Almost Like Wearing Armor… These Little-Known Ingredients Work on Four Different Levels to Support Your Immune Strength in as Little as Two Hours*

Now you can help make more of your days healthy ones and achieve immune balance for a vibrant life.* This ‘daily workout for your immune system’ combines gut-nourishing beta glucans from fermented Euglena algae and beta glucans, and mannans from a special EpiCor® yeast fermentate for fast-acting immune support.*

  • Our Fermented Beta Glucans supports both your first and second lines of immune defense for a fast and effective response to year-round challenges.*
  • Our unique formula promotes a balanced immune response – one that responds to stressors but doesn’t overrespond, which is just as important to your overall health.*
  • It is ideal for long-term, year–round use to help build immune defenses to support immune, respiratory and sinus health.*
Balanced immune system
Your healthy, balanced immune system helps protect your body from hostile invaders.

When your immune system is strong, you’re better able to stay healthy and enjoy life.

However, there’s a whole host of factors that affect the strength and proper balance of your immune system:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Hygiene
  • Aging

In a perfect world, you would eat wholesome whole foods, get the right amount of exercise, sleep well, take care of yourself and manage your stress.

In the real world, we all know that doesn’t always happen.

No matter what you do, you can’t escape every single challenge to your immune health. You can’t control every pollutant and toxin. You can’t stop aging.

So your best solution is to make sure your immune system is optimally primed for a healthy, balanced response.

I’ve identified two outstanding food extracts that can help you achieve year-round vibrant health.* Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of these before. While they’re not new, they are not on everyone’s radar – at least not yet.

However, I want them to be on yours, so let’s find out more about how you can build your immune defenses to face daily challenges…*

How Your Body Naturally Defends Itself Against Threats

A strong and healthy immune system, in a sense, is like wearing armor. It helps protect your body on two levels through your first and second lines of defense. Your first line of defense against outside invaders is known as your innate immune system.

This speedy yet non-specific system:

White Blood cells
White blood cells circulate in your blood stream as a first line of defense against invaders.
  • Consists of many parts – physical barriers such as your skin and mucous membranes, chemical barriers such as acidic environments, and enzymes that destroy invaders.
  • Includes Natural Killer (NK) white blood cells that effectively target and kill invading cells.
  • Has phagocytes (white blood cells) that produce chemical signaling proteins called cytokines and chemokines.
  • Recognizes Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns, or common structures that show up in yeasts, bacteria and pathogens (1,3 beta glucan is one of those patterns but more about that later).
  • Produces “good” inflammation at the site of infection, which then promotes the activation of NK cells and phagocytes.

The actions of your white blood cells, such as your NK cells, lead to the activation of your second line of defense, or your adaptive immune system. This slower yet targeted system:

  • Produces antibodies that are specific to the particular foreign particles.
  • Retains “memory” of the attack so it can act immediately the second time your body is exposed to the same pathogen.
  • Includes T lymphocytes (T), B lymphocytes (B) and T helper (TH) cells that also produce cytokines and can recognize infected cells and kill them.

Keep in mind, a well-primed immune system can recognize and respond properly to an immune challenge. If your immune system isn’t what you’d like it to be right now, you’ll soon find out ways to help support its many actions.

Why Women May Be Especially at Risk of a Dysfunctional Immune Response

Stressful Lifestyle
A stressful lifestyle overflowing with responsibility can impact immune balance.

Today, up to 60 percent of women work jobs outside the home. At the same time, they retain 75 to 80 percent of household responsibilities.

The pressures of work and home can lead to stresses that can adversely affect a woman’s health.

There’s no question that men address the effects of stress on a daily basis, too, but research suggests women may respond to stress differently.

A study of 562 women found that daily stressors correlated with physical symptoms such as headache, muscle soreness, cough, cold, sore throat, nausea, stomach problems, chest pain, dizziness and other discomforts. These were reported by women of all ages.

While estrogen enhances a woman’s immune system, hormonal fluctuations due to menstrual cycles or menopause can make a woman’s immune system less responsive.

Chronic stress negatively impacts the innate and adaptive immune systems in both men and women. Stress reduces immune system efficiency and if chronic, can lead to a reduction in NK cell activity. While women may respond differently, men experience stress that affects their health, too.

A study of 21 male and 34 female school teachers with increased work-related stress both showed lower NK cell activity and higher levels of pro-inflammatory immune activity.

So what’s the solution?

Beyond doing all you can to manage your stress, you can take steps to help build and balance your immune function. I’ll show you how in just a minute.

The Problem With Immune Boosters: Why Constantly Stimulating Your Immune System May Not Be a Great Idea

Immune boosters
Long-term use of immune boosters may bring unwanted consequences.

