Exposed: This Book Uncovers the Truth That You Were Never Supposed To Know

In 1995 Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a respected gastroenterologist and Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons and Pathologists, posed two seemingly innocuous questions…

Unknown to him at the time, these two simple queries would pit him directly against some of the world's most powerful interests – including political, corporate and multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical forces. This book details how those interests seemingly had no interest in the truth and definitely no desire for his questions (and the answers they suggested) to see the light of day…ever.

Over the course of a 15-year nightmare journey, Dr. Wakefield found himself embroiled in an epic personal and professional battle – often fighting against the very institutions typically perceived as being there to protect health and wellbeing at all costs. This book suggests perhaps we are mistaken.

Along the way, Dr. Wakefield would lose his job, his country, his career, and his medical license.

This book describes how, despite being exposed to the toxic underbelly of institutional and commercial medicine, and the pervasive lies, blatant mischaracterizations, libelous attacks, and virulent strong-arm tactics that he faced daily, Dr. Wakefield never lost sight of the reason why he was fighting back:  

For the children.

Dr. Wakefield's odyssey, as detailed in the book, is a shocking reminder that the struggle for truth and justice is not just the stuff of far-off history books.

Indeed, the book describes a responsibility for which we all carry – as mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and individuals everywhere – and one that defines us, protects us, and can help us achieve a better world for children everywhere.

Why Did Two Questions Cause the Medical Machine to Declare an Unprecedented War on a Doctor Who Was Only Trying to Help Our Children?

So, what were the two little questions Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues asked that caused such an almighty uproar and reverberated like nails on a chalkboard across the entire world?

According to the book, they were simply this:

  • Is the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine safe?
  • Can the MMR vaccine cause autistic regression and intestinal disease?

Now, if it isn’t immediately apparent to you why these questions (and the early clinical findings that came as a result) should be cause for the ensuing chaos that would pour down from all sides, you are not alone.

It seems common sense that any questions – particularly those asked by doctors who just want to help our kids – should be welcomed, right?

It seems appropriate that – when parents started contacting Dr. Wakefield with story after story about their normally developing child who regressed into autism or autism-like states soon after receiving the MMR vaccine – he would want to do whatever he could to learn more.

And, the book asks, doesn’t it make sense that Dr. Wakefield, a gastroenterologist, would take an especially keen interest in these cases since at the same time the children were exhibiting these autistic symptoms, they also were newly experiencing chronic gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms?

The book describes why, from the perspective of parents, many in the medical field, and rational people everywhere the answer is a resounding YES.

We say, “Do whatever it takes to make sure our children have the best, safest, and most effective healthcare… at all times… without question, right?”

One would think so, but – sadly – this book explains how we are not in control:

  • Although we want what’s best for children, we do not have a vested interest in making sure a policy of “medicine for the masses” is left unquestioned
  • We do not have a multi-billion-dollar financial stake in a status quo vaccination policy…
  • And, we do not rely upon multi-national corporate, pharmaceutical, and political forces to keep our interests in place – regardless of whether they do or do not have anything to do with actually keeping us as a world population safe and healthy…
And according to this book, this is why Dr. Wakefield found himself the author of…

A Misunderstood and Misrepresented Paper… And a Wake-Up Call for Us All

Callous Disregard book cover
As explained in the book, by asking these questions and showing commitment to his Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Wakefield awakened some and not in a good way.

When he and his colleagues in London, England later published the early clinical findings of 12 children suffering from autistic regression and bowel symptoms in the eminent medical journal The Lancet, they were about to feel the oppressive and crushing blows of a giant with no interest in playing fair… nor having the truth revealed, according to this book. Indeed, this book describes how:

  • Never in the field of human endeavor has so much been said by so many about a paper that has been read and understood by so few.
  • No medical article in world history has received more attention, been subjected to closer regulatory scrutiny, and had more opprobrium heaped upon it than this Early Report.
  • No paper been misinterpreted and misrepresented more than this important, but relatively humble contribution to the medical literature.

The real question, as posed by this book, is why?

  • Why all this methodical hostility from people and institutions that have been charged with our own safekeeping and health?
  • Why these seemingly unscrupulous attempts to sweep such important questions under the carpet?
  • Why these rigorous efforts to keep mute a doctor who was only attempting to help our children by practicing the standards-based medicine he was trained for? 

The book asks: without good answers to these questions, where are we left as a society?

How safe do you really feel when you know these forces are working… and working against you?

