • Ingredient traceability – With the company’s key industrial and high-quality standard certifications, ingredients used in chocolate production processes are traceable.
  • Social responsibility – They’re not only committed to local equal employment opportunities but also to the continuous support and education of their cooperative partners, overseeing and training the cacao farmers in Biodynamic® and organic regenerative practices, which further ensures sustainability and transparency within the supply chain.
  • Eco-friendly production – They persistently strive to improve their environmental performance while reducing the consumption of resources, such as energy and water.
  • Solar energy generation – For more than eight years, the company has drawn on solar energy to help reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Climate protection – As confirmed by the independent Swiss Myclimate organization, this chocolate producer has been enabled to offer “carbon neutral chocolate.”

With our partner’s innovation as well as their passionate commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, the creation of Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Dark Chocolate Bars couldn’t be in more capable experienced hands.

Experience the Velvety Goodness of Solspring® Dark Chocolate – Without the Guilt

Dark Chocolate Bundle

Savoring the fact that Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Bars are created from the highest quality Swiss dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, you can thoroughly enjoy these bars guilt free.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing these Biodynamic® bars are produced by an experienced Swiss chocolate maker who supports the cacao farmers in their commitment to being good custodians of the earth and humanity.

Experience the delightful difference with Solspring® – the growing authentic food brand that creates access to Biodynamic and organic foods from regenerative farms – and order your Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars today

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  1. 1. I have an allergy with certain kinds of nuts. Can I enjoy either one of these dark chocolate bars?

    Only the Solspring® Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Bar contains tree nuts in the form of hazelnuts. However, both dark chocolate bars are produced in a facility that uses almonds in addition to hazelnuts. Therefore, it would be best to consult with your allergist and/or healthcare provider to determine if you can consume these bars.

  2. 2. There are many available organic dark chocolate bars out there. Why does Biodynamic® make these bars so special?

    While Certified Organic is a high-quality standard that helps you avoid harmful synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and genetically engineered ingredients (GEs), raw ingredients from crops (like cacao beans) may still lack important nutrients if the soil where they were grown lacks those nutrients.

    Demeter Certified Biodynamic® uses a soil-first approach to farming that naturally draws carbon from the atmosphere and stores it into the ground, where it belongs, to create richer, more nutrient-dense farmlands and harvests for better food the way nature intended. To bring you the highest-quality products, we use Biodynamic® ingredients whenever possible, as is the case for Solspring® Biodynamic® Dark Chocolate Bars.

  3. 3. Why is the percentage of cocoa so important in dark chocolate bars?

    Substantial evidence shows antioxidant properties are greatest in dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa (at least 70%) and a lower percentage of sugar. That’s why Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Dark Chocolate Bars contain 70% cocoa and a minimum amount of sugar from Biodynamic® organic cane sugar for added smoothness.

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