Walk into a drugstore or natural health store, and you’ll see a whole array of immune health products. Sold as “immune boosters,” they’re designed to rev up your immune system to help you resist threats to your health.

Here’s the problem… Immune boosters are designed to keep your immune system in a state of constant stimulation.

Used on a daily, long-term basis, these boosters may cause more harm than good.

When you overstimulate parts of your immune system – like your T-cells – you can potentially suffer undesirable effects, such as allergies, bowel, autoimmune and other inflammatory issues.

Allergies can develop if your overactive immune system mistakes a harmless substance, like pollen, for an attacking invader.

Why does this happen?

Many experts believe the “hygiene hypothesis” or the idea that growing up in today’s clean environment is responsible, as it doesn’t expose you to microorganisms like in the past. Because your immune system hasn’t been “trained” to respond appropriately to real threats, its response can be faulty.

Even worse, if your immune system becomes out-of-balance and overactive, it can recognize your own healthy cells as foreign cells and initiate an attack, resulting in an autoimmunity or inflammatory condition.

Instead, you want a balanced immune response – one that responds to stressors but doesn’t overrespond. Most of the time, you don’t want to boost or suppress your immune system.

However, nearly all natural and pharmaceutical products focus on immune boosting.

Our Fermented Beta Glucans is different. It’s all about balance…

The Goldilocks of Immune Response… Not Too Much and Not Too Little

Aging affects immune response
Aging affects your immune response.

You’ve just seen what can happen when you have too much of an immune response.

However, an underactive or weakened immune system isn’t ideal either.

We already talked about what can weaken your immune system – Emotional stress, everyday physical stressors, a poor diet, not enough exercise or sleep, aging and more.

As you age, your immune system doesn’t respond to challenges like it did when you were younger. Some of the changes that diminish your immune function with age include:

  • Reduced production of T and B cells due to shrinkage of your thymus.
  • Decreased function of mature white blood cells or lymphocytes.
  • Increased inflammatory tissue environment from aging T and B cells.

This isn’t all bad news… You can help balance and strengthen your immune function. Plus, you can help build your immune defenses to enjoy improved year-round immune, respiratory and sinus health.*

Our Fermented Beta Glucans can help you do that thanks to its two extraordinary ingredients:

  1. Fermented Euglena algae with Beta 1,3 glucan
  2. EpiCor® yeast fermentate

Let’s take a closer look…

Beta Glucans Aren’t All the Same: Meet Euglena Whole Cell Algae’s Immune-Loving Beta Glucans

Beta glucans are glucose polymers found in algae, bacteria, fungi (mushrooms) and plants like oats and barley. In bacteria and yeasts, beta glucans are part of the structural backbone of the cell wall.

However, beta glucans aren’t all the same. Beta glucans from oats serve a different purpose in your body than beta glucans in yeast.

Euglena algae
Euglena algae has a membrane or pellicle, instead of a cell wall, that easily breaks to release free floating beta glucan held in the paramylon granules.

Depending on their source, they have different primary health benefits based on size, structure and solubility. Beta glucans are assigned numbers that correspond to the linkages between glucose molecules.

When it comes to immune health, one type of beta glucan stands apart: 1,3 Beta-D-glucan from Euglena algae. It serves a storage function in your cells and acts as an immune modulator.

One thing that makes the beta glucans from Euglena algae so unique is the algae’s structure.

Instead of a cell wall so common in plants, Euglena has a protein-rich membrane or pellicle that is easily broken to release the beta glucan inside.

As you can see in the diagram, Euglena algae has paramylon granules throughout. This is where it stores energy in the form of free-floating beta glucan.

Because of this unique storage arrangement, the beta glucans from Euglena are of higher purity and need minimal processing, unlike those from plants that require enzymatic digestion to achieve purification.

Euglena’s Secret Immune Health Benefits

In my opinion, there’s simply no better source of beta glucans than Euglena whole cell algae for supporting your immune health. Here’s why…

This strain – Euglena gracilis – is what’s known as a protist. That means it shares characteristics with both animals and plants. It’s classified by the way it moves and how it lives, and that’s what makes it so valuable for your immune health.

A freshwater microalgae, Euglena has a high nutritional value made up of protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants like carotenoids.