According to this Book, What You Need to Ask Yourself Is:

Why should the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children cause such a concerted and systematic effort to discredit, dishonor, and ultimately dispose of Dr. Wakefield and his work?

Could it be the fact that the paper and Wakefield's recommendation for single vaccines lit the fuse of the ensuing vaccine wars that have spread like wildfire across worldwide media?

Could it be that as a result, 1 in 4 parents feel vaccines cause autism and 54% of parents are worried about the serious adverse effects caused by vaccines?

Or, could it be that this one paper – just an early case series at that – had the very real potential to shine a bright light on the small, but significant number of children who do not respond well to the mass vaccination policy?

It is this last item that might be of the most importance…

According to This Book, What You Need to Know Is:

Families around the world are suffering in silence because the medical machine refuses to acknowledge the validity of their claims…

Parents with nowhere to turn are desperate for help because doctors are afraid to listen and insurance fails to provide coverage…

And, the book asks, children – poor innocent children, your sons and daughters – have to endure life-robbing symptoms that we can’t even begin to imagine all because of what?

  • All because of a global ‘cover up’?
  • All because there are those for who exposing the truth would be costly?
  • All because keeping hush-hush about the few is a better public health policy for the masses

These questions seem preposterous – these are kids we’re talking about.

Why should anything – profits, inconvenience, reputation, or political backlash – come between them and their health?

Nothing should.

That’s why you will likely be shocked to discover that, as the book details, much does come between your children’s health and wellbeing.

But, you may be even more outraged when you read about how…

His Paper Was Right… But If They Had Their Way, You'd Never Have Known…

According to the book, Dr. Wakefield was right.

The children in his early case series did suffer from a new disease syndrome.

It is not localized to the UK. In fact, it’s been replicated around the world.

His findings and the ensuing studies that emerged are not the half-baked medically-unsound fantasy of a misinformed doctor that so many – inside and out of the medical establishment – claimed that it was.

The book describes how Dr. Wakefield did not do anything wrong. He did not have a conflict of interest. He did not engage in practices that were for his own self glory or financial benefit.

These and literally thousands of other mischaracterizations are what Dr. Wakefield has struggled against for over 15 years.

According to the book, he was simply a man presented with a professional challenge and confronted by a moral choice.

Previously normal children seemed to be regressing into autism and developing intestinal problems. Many of their parents blamed the MMR vaccine.

He chose, as you have seen but a small glimpse of, what would become a very difficult road.

And, now, Dr. Wakefield is finally able to share this story with the world…

Despite the best efforts of those who would seek to erase these children and their stories from the medical and scientific record, as the book describes – the truth is finally upon us.

To say it is an important story, a needed story, is an understatement of heroic proportions.

This often terrifying story is one that affects us all because as Dr. Wakefield says, “If autism does not affect your family now, it will.”

Introducing "Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind a Tragedy"

Long delayed by a wearisome legal process, Callous Disregard pulls back the curtains for a raw and unobscured look behind this health scandal.

Dr. Wakefield’s account surgically explores how he confronted first a disease and then the entire medical system; one that sought (and still seeks) to deny the resulting disease the evidence confirms – thus leaving millions of children suffering to this very day and a world that is still very much at risk.

As you will learn in this book, more and more people on a truly grand scale, either as parents or grandparents, will be tragically affected as the worldwide tsunami of childhood developmental disorders continues to build in scale and breaks hearts and bankrupts educational and healthcare infrastructures.

Callous Disregard gives you an unparalleled opportunity to see the inner workings of one man’s major struggle against compromise in medicine, corruption of science, and a real and present threat to children in the interests of policy and profit.

  • It is an uncompromising story of how “the system” deals with dissent among its doctors and scientists.
  • In a highly readable and engaging format, Dr. Wakefield unflinchingly provides the facts and a complete explanation of the problem that confronted him and his colleagues fifteen years ago.
  • He does this in a detailed forensic analysis of the lies, obfuscation, cover-up, and dystopian science and medicine that panders to commercial interests at the expense of your children.

Conspiracy—or ruthless pragmatism? You’ll read about the reactions of those forces denying this scandal and come to your own conclusions.

The battle has just begun. If the forces for good have any hope to win, you need to…

Educate Yourself: It Could Be the First Step toward Real Change

Callous Disregard sounds a loud and disarming warning bell for us all.

Everybody – young and old – should read it. The book will inspire you to see just what is possible when you stand up for what you believe.

You will also learn in the book just how far the powers that be are willing to go to keep the status quo when their interests are threatened. It’s a frightening lesson, but one you will see firsthand.