However, the magic is how Euglena works with your immune system. Here’s what happens when you use this very unique algae:

Euglena algae under microscope
Euglena under the microscope
  1. Whole cell Euglena algae enters your stomach and is exposed to stomach acids and enzymes. Non-beta glucan components, such as protein, dissolve which frees the paramylon granules (with the beta glucans) from the rest of the algae.
  2. The paramylon granules remain undigested in your stomach and move into your small intestine where your immune cells are located.
  3. Your immune cells recognize the granules with the 1,3 beta glucans through their surface cell receptors.
  4. The granules with the 1,3 beta glucans are absorbed through Peyer’s patches in your small intestine, which are a part of your gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). This is where the beta glucans come into contact with immune cells such as macrophages.
  5. Your immune cells engulf the 1,3 beta glucans.
  6. Your immune system’s phagocytes transport them throughout your body, releasing fragments of 1,3 beta glucans.
  7. The recognition and ingestion of beta glucans trigger the release of signaling molecules.
  8. Small proteins called cytokines and chemokines lead to an increase in signaling molecules and allow immune cells to communicate with each other.
  9. Signaling molecules activate other immune cells.
  10. Activated immune cells target and destroy foreign cells.

Remember earlier when I talked about Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns or common structures that show up in yeasts, bacteria and pathogens as part of your first line of defense? Euglena’s 1,3 beta glucan is one of those patterns and is easily recognized by your immune system.

The 1,3 beta glucan directly interacts with key immune cells to support a healthy immune system.* Let’s take a look at the other ingredient in my Fermented Beta Glucans. It also provides beta glucans and more.

First Developed to Help Ease Farm Animal Stress, yet the Most Striking Observation Was With the Workers Who Handled It

EpiCor® first developed their proprietary yeast fermentate 60 years ago to help ease the weaning stress that pigs often encounter on farms and to help chickens and cows endure everyday stress.

Sure enough, farmers reported that their animals were no longer getting so sick, but something else happened that was totally unexpected…

Yeast fermentate
This yeast fermentate was first developed to help ease pigs’ weaning stress.

In 2004, insurance adjusters discovered that the employees working at the yeast fermentate manufacturing facility had far lower sick rates than other workplaces.

Could it be the workers’ immune systems were benefiting from the handling of the yeast fermentate?

That startling discovery marked the start of studies to examine the effects of EpiCor’s® yeast fermentate on human health.

Here’s a quick summary of just a small handful of studies that have been done:

  • In two randomized double-blinded, placebo controlled human clinical trials, 500 mg of EpiCor® per day reduced the incidence and duration of seasonal respiratory symptoms.*
  • To demonstrate balance, the same product was shown in a subsequent randomized double-blinded placebo controlled trial to also reduce certain symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.*
  • In a recent study, a single 500-mg dose led to rapid changes in levels of compounds called cytokines associated with immune function.*

The Four Defenses of EpiCor® Yeast Fermentate

EpiCor® yeast fermentate contains additional beta glucans and mannans from the yeast cell wall and has been clinically shown to support your immune function on four different levels for your overall health and wellness.* These four levels are:

EpiCor® yeast fermentate
Don't let seasonal threats slow you down. EpiCor® works to rapidly support your immune health on four different levels.*
  1. Increased IgA (Immunoglobulin A) Antibodies*

    When pathogens invade your skin, eyes, mouth and mucous membranes, an antibody called Immunoglobulin A, or IgA, helps contain them before they can cause harm. This is the primary antibody found in your tears, saliva, mucus and in mother’s milk.

    EpiCor® yeast fermentate has been shown to help increase IgA in your saliva.* Higher levels of these important antibodies help your body protect itself from environmental challenges year round.

  2. Increased Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity*

    As we saw earlier, Natural Killer, or NK, cells are white blood cells that quickly seek and destroy “bad” cells at the first sign of infection. Because they’re able to identify “bad” cells, they can respond quickly to help keep you healthy.

    EpiCor® yeast fermentate helps increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity in as little as two hours.* By increasing NK cell activity, EpiCor® works rapidly to strengthen your immune system to help with daily challenges.*

  3. Increased Antioxidant Activity*

    Your body depends on antioxidants to help protect cells and tissues from free radical and oxidative damage. Antioxidant activity is a significant part of your immune response.

    EpiCor® yeast fermentate has been shown to help increase antioxidant activity in as little as two hours.* By increasing antioxidant power, it helps protect your cells and tissues.*

  4. Microbiome Booster™

    Your immune health depends on a healthy gut for its optimal function, and the greater the proportion of beneficial bacteria, the more optimal support for your immune health.*

    EpiCor® strengthens this fourth level of defense by boosting beneficial bacteria levels in your gut.* Specifically for your immune health, it helps increase Anaerostipes, a genus containing butyrate-producing bacteria. Butyrate has been shown to support your innate immune system.*

However, that’s not the only way EpiCor® benefits your gut and immune health...

Go With Your Gut… Enjoy Prebiotic Benefits Without the Undesirable Effects

Within your gut, you have special tissue that’s associated with immune function. The GALT, or Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue, makes up about 70 percent of your immune system.

As we just saw, EpiCor® yeast fermentate supports your immune health by boosting certain types of beneficial bacteria in your gut. It also promotes the growth of other beneficial bacteria that may help improve your regularity and support your overall gut health.*

EpiCor® affects immune function
In studies, EpiCor® yeast fermentate increases levels of beneficial bacteria to support gut health

EpiCor® affects immune and digestive function in several different ways:

  • Acts as a prebiotic, or a food that nourishes beneficial gut bacteria, helping them grow and multiply to support gut health.*
  • Significantly increases levels of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) that has been shown to nourish your gut mucosa and support for gut immune health.*
  • Significantly increases the levels of beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) over the control.*
  • Contains mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and beta glucans that have been shown to have a beneficial effect for gut immune health.*
  • Discourages the growth of non-beneficial bacteria and organisms.*
  • Helps support a healthy normal inflammatory response in your gut.*

Published research shows that EpiCor® helps to significantly improve healthy gut function by reducing bloating, feelings of fullness and overall digestive discomfort in subjects with occasional constipation.*

One study looked at the gut health effects of EpiCor® yeast fermentate in a healthy population with symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort and reduced bowel movements. This study confirmed previous published in vitro and animal studies demonstrating EpiCor’s® gastrointestinal and prebiotic benefits with only a 500-mg dose.

Sometimes when people hear the word “yeast,” they wonder how any type of yeast could possibly promote health, especially gut health.

Fortunately, the fermentation process used to make EpiCor® yeast fermentate removes any of the potentially negative effects of yeast.

EpiCor® does not contain any active yeast and in fact supports immune action against yeast.

How EpiCor’s® Fermentation Process Turns Active Yeast Into a Yeast-Fighter*

EpiCor® fermentation tank
EpiCor's® fermentation tank

Maybe you’re wondering… what exactly is yeast fermentate?

EpiCor® is a whole-food fermentation product made from baker’s yeast (S. cerevisiae) – that safe, natural microorganism that’s been used for many years to make breads, wine and beer.

First, a highly controlled, oxygen-rich environment is used to help the microorganism multiply. Then the process switches over to an anaerobic environment to deprive the cells of oxygen.

In response, the cells produce immune supporting compounds and metabolites such as proteins, peptides, antioxidants, polyphenols, organic acids and nucleotides.

This unique, natural fermentation complex also contains the beneficial yeast cell compounds such as 1,3-1,6 beta glucans and mannans.

A gentle drum-drying process captures the nutrients created during fermentation. The dehydrated fermentate no longer contains any active yeast thanks to the fermentation process.

Instead, the finished whole-food yeast fermentate helps strengthen your immune system to help you fight any issues with yeast.*

Get Your Immune System Ready and Primed With Its ‘Daily Workout’… Order Fermented Beta Glucans Now*

By helping to prep and balance your immune system now, you can help it respond appropriately when you need it the most.*

That’s where your immune system’s ‘daily workout’ comes in… Like a conditioning workout, our Fermented Beta Glucans can help support your year-round immune health.*

With its two little-known yet breakthrough ingredients Fermented Euglena Algae and EpiCor® Yeast Fermentate, you now have what I consider one of the finest ways to Take Control of Your Health™.

After all, what other immune support ingredient do you know of that works on four different levels to support a healthy, balanced immune response in as little as two hours?*

I don’t expect these ingredients to stay under the radar for long. There’s simply too much research touting their potential benefits. So jump on board now, get ahead of the curve and discover for yourself how a balanced immune system can help make more of your days healthy ones.*

Don’t wait one more day. Place your risk-free order today.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. Is Fermented Beta Glucans safe for long-term use?

    Yes, you can use these ingredients on an ongoing daily basis. In fact, I recommend this for long-term use to support your year-round immune health.*

  2. 2. What’s the best way to take Fermented Beta Glucans? With or without food?

    I recommend taking two capsules daily without food. Ideally take one 30 minutes before breakfast and one before lunch. If that’s not convenient, you can take two in the morning on an empty stomach.

  3. 3. What is the difference between Immune Support and Fermented Beta Glucans? Can I take them together?

    Our Immune Support is an immune stimulant and is designed for short-term use. It is also not intended for use by individuals with overactive immune systems. On the other hand, Fermented Beta Glucans is an immune balancer and can be used regularly as a maintenance product. You can take both products together.

  4. 4. Can I take Liposomal Vitamin C with Fermented Beta Glucans?

    Liposomal Vitamin C is a great traditional immune support product, and makes an ideal complementary product to Fermented Beta Glucans, especially for seasonal support.*

    Vitamin C is considered the “grandfather” of antioxidants, but it also acts as an essential nutrient in your body to support many functions, including collagen synthesis, heart and vascular health, as well as immune system function.*

    While one of Fermented Beta Glucans’ primary modes of action includes antioxidant support, you receive other valuable benefits from this product, such as a microbiome booster, and increased IgA antibodies and NK cell activity.*

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