The book asks, if the “system” is possible of keeping good medicine from your children what else is it capable of doing? To unborn babies? To the elderly? To everyone in between?

This is not only a treatise that will likely shock you; it will likely rally you to take even greater responsibility for your health and the wellbeing of your loved ones.

At the very least, it serves as a wake-up call to parents and doctors everywhere.

To parents, Dr. Wakefield implores:

Trust your instincts above all else. When considering how to vaccinate your children, read, get educated, and demand fully informed consent and answers to your questions.

When you are stonewalled or these answers are not to your satisfaction, trust your instinct. I say this as someone who has studied and engaged in the science and who has become aware of the limitations of our knowledge and understanding of vaccine safety issues.

And, to doctors as he warns:

Doctors beware: prepare to be second-guessed by medical regulators on your clinical judgment and specifically on whether—despite your training, expertise, and documentary evidence—tests you undertake on the sickest of your patients are clinically indicated or for the purpose of research.

The ultimate message is positive. As Dr Wakefield puts it, “Nature can’t be deceived.” The truth will overcome.

But, in the short term, the message of the book is that we are all in this together.

This book is far from just a parochial look at a trivial medical spat in the UK. It is a dispatch from the frontlines of the battle for your health and safety.  

And, now, others on the frontlines are speaking up about his book…

What Others Are Already Saying About Callous Disregard

Dr. Wakefield is no longer alone. Experts from all corners of the world are sounding in on the importance of his book:

“I’m so glad Andy Wakefield finally has the chance to tell his story. Perhaps no debate on the planet right now is more confusing, more conflicting, or more maddening for parents than the debate over the causes and treatments of autism . . . For hundreds of thousands of parents around the world, myself included, Andy Wakefield is a symbol of strength and conviction that all parents of children with autism can use to fight for truth and the best lives possible for their kids.”

—from the foreword by Jenny McCarthy

“Dr. Wakefield sets the record straight. It was not he who showed callous disregard towards vulnerable, sick children with autism. It was the British medical establishment, the General Medical Council, the media and the pharmaceutical industry that threw the children under the bus to protect the vaccine program. This is a book for everyone whocares about our future.”

—Mary Holland, Esq., Co-founder, Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy

“Andrew Wakefield has been subjected to extraordinary criticism and condemnation from professional colleagues and the wider community since he first questioned the safety of the MMR vaccine. In this book he answers his critics—powerfully and comprehensively— and sets the record straight. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to know the truth behind the MMR debate and the politics of vaccination policy.”

—Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth about Vaccines

“As a mother of a boy who regressed into autism immediately following his MMR vaccination, I welcome this book unreservedly … Whatever your thoughts on the issue, if you read nothing else at all on the vaccine-autism debate, this has to be the most crucial book you read.”

—Polly Tommey, Editor-in-Chief, The Autism File

“Meeting Dr. Andy Wakefield changed our lives and … we are forever grateful. His wise and measured advice about vaccinations helped us dodge a bullet . . . Our fourth son [had] multiple allergies and repeated infections . . . We now fully realize [he] would have been a victim of immune overload had we followed the regular vaccine schedule ... [He] is [now] bright and healthy . . . This book provides a terrifying insight into what has been happening behind the scenes as efforts redouble to silence Dr. Wakefield . . . It is a wake-up call to those who think [he] is anything other than a modern day hero fighting for all of our children.”

—Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellán, Troublemaker Studios, Austin, Texas

How will Callous Disregard affect you? What contribution to this incredible story will you have to share?

Find out today by getting your own copy…

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Dr. Wakefield created this book to help people just like you… people who want to get the real answers you're looking for… from a trusted source.

He created this book so you could make an informed decision about your life and that of your children here and now and into the future….

He made this book available to people everywhere because he didn't want anything to stand between you and the information you need.

Secure Your Copy of Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind a Tragedy

Dr. Wakefield has responded honorably to a battle that was not of his own making. It's time for all of us – you included – to learn all about it.

Get started by learning the truth. In this case, truth is power. And, with that power, you have the potential to do great things.

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About the Author

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath, is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School (part of the University of London) in 1981, one of the third generations of his family to have studied medicine at that teaching hospital.

He pursued a career in gastrointestinal surgery with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and in 1996 was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto, Canada. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2001. He has published over 130 original scientific articles, book chapters, and invited scientific commentaries.

In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the Department of Medicine at London's Royal Free Hospital, his country, his career, and his medical license. 

He is married to Carmel, a physician and a classical radio presenter. He has four children, James, Sam, Imogen, and Corin.

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